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How it works


We upload high-ticket products to your store's catalog


Your client buys a product in your store and you receive $3,000 on your bank account


You reorder the same product from Sellvia for only $1,000


Sellvia immediately packs and ships the product to your customer


Your customer is happy with the product and you keep $2,000 profit to yourself

High-ticket products are the secret to your online success

It’s the difference between $5,000 you make with high-ticket products and $50 you make with average dropshipping ones!

Without high-ticket products

  • Low profit
  • Lots of hard work
  • No free time
  • Sadness

With high-ticket products

  • Huge profit
  • No work on your side at all
  • Lots of free time
  • No sadness

Do you want to feel secure about your business future?

That’s exactly what High-Ticket Products give!

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Special bonus

Don’t know how to promote your business?

Not a big deal! We’ll effectively promote your store on Google with unique top quality articles.

  • Up to 250 articles We professionally write a ton of unique SEO articles to make you rank higher on Google
  • Huge sales potential Sold 2 high-ticket products? You’ve already made more than US lawyers make monthly!
  • 100% automated promotion Unlike other methods, SEO promotion works on autopilot once done, plus, it's almost free
  • Lifelong effect Professional organic promotion has a long-term effect and works for years on its own

Your store products value


  • 1,000 Products for sale
  • Up to $5,000 Profit per sale
  • 70% Avg. profit margin
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The best high-ticket products for the highest profit potential

With such products you can earn up to $5k per every sale

Art Deco Chandelier

Art Deco Chandelier

Sellvia price $500
Retail price $2,294
Your profit $1,794
Our clients have earned with this product: $1,501,368
Luxury King Bed

Luxury King Bed

Sellvia price $1,550
Retail price $3,049.99
Your profit $1,499.99
Our clients have earned with this product: $1,099,780
Luxurious Bubble Cloud Sofa

Luxurious Bubble Cloud Sofa

Sellvia price $950
Retail price $2,199.99
Your profit $1,249.99
Our clients have earned with this product: $995,148

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A smart foundation for further business growth
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High-margin products 50 200 500 1,000
Fully operational dropshipping store
Product import to your catalog
Unique promo articles 10 30 100 250
Profit-oriented keywords 10 30 100 250
Professional descriptions
Stellar product images
SEO optimized content
Worldwide shipping
Service delivery time 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
Lifelong 24/7 premium support
Amazon bonus
Top products on Amazon 50 75 100
Import to your Amazon account
Promo Tools Bundle save $399 save $399 save $399
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You only make 2-3 sales a month to make about $10k in profit

Business owners earn six figures with high-ticket dropshipping

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This is why high-ticket dropshipping is the best way to do ecommerce in 2024 and beyond

Huge profit margins

You sell products that give maximum profit potential possible, with margins of up to $5,000 per 1 sale

Less competition

Dive into the premium dropshipping business model only available for the chosen ones – the high-ticket niche implies lowest competition possible

Total freedom

You can put high prices on products and be sure they’ll sell, you also don’t need high sales volumes: 2-4 monthly sales to make an average wage of an office worker

Easier promotion

The better the product, the less promotion is needed. You’re going to sell top quality products that people have already been searching for

High-end customers

They are ready to pay you a lot: you’re going to sell to the richest audience segment, which means they don’t care if your prices are high

High purchase intent

High-ticket customers are already searching for the specific products you’re going to sell, which means they are ready to buy right now

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Jacob, Sellvia Customer

I’m so thankful to Sellvia

I don’t live in the United States and the fact that I can now run a successful online store [there] just blows my mind to this day. Sellvia lets people from any place of the world start a dropshipping business on a completely new level.

Jacob, Sellvia Customer
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Marco, Sellvia Customer

Why didn’t I try Sellvia before?

I’d heard about Sellvia before, but was too busy to give it a shot. Before Sellvia I had to struggle with the shipping and the product prices. Sellvia is a hands down game changer here. I don’t even have to think much even when it comes to promotion.

Marco, Sellvia Customer
2 / 3
Rachel, Sellvia Customer

I’m proud that I found Sellvia

First of all, I just wanna give a big thank you to everyone who’s working at Sellvia. You make everything work so fast and easy for people like me who just wanna manage their own business without stress. I think it’s an opportunity not to miss.

Rachel, Sellvia Customer
3 / 3

Dropshipping newcomers are easily making $10K+/mo with Sellvia

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Learn more about high-ticket dropshipping

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping is a dropshipping business model that implies selling top quality, high-end items online. You source your products from a supplier who ships products directly to your customer on your behalf and sell these products in your online store at a much higher price that might exceed the supplier’s price up to 10 times.

Why is high-ticket dropshipping more profitable than ordinary dropshipping?

Besides the freedom to put high prices on your products and low competition, high-ticket dropshipping also means higher purchasing power of your customers, higher purchase intent and higher average order value.

How much will I make with high-ticket dropshipping?

Given $100,000 per year that ordinary dropshippers make on average and an average 3 times higher profit margins that high-ticket dropshippers put, an average high-ticket dropshipper makes about $300,000 per year. Also, keep in mind that these estimations are true for simple stores with about 100 products in catalog, so the more products you have – the higher and the quicker profits you make.

Is high-ticket dropshipping good for newbies?

It’s not just good, it’s better than ordinary dropshipping, because it implies high-end buyers, higher purchase intent, insane profit margins and, of course, multiplied profit potential.

How to become a high-ticket dropshipper?

For this purpose you need high-ticket products that are in demand and a store that is able to convert visitors into buyers quickly. That’s why we at Sellvia have launched these new High-Ticket Dropshipping Products.

What are the best high-ticket dropshipping niches?

The list of the best-selling high-ticket dropshipping niches changes over time as trends change, however, there’s a list of the evergreen ones that’s been extremely profitable during the last few years and is going to stay in demand in 2024 and the upcoming years. These include furniture, lighting, pet supplies, electronics, garden, advanced technologies, sport & outdoors, kitchen & dining.

What are the best high-ticket dropshipping items?

There are too many to enumerate them here, that’s why we’ve gathered 1,000 absolute best-selling high-ticket items and made them available within this service.

Do you charge any ongoing monthly fees?

No, you only pay once for this service (please check the table above to see what’s included). However, you need to activate the Sellvia PRO monthly subscription to get your customers’ orders redirected to us and shipped by our fulfillment center.