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The Power Of Social Media: How Hayes Shifted From 0 To $300,000 With Dropshipping

by Eugene S. | | 7 min read

You can’t underestimate the power of social media today. It runs the world, it runs society, and it runs countless businesses. It’s the tool that is likely to boost any venture hassle free. You can’t ignore it, right?

You see, without a social media account, a business cannot work. Even a small, tiny, little account is needed so that people who are interested can read some information and make a decision on whether they want to get services from that business. However, there are people who build their entire businesses on social media and succeed in that. GREATLY succeed.

Today’s case study is focused on an online entrepreneur, Hayes, who managed to earn $300,000 off of one dropshipping store, all thanks to social media.

Who is Hayes?


So, Hayes is a dropshipper, and also a mentor and a teacher. He shows off his successful lifestyle all over his Twitter account, inspiring others to make a move and start working towards their goals.


Hayes’ marketing approach

Hayes’ own marketing tactic is heavily focused on social media promotion. He markets himself as a TikTok marketing expert. We don’t know if he uses extra ads to push sales in his stores, using platforms like Google, Bing, or anything else. From what we see – he doesn’t. However, we should always perceive other people’s success stories with a grain of salt, especially when there are blind spots (like in Hayes’ case). It wouldn’t be shocking if Hayes did use extra marketing channels, because that’s what many businesses do.

There is no universal marketing channel out there, and diversity is your friend. If one channel doesn’t work that well, or if you experience some difficulties (technical, seasonal, etc.), you should have other sources your customers come from. You can bet more on TikTok or Google, just because your main target audience comes from there. Yet, don’t disregard everything else. You need to protect yourself and your business from turbulences.

For example, the U.S. government can ban TikTok if they want it bad enough. What will you do if that happens and your main customers are Americans who use TikTok? Not fun.

usa flag

Or let’s say you use Facebook as a primary marketing platform. You get banned for no reason due to AI’s fault and boom – your monthly income is non-existent. Before you restore your account, your business will lose wild money. With everything mentioned, even though gurus can push a certain platform as a magical pill, even if your target audience normally uses only one platform, don’t be naïve and diversify your client streams just to be safe and sound.

For that reason, we suggest you Sellvia’s Marketing Academy. It’s a fully free knowledge base where you can learn how to market your online store on various platforms, using different techniques, depending on your budget, goals, and skills. No need to Google anything or watch videos of so-called gurus who only want to sell you an online course. Concentrated, clear, understandable information at your fingertips.


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How much do dropshippers make: Did Hayes go big?

Recently, Hayes shared one of his milestones of earning more than $600 a day.


He also showed a proof of earning almost $150k (the time period is not shown, but even if it’s sales per year – that’s great money regardless!)


How to find hot items to sell: what does Hayes sell?

We don’t have access to Hayes’ online stores, but we managed to sneak some information from his Twitter account. We noticed that he has various products in his store’s catalog, starting from gadgets, finishing up with female clothing, and loose-leaf tea.

hayes' products

You might be wondering, why? Are these the best products to sell? Loose-leaf tea, shorts, and a portable fan? What kind of selection is THAT? It’s a general store. General store is like Walmart, Target, or Costco. General means no exact niche, owner sells a little bit of everything. It’s harder to run a store like that since your target audience is widespread and advertising becomes more challenging, but if done right, a general store can bring tremendous profits.

How can you earn even more?

Hayes sells regular, affordable products for everyday customers. But did you know that you can dropship luxury goods and perfectly succeed in it?


Instead of selling thousands of cheap products to earn decent money, you can sell much fewer but luxury products. There are rich people who are willing to splurge on high-quality products and they don’t mind the check. They are the ones you wanna target! Less clients, less stress, more money, more profit, and more time to elevate your business rather than be consumed with everyday operational tasks and dealing with hundreds of other clients.

happy man

At Sellvia we have picked out hundreds of the most in-demand, top-tier products which will elevate your store’s catalog and bring profits you have only dreamed of. You can add them to your existing store (if you don’t have one, you can get a turnkey store from Sellvia, too. We’ll get back to it soon, don’t worry!)

Let’s take a look at some of the high-ticket products you can sell in your online store in 2024.

High-ticket products to sell in 2024

Luxury Nordic Minimalist Round Glass Coffee Table

coffee table

  • Original price: $1,203.49
  • Price at your store: $2,306.65
  • Your profit: $1,103.16

Luxurious Handmade Mosaic LED Desk Lamp – Romantic Art Deco Table Light for Home & Office


  • Original price: $359.15
  • Price at your store: $699.99
  • Your profit: $340.84

Portable 4K Outdoor Video Projector with 3D & WiFi


  • Original price: $657.49
  • Price at your store: $1259.49
  • Your profit: $602

Vintage Nordic Small Drawer Organizer Cabinet – Rustic Charm for Your Home

organizer cabinet

  • Original price: $1,310.95
  • Price at your store: $2,512.49
  • Your profit: $1,201.54

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine with Grinder, Dual Cup Capability & Advanced Steamer – 5.5″ Display

coffee machine

  • Original price: $659.12
  • Price at your store: $1,299.99
  • Your profit: $640.87

These and hundreds of other high-profit products from various niches you can find in Sellvia’s High-Ticket product pack. Import and enjoy a level of profits you never experienced before.

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by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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