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Here's what you get with Sellebrity™

Why Sellvia customers rely on Sellebrity™ to maximize conversions.
25 conversion boosting features
Save up to $3,145 a year – Instead of paying $$$ every month for apps that often slow your store down, Sellebrity™ has 25 conversion tools built-in.
Unmatched page-load speeds
Sellebrity™ is lightning-fast and mobile-optimized out of the box. No other theme has this many conversion-boosting features and loads this fast. See how fast our demo store loads.
Complete control over your store's look & feel
No coding skills are required. Get your store looking on-brand and at its best using our simple customization tools.
Sellebrity™ is optimized for 180+ known Google ranking factors to make sure you stay ahead of your competitors and pull in as much free traffic as possible.
Works for any type of store
Whether you’re dropshipping or selling high-ticket items, furniture, fashion, narrow niche products, print-on-demand items, or anything else, the Sellebrity™ theme will look great on your store.
Heroic support 7-days/week
Our dedicated support team of Sellvia experts is available 7-days-a-week via live chat or email to help get your questions answered quickly.

No other theme matches high-ticket stores so perfectly

It’s no secret that elegant and exquisite design means your high-ticket dropshipping store will convert better. That’s why Sellebrity™ is built of clean and sophisticated design elements to make your visitors fall in love at first sight.

And even though Sellebrity™ is full of mesmerizing visual effects and animation, it’s hard to believe that load times are still under 1-second. See for yourself on our Demo Store.

Michael Evans
7-figure store owner
Now I use Sellebrity™ on all of my stores including high-ticket ones. I’ve tested a dozen different themes and this one converts the highest and looks really expensive making a strong impression even on the most high-paying customers.
Lifetime access, no recurring fees

Turn more clicks into customers

With 25 conversion-boosting features built in, Sellebrity™ leverages the power of proven psychological persuasion principles like urgency, scarcity and authority on your store. These time-tested principles not only drive more sales with a higher conversion rate but also improve your average order value and bring you more leads.

Unlike other apps and themes that lock you into annual subscriptions with fewer features, Sellebrity™ includes everything you need to crank up your store’s conversion rate for an affordable one-time fee.

Hannah Davidson
Store owner and paid ads expert
I have three stores using Sellebrity™… It’s the bomb Bro, so much better than all we’ve used…
Lifetime access, no recurring fees

Not just optimized for mobile but built for mobile

Unlike other theme developers that do things the old way and optimize for mobile almost as an afterthought after creating the desktop version – Sellebrity™ was built for mobile.

In fact, Sellebrity™ was the first ever Sellvia theme built for mobile-first.

Think about it, it makes complete sense that your store should have a high-converting mobile user experience since this is where the vast majority of your traffic comes from. And that’s why we’ve made the mobile version of our theme convert like no other to maximize your sales from this valuable traffic.

Ron White
Multiple store 6-figure owner
You have the absolute best theme.
Lifetime access, no recurring fees

Improve your search rankings & reduce your cost-per-click

Sellebrity™ is SEO optimized out-of-the-box. Not only is it race-tuned to make it one of the fastest Sellvia themes with the highest Google Page Speed Insights score but it’s also SEO optimized with over 180 ranking factors.

All this means that your store will benefit from better search rankings and a lower cost-per-click. (Google penalizes sites with slow-loading pages and poor user experience.)

David Shulz
Store owner and paid ads expert
Long love your theme guys! Such better conversion rates since switching dudes! You’ve put a LOT more cash in my pockets.
Lifetime access, no recurring fees

Lift your store’s sales better than ever before

Pick the perfect option for your store
Lifetime License
100% hassle-free migration: we provide the theme download and full setup, no work on your side
  • 1 x store license
  • Done-for-you theme migration/setup
    (1 business day turnaround)
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • 25 built-in conversion boosting features worth $3,145/year
Lifetime access, no recurring fees
View demo store
Best Value
Lifetime License
100% hassle-free migration: we provide the theme download and full setup, no work on your side
  • 1 x store license
  • Done-for-you theme migration/setup
    (3 business days turnaround)
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • 25 built-in conversion boosting features worth $3,145/year
  • Premium brand logo
  • Premium branded promo video
Lifetime access, no recurring fees
View demo store
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What types of stores are boosting their conversions with the Sellebrity™ theme?

High-ticket dropshipping stores
Best-sellers dropshipping stores
Niche dropshipping stores
Premium dropshipping stores
Lifetime access, no recurring fees

What do you get when you switch to Sellebrity™?

You get lifetime support and updates. This way you get the latest conversion-boosting features as we release them and support whenever you need it.
The Sellebrity™ theme loads lightning fast. Unless you have some clunky apps running on your store, you can expect load times well under 2-seconds.
Over 400 customization options so you can get your store looking and converting at its best.
Our support team are seasoned ecommerce experts, not just customer service reps who field questions.
The Sellebrity™ theme was built for mobile-first because that’s where the majority of your traffic comes from. This means we started with how it would perform on mobile and then built the desktop and tablet versions.
Building Sellebrity™, we followed ecommerce best practices, tested every element on our own dropshipping stores and then incorporated the winning ones into the theme.
The Sellebrity™ theme was created by Sellvia’s leading conversion rate experts. We run hundreds of dropshipping stores of our own and also consult with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands.
We analyzed the top 100 ecommerce stores in the world and took the best bits from all of them, split-test them on our own stores, and then built the Sellebrity™ theme. This way you know your store will convert better out‑of‑the‑box.

Switching to the Sellebrity™ theme is easy

Buy your Sellebrity™ copy today
Have it uploaded by us to your store
Watch your conversions grow day by day
Be sure of your business success now and tomorrow
Lifetime access, no recurring fees


What happens when I buy the Sellebrity™ theme?

No action required from you: our team sees your purchase, downloads the theme to your online store and provides its full setup within 1 to 3 business days depending on the chosen option. We’ll contact you to let you know that everything’s ready.

Can I try the Sellebrity™ theme before buying?

We don’t grant a free theme trial, but you can view our demo store to see how the theme looks and performs before you install it.

Can I use my store license on more than one store?

All of our themes are subject to a one-store license, so if you want to utilize the same theme in several live stores, you’ll have to purchase multiple licenses.

How long do you take to respond to support inquiries?

We aim to give feedback to all requests within 24 hours.

Can I customize the theme?

Yes! The theme is fully customizable and that’s one of the main reasons people choose Sellebrity™ over other themes.