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Emmanuel Balogun
May 31

“Great platform for e-commerce”
I’ve been a customer of Sellvia for a long time, and I have to say I’m thrilled with this platform. It’s so intuitive and user-friendly. Managing my store, tweaking settings, and adding/removing products is a breeze without significant time commitments. The product pages are all pre-made and even provide ad copies for various items. It’s a game-changer and makes life so much easier. No more searching for reliable suppliers on AliExpress or comparing similar products from different manufacturers. Sellvia takes care of all that hassle for me.

Adelina Herrera recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
March 3

Sellvia is definitely the solution to try out. Currently, it’s one of the easiest ways to start selling on Amazon. I found their zoom consultations very helpful. The support team answers are very prompt and they solved my issue quite easily. I would recommend Sellvia both to fresh and skilled ppl.

Marvin V.
August 14

I ordered an online store from them after a Zoom consultation. It turned out even better than I expected (I always think that not many will put in much effort for a free trial). The store looks really cool! You can tell right away that it’s professionally done, not some rushed job. The design is eye-catching and customizable, and they added all the necessary products without any extras. The support from their team is incredibly valuable; I message them in the chat, and they respond almost instantly. Another plus is their informative blog with useful and up-to-date information.

Jane Johnson recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
July 5

I’m super excited about the amazing support I’ve been getting from the Sellvia team. Compared to other online businesses I’ve tried, their support is on a whole new level. I feel proud to be a part of this incredible community. They’ve been there for me every step of the way, quickly responding to all my inquiries. Big thanks to the team!

Nick R.
July 21

I decided to sign up for the trial since it’s free for 2 weeks – that should be enough time to determine whether or not to continue working with this company. So far, Marlen and Angelica have been providing me with helpful advice. Angelica is also very friendly, knowledgeable, and pleasant to communicate with. I enjoy working with these individuals, and I believe that with Sellvia, I will be able to achieve the desired result: launching my own store and making it profitable.

Noah Norton
February 24

“My experience is positive so far”
I’ve started my ecom journey by learning the basics. And when I found Sellvia YT channel, I fell in love almost immediately! So clear and helpful videos with step-by-step instructions! I stopped doubting ecom and believing it was a waste of money that would never pay off. I decided to give Sellvia a chance, and it was a great decision! Huge support from the Sellvia team always makes me feel at ease because they not only answer my questions but also give advice in time to avoid tech issues. Now I’m a store owner and very proud of it!

Luka Arsin
October 24

Sellvia is a great way to start an online business with minimum investment and with zero hassle. They offer amazing online stores. It took me sometime to choose one because they all look great. And they provide good customer support with all the tutorials and tips you need.

Todd Morgan
April 26

“Sellvia pros and cons”
Let’s start with the fact that this is my fourth and most successful attempt to start selling online. I took the kids niche on the advice of the PM. I wasn’t sure about the result, but decided to rely on the opinion of a professional.And I have two kids of different ages, so I could orient myself in this niche from the very beginning. I got a ready-made website with products and product pages, then added more products from the catalog. I used Sellvia Academy materials and hung out in chats with managers and support for a long time. They probably still remember me. 😁Thanks to the team’s advice, I was able to promote my website and start making money from it. So, the pros are: fast shipping, ready-made website, ready-made product pages, educational materials, and tech support.

Social Help
September 7

In my opinion, this company offers well-thought-out and comprehensive packages that they likely generated from their own experience (as far as I know, they have their own stores as well, not just for selling).The bundle of bestsellers with SEO articles targeting specific keywords is a clever approach. It’s an excellent way to stand out among competitors with unique products and unique content. I’ve ordered the smallest package for now to give it a try, and I’ll write about how it works later on.

Agnes Stewart recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
December 26

Sellvia has been incredibly helpful in launching my ecommerce business. From the very start, their customer service was top-notch and they were always willing to help me out with any questions I had. They walked me through the entire setup process, from setting up my online store to customizing it to exactly what I wanted. They also provided resources to help me get the most out of my store.

