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Choose how you want to process the order:


Where does the free consultation take place?

It’s a Zoom call with one of our experts. Just pick the preferable date and time, and don’t forget to attend your meeting.

How long does the consultation last?

Normally, the Zoom call lasts about 30 minutes.

Do I have to pay anything for the instructions I get during the consultation?

No way! All the information we give is absolutely free.

How does the deposit work?

1. You deposit funds to your Sellvia account for the future orders processing. 2 An order comes in and we process it instantly, without your participation. 3. Your client gets their order in record time. 4. You get the order’s full value on your bank account.

What’s the minimum deposit amount?

You can start from as little as $100 deposited to your Sellvia account.

What if I’m not ready to deposit, and don’t have time for the meeting?

There’s a third option: you can explore this instruction to learn how to process orders manually on your own.

Can I talk to anybody if I have more questions?

Sure! Send us your questions through this form.