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He Discovered The $5M/Year Dropshipping Formula: Jack Gilbey’s Story

by Artemis K. | | 7 min read

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, few stories resonate as powerfully as that of Jack Gilbey. From humble beginnings to a towering $5 million annual revenue, Jack’s journey is not just inspiring – it’s a roadmap for anyone daring to dream big in the dropshipping domain. As he shares his wisdom on X (formerly Twitter), enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs hang on to his every word, seeking the alchemy that turns ordinary online stores into gold. Interested in a strategy that’s proven to rake in millions? Let’s dive into the world of Jack Gilbey.

Who’s Jack Gilbey and why does his story matter?

Jack Gilbey on X

Have you heard about Jack Gilbey? He’s a famous person in the world of ecommerce, especially dropshipping.

Jack Gilbey is an experienced dropshipper and blogger on Social Media. He runs about 30 dropshipping stores at a time and shares valuable dropshipping tips on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Why do his tips matter? In fact, he is a real wizard in the world of online stores, who turned his small idea into a treasure chest making $5 million every year!


Imagine finding a secret map that leads you to a treasure. Well, Jack shares his map on his blog for everyone to see. Want to know the secrets to finding your treasure? Let’s check out Jack’s magic spells (he calls them rules) to make your online shop a hit.

$5M/year dropshipping formula: things you may underestimate

a picture previewing the article on dropshipping myths

The beauty of Jack Gilbey’s dropshipping tips, as he calls them himself, are in their simplicity.

He conducts some valuable research and then draws a simple conclusion for you to be one step closer to success.

Let’s consider 10 best dropshipping tips from Jack Gilbey – we hope you will find them extremely valuable as we consider them!

  • One store = one country

Jack discovered a secret potion when he stopped trying to sell it to the whole world at once. Focusing on just one country worked like magic, making his store more popular. It’s a bit of a mystery why this works so well, but Jack says, “Try it, and see the magic happen!”

  • Ask a robot for help

Jack found a friendly robot named ChatGPT that can write amazing stories and descriptions for his products. It sounds a bit futuristic, but this robot buddy helps make everything sound super interesting!

  • Spend wisely on ads

Imagine having a magic bag that gives you more coins the more you use it. Jack says spending money on ads is like that. But, he warns, you have to be smart about it—only spend more when it brings you even more shoppers.

  • Only look at what matters

Jack doesn’t waste time counting how many people just look at his ads; he only cares if they actually buy something. It’s like keeping your eye on the treasure and not getting distracted by the shiny things along the way.

  • Don’t try everything at once

Jack learned that you don’t need to test a mountain of products to find a winner. Testing fewer things, but doing it well, can lead you to the treasure faster.

  • Be careful with your treasure

As Jack’s treasure chest grew, many people came asking for a piece. He says to be picky about who you share your treasure with, so you keep most of it for yourself.

  • Copying can be cool

All of Jack’s most successful shops have one thing in common—they were inspired by other shops. It’s like when you see someone with a cool toy, and you get one too, but maybe in a different color or style.

  • Choose useful things to sell

Jack avoids selling weird, wacky gadgets that don’t really do anything useful. He picks products that people actually need and want. It’s like choosing a sturdy ship for a sea adventure instead of a flashy one that might sink.

  • Don’t worry, be happy

Testing new products can be scary, like waiting to see if a planted seed will grow. Jack says to stay cool and not worry too much about it. Give it some time before checking if your seed has sprouted.

  • Stay grounded

When Jack first found success, he felt like a king. But he reminds himself (and us) that many have found treasures before. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground and remember you’re learning to be a great treasure hunter.

  • Finding your own treasure

Jack Gilbey’s story is like a guidebook to finding hidden treasures in the world of online selling. He shows us that with a bit of magic (and a lot of smart work), anyone can fill their treasure chest.

So now you have this extremely valuable information that will move you close to success. Fortunately, here’s good news for you – you can easily avoid most of these issues. How so? Team up with Sellvia!

#1 dropshipping solution – Sellvia’s ecosystem

free dropshipping stores

Diving into the world of dropshipping might seem like exploring a vast, mysterious ocean. Jack Gilbey’s voyage gives us a map to navigate these waters, yet the journey can still feel overwhelming for many.

That’s where Sellvia comes into the picture, shining as a lighthouse guiding you safely to shore. It’s not just any dropshipping solution; it’s a complete ecosystem meticulously crafted to smooth out the rough seas Jack encountered on his adventure.

How Sellvia changes the game

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  • Immediate start

Do you need to deal with business initiation on your own? Sure, you don’t! Forget the headache of setting everything up. Sellvia hands you the keys to a store that’s ready to welcome customers the moment you say “go.”

  • Zero risk

Does a dropshipping business make you put everything at stake? Never! Dive into the ecommerce pool without the fear of sinking your savings. With Sellvia, you can test the waters without any initial cash outlay.

  • 24/7 support

Are you afraid of being left alone with any challenges? Whether you’re just embarking on your journey or you’re sailing into more advanced waters, our crew is on deck 24/7 to support you every step of the way.

  • Effortless marketing

Do you need any skills or experience to start dropshipping? No, you don’t. Navigating the marketing maze becomes a walk in the park with Sellvia. You’ll have access to a treasure trove of marketing materials and guides at your fingertips.

  • Best-sellers onboard

You don’t have to look for reliable suppliers with hot products to sell. In the Sellvia catalog available for Sellvia’s dropshipping store owners, there are thousands of trending products to sell online – all of them have proven to be high-converting!

  • Seasonal product packages

Aren’t you sure that you will attract customers’ attention easily? No big deal – Sellvia always crafts seasonal product compilations for you to keep your store a perfect shopping destination all the time!

$5M/year dropshipping formula: a simplified solution by Sellvia


Jack Gilbey might have charted the course for successful dropshipping, but with Sellvia, you won’t need to brave the trials by fire that he did. Imagine having a sleek, streamlined ship ready to sail, equipped with all the maps, compasses, and supplies you need for a successful journey in the ecommerce sea.

Sellvia transforms the daunting voyage of dropshipping into a smooth sail, ensuring you have all the dropshipping tools, guidance, and support to reach the land of profitability and success.

If Jack Gilbey’s epic tale has kindled the spark of ecommerce ambition in you, know this: your path doesn’t have to be riddled with the obstacles he faced. Choosing Sellvia means stepping onto a platform built to elevate you in the digital commerce sphere with ease.

Why wade through stormy waters when you can glide on a serene sea? Embrace Sellvia and embark on your dropshipping journey equipped with a fully operational store, a curated catalog of best-sellers, and an entire ecosystem designed for your success.

Are you ready to transform your ecommerce dreams into reality? With Sellvia, your venture begins free of risk but filled with endless possibilities. Start dropshipping with Sellvia – it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a try!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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