Libbie N.
September 9

It’s like having a business mentor and tech support rolled into one. Totally loving the experience!Efficient, professional, friendly assistance! Brian knows a lot about the field of e-commerce and, probably, can be a business coach in this area. I am pleased to communicate with him, and I received a lot of useful information. Believe it or not, I even take notes!

Sara Gerber recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
April 11

A big shoutout to the Sellvia team for giving me an awesome start! When I signed up for the trial, I was sure I’d fail and just wanted to confirm my doubts. But these guys helped me with everything – from the website theme and product selection to the settings, logo, and name. Now, everything’s up and running, and I can’t wait for my social media pages to be ready. I’m spending almost all my free time learning about marketing theory and strategies online that seem legit. It’s become interesting, and I’m passionate about it. After all, everyone starts somewhere, right? Can’t wait to update my review in a couple of months!

Renee Althoff
September 14

The biggest plus for me is the free store. To me, it’s an indicator of a serious company that stands behind its product. The second important aspect are their services. I’m not a marketer, and I’ve always seen advertising as the most challenging part of managing a store. Here, I can get ready-made advertising materials for the best products, and my manager, Kaylee, helps me with advice on how to properly launch an advertising campaign.

Noah W.
July 18

This platform provides an excellent opportunity for a start, for testing one’s abilities. It’s the easiest way to begin: no need to hire employees, worry about office or warehouse space, or deal with piles of documents. And yes, the team has created a wealth of materials for people like me, where they explain everything from store settings to ad intricacies. Overall, I’m most grateful to this platform for giving me the opportunity to test my abilities and for their competent support. I’ve had 4 sales so far, but I’m still a beginner and have a long, exciting journey ahead as an entrepreneur!

Aejaz Ali Nohario recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
January 11

I recently purchased Sellvia’s ready-made store and I’m extremely satisfied with it! The store is easy to set up and manage, and the customer service team is incredibly helpful. The store design is professional and modern, and there are all the features I need to start out.

Abraham E.
July 21

I’m satisfied with how the Sellvia team works. From the initial questionnaire to store setup, I always received prompt responses to my inquiries. The team was always ready to assist me, even during evening hours. Excellent customer support, and my heartfelt gratitude to them. Keep up the good work guys.

Gerry Gilbert recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
December 3

With Sellvia you can actually set up your own brand without actually lifting a finger.It is where you are highly appreciated since they offer super fast shipping and great services at affordable prices..I was greatly surprised with their prices and customer service. A recommendation is the best I can do.

Chris Brown
June 02

“The best dropshipping ecosystem!”
I have used many dropshipping platforms over the years. No one is close to sellvia, amazing performance, and is easy to use. A complete ecosystem to start your online business for beginners and experts.

September 14

The customer service is absolutely amazing! They responded to my message within minutes!!! They quickly resolved the issue with setting up the payment gateways, no complications at all! We are extremely satisfied and will never go anywhere else, and neither should you!

Bob Froen recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
February 21

I’ve just started a trial. Some things that attracted me: clear pricing, many offers for every level of experience and user-friendly support. The platform seems to be reliable and good for building a webstore.

agyemang b.
June 5

I can’t claim to have thoroughly explored all e-commerce platforms and website builders currently available in the market, but from what I have researched, interacted with, and even tried the free versions, Sellvia seems to be the most suitable partner for me.

Blanc Desrosiers
February 12

Had an incomparable experience with Sellvia e-commerce services. They provide impressivewebsite development services with high quality frontend solutions and the best part is they create user friendly interface which is also available at reasonable pricing. Highly recommended.

Arlo Felix
December 2

Marketing ideas are the lifeblood of keeping my business relevant and help you to reach clients that you may otherwise not be exposed to.  Sellvia exactly excels in coming up with ideas. There ideas were not only unique but were extremely relevant to my business. This is a fantastic platform for e-commerce beginners. Really indigenous.  Highly recommended.

