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How Much Money Can You Make On A Sole Product? [Simon Dreamer’s Case Study]

by Artemis K. | | 6 min read

How much do you think is possible to earn with high-ticket dropshipping each month? $5K? $10K? Prepare to have your expectations shattered. The founders of Simon Dreamer are pulling in an astonishing $150K monthly from just one product: a u-shaped modular sofa with double chaise and memory foam. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to discover how to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars online from a single product? Let’s unravel the secrets together!

High-ticket dropshipping: is it your big ticket?

a picture showing how to start a pet supplies dropshipping business

In the online world, not every item leads to success. To really win in dropshipping, it’s essential to pick the right things to sell. Many business owners make mistakes in choosing their products, but you can avoid these common errors.

Let’s learn from the success story of Simon Dreamer, who made a fortune by selecting the right high-ticket items.

Common mistakes in product selection

they can't understand amazon fba

1) The problem with unpopular items

  • No buyers: If a product isn’t popular, not many people want to buy it. This means these items just sit there, not making any money.
  • Hard to sell: Even with lots of advertising, it’s tough to convince people to buy something they don’t already want. This can lead to spending too much on ads without selling much.

2) The issue with popular items

  • Too many sellers: When a product is popular, lots of other sellers will have it too. This makes it really hard to stand out and attract buyers.
  • Cutting prices to compete: To try and get more sales, sellers often keep lowering their prices. This means even if they sell a lot, they don’t make much money from each sale.

3) The catch with low-profit bestsellers

  • Selling a lot but earning a little: Some products sell really well but don’t make much profit per sale. You have to sell a huge amount to make good money, which means a lot more work.
  • Too much to handle: Dealing with lots of orders for low-profit items can quickly become overwhelming. You end up spending all your time managing orders and not making enough profit for it to be worth it.

Is there the right path? [Solved]

Photo of a woman with packages

To avoid these problems, consider high-ticket dropshipping. This means selling fewer items, but each one is more expensive and carefully chosen. High-ticket market is about finding products that people really want and are willing to pay more for.

By choosing wisely like Simon Dreamer did, you can sell less but make more money.

  • Select carefully: Choose items that are in demand but not sold by everyone. This way, you can stand out and attract buyers willing to pay more.
  • Focus on quality and exclusivity: Offer items that not only look good but also have something special that makes them worth the higher price. Find people’s most burning issues and suggest solutions.
  • Work smarter, not harder: With high-ticket items, you don’t need to sell as many to make good money. This means you can spend more time making sure each sale goes smoothly and your customers are happy. Profit!

By learning from successful stores like Simon Dreamer and choosing the right high-ticket items, you can make your dropshipping business a big success. It’s all about selling the right things to the right people at the right price.

Simon Dreamer’s strategy: mastering the art of high-ticket sales

sofa making $150K/month in sales

Simon Dreamer’s Amazon storefront might deceive you with its simplicity, but beneath lies a deeply strategic and profitable approach to high-ticket dropshipping.

The common dilemma in luxury furniture

Typically, luxury furniture is all about aesthetics, often compromising on functionality. Buyers are left choosing between style and practicality, a decision no one should have to make, especially when investing heavily in their home’s comfort and appearance.

Simon Dreamer’s revolutionary approach

Simon Dreamer tackled this industry-wide issue head-on. They didn’t just sell furniture. They sold a lifestyle, a promise of both luxury and functionality. Every piece from chairs to tables wasn’t just a piece of furniture but a multifunctional work of art designed to cater to the modern, discerning buyer.

The astonishing outcome

  • Revenue breakthrough

Simon Dreamer didn’t just enter the market. They conquered it, amassing an incredible $4,000,000+ in revenue. They turned the high-ticket dropshipping game on its head, proving that with the right strategy, even a single product line can generate wealth.

  • The $150K/month sofa

At the heart of their success is a u-shaped, modular sofa with double chaise and memory foam. This isn’t just a piece of furniture. It’s a cornerstone of their business, consistently bringing in $150K each month. What makes it so special?

  • Spacious comfort: This sofa is more than large, but a haven. With ample space and two chaise sections, it’s perfect for any gathering, ensuring everyone finds a spot to relax.
  • Elegant design: The sofa’s timeless aesthetic makes it a fit for various interior styles, from modern to classic. Its design doesn’t just follow trends. It sets them.
  • Built to last: The anti-vandal cover isn’t just about resisting wear and tear; it’s about maintaining the sofa’s beauty and functionality for years, making it a wise investment for buyers.

Beyond the sofa: a catalog of elegance

Simon Dreamer’s success isn’t just about one product. Their entire catalog of luxury furniture is carefully curated to attract and retain a customer base that values quality, style, and functionality. Each piece is more than just furniture, but a part of the buyer’s lifestyle, enhancing their space and daily life.

How to repeat Simon Dreamer’s success? We’re here to help you

start high-ticket dropshipping

Ready to mirror Simon Dreamer’s success or even surpass it? Sellvia is your golden ticket to high-ticket dropshipping.

Rely on Sellvia since this is the EASIEST WAY to start high-ticket dropshipping and replicate Simon Dreamer’s success.

  • A turnkey dropshipping store: Start on the right foot with a store tailored for high-ticket sales.
  • Exclusive high-ticket products: Dive into a selection of 1,000 premium products curated for maximum profitability.
  • Huge profit margins: With the potential to earn up to $5,000 per sale, your financial goals are closer than you think.
  • 100% automated organic promotion: Let us handle the marketing, so you can focus on scaling your business.
  • Multi-layered customer support available 24/7: Never feel alone in your journey with our round-the-clock support.

Why wait? Your high-ticket future’s right here

Simon Dreamer’s story isn’t just inspiring. It’s a blueprint for ecommerce domination. By choosing high-ticket dropshipping and the right partner, you too can turn the daunting landscape of ecommerce into a path paved with profits.

Are you inspired by Simon Dreamer’s journey and interested in repeating it? With Sellvia, you’re not just starting a business. You’re embarking on a journey to financial freedom with a proven path and a powerful ally.

Begin your high-ticket dropshipping adventure today, and steer your way to success just like Simon Dreamer. Your ecommerce success story is waiting to be written.

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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