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This 18-Year-Old Made Over $100K In 7 Days Dropshipping!

by Denis K. | | 6 min read

Picture an 18-year-old making over $100,000 in just one week. It’s not a daydream but a real success story of a young entrepreneur in the world of dropshipping. In today’s digital age, anyone can achieve such results and we’re going to show you how! 

Building a successful online business might seem tough, especially when you’re young. But this story breaks those fears. It shows that with smart strategies, the right tools, and a drive to succeed, big financial goals are possible. It’s a great example for anyone wanting to start or grow their business in ecommerce.

This story is more than just about making a lot of money. It’s about an 18-year-old navigating the tricky dropshipping world and achieving great financial success. This journey is an eye-opener and teaches valuable lessons. It offers tips and ideas for both new and experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs. Get ready to hear a story that will change how you think about online business. It’s full of motivation and practical advice for your own business journey. Let’s start this exciting exploration together.

The story of this astounding achievement

Picture this: a young 18-year-old starts with nothing and, in a mere week, sees his revenue skyrocket to an astonishing $150,000-plus.


This isn’t a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster but the real-life success story of a teenager in the world of dropshipping. Between December 11th and December 18th, this enterprising individual witnessed his sales soar to an incredible $175,500.44.


What’s the secret behind this phenomenal achievement? It boils down to a well-executed blend of savvy product selection, innovative marketing tactics, and the strategic use of the dropshipping business model. Rather than sticking to conventional methods, this young entrepreneur delved into thorough market research to identify products that not only sparked interest but also addressed specific customer needs and problems.

The key to his meteoric rise wasn’t just about choosing the right products, it was also about how he marketed them. Utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, he was able to reach a wide audience and convert their interest into sales rapidly. This, combined with the flexibility and low overhead costs of dropshipping, created a perfect storm for unprecedented success.

Why effective product research is the key to success


For our young entrepreneur, the journey to ecommerce success was largely paved by his approach to product research. Avoiding the complexity of data-heavy analysis, he focused on a simple, yet profound question: “Does this product solve a problem or address an insecurity?”

This approach streamlined his search, cutting through the noise of endless metrics and filters that often lead to analysis paralysis.

His strategy was to look beyond the surface, seeking products that genuinely improved customers’ lives. Instead of getting lost in hours of scrolling through spy tools and data, he concentrated on understanding the core value of each product. This wasn’t about finding the trendiest item; it was about identifying products that offered real solutions to real problems.

This method led him to products that resonated deeply with consumers, driving high demand and sales. He exemplifies that efficient and focused product research, centered around solving customer problems, is a critical step towards building a successful ecommerce business. It’s a lesson in the power of simplicity and customer-centric thinking in the world of online retail.

Marketing mastery with TikTok


Once the right products were chosen, the young entrepreneur turned his focus to marketing, leveraging TikTok’s advertising platform for his campaign. This strategic move brought remarkable results.

He employed a technique called ‘surf scaling,’ where he increased the budget on campaigns that showed promising low cost-per-acquisition (CPA) rates. This approach isn’t just about spending more, it’s about strategically investing in ads that are already proving their worth.


The effectiveness of this method was clear from the start.

On the first day of testing, the campaign generated nearly $1,000 in sales. But it was the second day that truly showcased the power of his strategy. Sales jumped to an impressive $13,000, indicating a significant market interest in his product.

This wasn’t a stroke of luck but a result of carefully analyzing what worked on day one and then scaling it up efficiently on day two.


His success story highlights a critical point: success in digital marketing, especially on platforms like TikTok, doesn’t necessarily require complex or secretive methods. It’s often about recognizing what’s effective and scaling it sensibly. By focusing on what worked and replicating it, he was able to not just sustain but massively grow his sales, leading to an extraordinary total of over $175,000 in just one week.

This approach demystifies the process of scaling an ecommerce business, showing that smart, targeted investments in marketing can yield exponential returns.

Perhaps the most important lesson is the value of persistence and continuous learning. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to keep experimenting, learning, and improving. His journey is a testament to the fact that with dedication, anyone can achieve remarkable results in a short period.

  • Bonus Update: Expanding Beyond TikTok

Here’s an exciting update to this success story. At the time, the focus was solely on TikTok for marketing.

However, the entrepreneur expanded his marketing efforts to other platforms including Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, and more. This expansion led to even more staggering results, with weekly highs reaching an incredible $274.51K.

This remarkable growth emphasizes a powerful message: in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing, anything is possible. By diversifying marketing channels and not limiting to just one platform, the potential for growth and success can reach new, unprecedented heights.

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by Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’ audience.
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