Trinity Davis recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
April 18

Olika is amazing! I’m always super busy, so it’s hard for me to understand instructions just by clicking on a link and reading. But Olika is like a cheerleader for Sellvia, and she patiently walks me through everything so I can actually understand what I’m doing. Thanks, Olika, you’re awesome! 👍

Victoria Gonzalez recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
February 9

What sells me on sellvia is their 24/7 support which is really helpful, the ready ads, guides and tutorials on what to do next. I’m far enough from California, and it’s highly important to me that I still can use all these sellvia features.

July 24

Overall, good platform. When I’m satisfied, I don’t have much desire to write long reviews. It seems to me that long reviews are written mostly by those who have had a negative experience. My store is ready and launched, and I’m satisfied with the work of my account manager. I would like to express special thanks for the services. I ordered the marketing package because it includes ready-made materials for all types of advertising, and I plan to create both text posts and videos. This service saves not only time but also money, as it prevents unnecessary experiments at the initial stage when time is the most valuable because I want to start generating profits asap.

Kristine Mae Juliet Gamale
January 9

My experience with Sellvia is so satisfying. As a young entrepreneur I have tried other online platforms, too. But Sellvia is definitely my match. I have called technical support in all the issues that I faced in setting up my account, and they responded in a timely manner. I also continually seek for their free personal consultations. I highly recommend Sellvia!

Keisha D.
June 6

I am fully satisfied with the support from the team. They are considerate and very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. I always wanted to work with a business like Sellvia which cares each of its customer. I have set a goal to try to become a self-made entrepreneur in the future

kaamil yare
September 9

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been there for me. Your support and guidance mean the world to me, and I’m incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart🙌🏾

Otto Silva
September 09

“Great service in every aspects”
The process of searching and adding new products to your store is super easy. The customer service is brilliant and replies fast to help you fully.

Siva Aathi recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
November 24

Sellvia is an excellent software company! You don’t even need to complete any activities beforehand. The good news is that you may choose which of the thousands of things in an existing successful catalog to sell in your business. It offers a great support system, and a ton of features, and is simple to use. I was able to get a range of high-quality goods at reasonable prices. I’m quite happy with Sellvia.

Kathryn Kim recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
March 15

Quick and concise resolutions to every question and issue I come across. Olika, Betty, Vicky and the the whole team are top of everything that comes to their radar! Amazing team to work with!

Bashir Sheikh
September 17

“Extremely Fair and Reliable”
I couldn’t believe how extremely fair and reliable sellvia is. Sellvia offers cool services with many essential products online. To get a push on our e-commerce site, access to a 90 million audience of US digital buyers is a definite plus. I can’t be happier about this decision.

thecrews c.
August 14

For now, I can say that their promises align with reality. I have a full-time job and can’t afford to dedicate more than two or three hours a day to a side gig. So, the option of building a store from scratch wasn’t even on the table. Sellvia offered a ready-to-go store, and that’s exactly what I got. The store came with products, product descriptions, and even customer reviews. I can easily set prices, discounts, track purchases, and so on. Among all the possible side gigs, this is the simplest and least burdensome, especially since I already work in marketing and have a clear promo strategy in mind. My priority was to get a functional, operational store with products that interest me. And I got it.

Dawn Parker recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
April 22

Oh, I’m loving Sellvia’s promo services! They’re paid, but save a ton of time and effort. My store has 6 different social media accounts and it’s not even the limit! I don’t know how I would have managed it all otherwise. Sure, there are plugins for automatic posting, but I still trust people more when it comes to this stuff.

Helen Donovan recommends Sellvia - Ecommerce Ecosystem
July 3

I can definitely say that my experience working with Sellvia has been positive. I lack the knowledge and skills to build a store on my own, so I decided to order a ready-made store (the Sellvia PRO plan). We discussed the theme, logo, niche, and products in advance, and the store turned out exactly as I requested. I also opted for the marketing pack because it’s much easier to have ready-made materials for advertising rather than searching for content online and trying to generate something suitable from it. While I can create basic banners in Canva, that’s about it. Here, I received highly professional videos, beautiful banners, and well-written texts that I can use for social media ads. IMO, it significantly simplifies the process, allowing me to launch much sooner rather than waiting for a couple of months.

Emmanuel B.
May 24

This is a convenient and functional platform that, in my opinion, is more suitable for experienced entrepreneurs who understand the value of a comprehensive approach. Everything related to technical aspects, settings, customization, and further promotion will also be better understood by people with experience. It’s difficult for me to judge from the perspective of a beginner since I have been involved in dropshipping for quite some time. Sellvia has strong technical support and provides marketing guides and instructional videos. Well, it is possible to learn everything from scratch if you set that goal for yourself. For me, the most important aspect is that Sellvia offers comprehensive solutions for dropshipping. I don’t need to search for specialists or third-party tools because all possible marketing services, SEO, add-ons, and plugins to improve store performance are already available here. If you know what you’re doing, you can start right from day one.

“It's not just about the money for me. It feels like I bought a lifestyle.“
“I thought it was such an innovative idea because it was just so easy.“
“What's your rate, from 1 to 10? I'd rate 11.“
“It's really, really exciting and interesting, and it keeps me going on a daily basis.“
“You guys literally do everything. It's like having somebody hold your hand through the whole process.“
“I don't have to go out and work for “the man”. I have much more freedom.“

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“I'm proud that I found Sellvia, and I think it's an opportunity not to miss.”
Rachel, Sellvia Customer
“Before Sellvia I had to struggle a lot with the shipping and the product prices.”
Marco, Sellvia Customer
“I can now run a successful online store…with fast delivery and high quality products”
Jacob, Sellvia Customer

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$60K+/month in 8 weeks following the strategy that really works
"I narrowed down my choice on Sellvia, a full-scale ecommerce ecosystem – and it was a game-changing decision, no less! After I switched to Sellvia and started new ad campaigns, the store came to life. I began receiving orders, their number is now increasing steadily, and I believe there’s more to come."
Mary Senko, USA
From 0 To $29K/Mo: money made with ecommerce
"What I like the most about the Sellvia ecosystem is the knowledge. I love learning and Sellvia offers me this. I’ve been in this business for so many years and I am still learning day after day. I have read and seen so many tutorials, but the Sellvia Academy is the only one that is 99% accurate – and is the best so far. I believe with the correct guidelines and support Sellvia provides us with, almost all of us can be successful in dropshipping."
Chris P., Cyprus
"I've always wanted to do it!": from 0 to $17,000+
"Once I set up the mechanism for the Sellvia products to be sold online, I knew the products would reach the consumers safely. I could track every package from the moment I processed the sale till it would actually arrive to the door. I even went to Sellvia and ordered some stuff so that I could see how quickly it comes, what packaging it comes in, so I felt more comfortable with that."
Jude Massillon, USA
A side hustle that makes $12,000
"Sellvia has things like marketing guidance, ecommerce tips, and free consultations with the team’s advisors. We personally never had any technical issues with using it and most of all, we love all the research that was put into the marketing. This really helps with discovering new money-making opportunities. This has helped deliver smiles to my customers and my team members."
Rodney T. Peaks Jr., USA
$2,179 per week: success from the very beginning
"Back in February 2022, I discovered Sellvia. At first glance, I knew this was the venture for me, with its warehouse in California and delivery in the US within 1-3 days. I got super excited: that was a game-changer. It’s not that I was competing with giants like Amazon and all those who are giving 1-2 days delivery, but I thought with Sellvia, I had a very good chance to compete with all the major players in terms of pricing and delivery time. Now with Sellvia, the business is giving me the numbers that are very encouraging!"
Bilal Basir, UK
From 0 To $8K+: newcomer success story
"Sellvia seemed to be the best option among the ones I researched. It was a combination of things: the ease of working with you guys, the simple and seamless processes Sellvia offers, and on top of that, fantastic customer service. I honestly haven’t had many issues in terms of orders processing or anything, but a couple of times I had to deal with customers claiming something, and it was resolved in a matter of minutes. So far, it’s perfect for my business."
Fernando Ordosgoitia Heenan, USA
“I got my life back”: from 0 to $10,200+
"Sellvia makes running the business easy for me! I feel that I have a supplier I can trust, that Sellvia has my back and as long as I feel that way, I will remain faithful. Sellvia has my business’s best interest at heart, I am sure of that. The Sellvia support team has been phenomenal, with quick response time to emails and always ready to help. I feel like I am a part of one big happy family. You have won my heart and I will remain an avid supporter."
Miandra Delport, New Zealand
$9K/Mo in just 3 months with zero experience
"I had to make a lot of payments and my whole life seemed like waiting for the next salary. I could barely afford extra activities, extra spendings… But this ecommerce business made it all resolved and I’m making savings to enjoy quality time with my family and friends. I’ve been telling people about the great experience I had with Sellvia."
Sayed Hashmi, USA
"Being online is very liberating": this guy’s tried it all
"The attractive point of Sellvia was that it would be based in the US. I’m in the US, my customers are in the US, and I like that Sellvia is also based in the US. One of the issues I faced with previous dropshipping businesses was that they shipped from overseas. That means, when your customer places an order, they don’t receive it until way later. With Sellvia, a customer can get their order within a few days, and that’s very good for the business."
Gar Lee, USA
"$26k+ in 18 Months": a side hustle affordable to launch and simple to run
I was made aware of Sellvia – an alternative to AliExpress. Its feature of US fulfillment was a game changer. As Sellvia products are stored in California, they get to my US customers in 1-3 days. Refunds and complaints no longer happen! The numbers speak for themselves. Best part? The conversion rate has doubled. Seems like people are happier with the way the products are presented and are more likely to buy after seeing an ad or visiting the store.
Nick Arthur, Scotland
A new mom from California makes side money online: from 0 to $2,500
"Sellvia's a good fit for me because of fast shipping and no headache while building the store with good support. I think this business is a perfect thing – especially for moms! – if you want to start something new. It does not require too much time to get some results. That’s a really good niche for parents and everyone who doesn’t have too much time. I’m happy with the store, especially the support, because I’m not so knowledgeable and I’m still learning. And when you have support, you’re not going to be lost."
Ksenia Vinokhodova, USA
"I wanted to launch my own thing": from 0 To $4,100+
"There were two reasons to start with an ecommerce store. The main one was to create the second income stream. I have a full-time job, so I wanted to get an extra source of earnings as an addition to my salary. And the second reason was just to start my own business because it’s the kind of person I am: I like to build stuff! It’s priceless when you build your business from the ground up – it makes you feel free and empowered, you know?"
Cleopatra Barovbe, UK
“My best decision”: starting an online store with no experience
"To me, Sellvia looks complete with helpful resources, marketing tools and Marketing Academy for newbies like me. Definitely, Sellvia is like a combo that includes website creation, personal assistance, marketing materials, a dashboard with all the tools that I need, plus fast shipping across the US – it’s like an all-in-one offer. Thanks to it, I don’t manage inventory and don’t rent any fulfillment center spaces which would be very expensive."
Maria Guzman, USA
A mother of two running an ecommerce website she's proud of
"I decided to go with Sellvia because they make it easy for you. Products are uploaded and ready to go with marketing support from the team. The Sellvia team actually has been fantastic, helping with everything. I love the fact that I can use the already prepared resources: get marketing materials, download pictures, and make videos for the products. Actually, I imagine that I would have to pay for daily service if I was working with another company but with Sellvia, you get life-time support at no additional cost."
Rena McDermott-Mundley, USA
"I had my first sale within 12 hours of doing my first test"
"I discovered it while looking for a dropshipping warehouse located in the USA. That was enough for me to try. Other places that I reviewed just had very long shipping times. Customers don’t like to wait. Long shipping times mean canceled orders and low conversions. The pet supplies store is super new, but I had my first sale within 12 hours of doing my first test – and so, the Sellvia products do sell!"
Carl Payne, USA

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