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How Did Yuvy Get $77,000 With Just One Sale? It’s High-Ticket Dropshipping [Case Study]

by Roman P. | | 5 min read

What can be better than money? A LOT of money, that’s what!

You may have heard many incredible stories about ecommerce, but we can promise that you’ve definitely never heard anything similar to Yuvy’s story.  You see, Yuvy is not just successful — he’s a man who managed to make $77,000 with just A SINGLE SALE!

Yuvy is a 28-year-old guy from Mauritius, currently living in Milton, Ontario. He first tried selling low-priced items like clothes and furniture online. But he felt these businesses weren’t right for him and didn’t meet his goals.  But how exactly did he manage to make such an amazing sale? He switched to high-ticket dropshipping!

High-ticket ecommerce: the shortest way to big bucks?

High-ticket ecommerce appealed to Yuvy because it offered the best of both worlds. He could start with a relatively low investment while still operating a legitimate business.

picture high ticket modern nordic light product

Unlike low-ticket ecommerce, where success seemed uncertain, high-ticket dropshipping provided a more stable and structured approach. Within just a week and a half of starting his high-ticket dropshipping business, Yuvy experienced an incredible achievement.

product picture chairs

He received a very significant order. And the next order was for $21,000, from the same customer. What made this even more remarkable was that there were no customer inquiries or sales negotiations involved. The customer simply placed the order without any hesitation.

Want more money? Choose the right products!

Do you want to make more money with your business? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? But how can you do that? First, let’s find out what makes a product have a high profit margin.

High-ticket products

product photo luxurious retro leather chair

It’s all about supply and demand. Supply is how much of a product is available, and demand is how much people want it. The more people want a product, and the less of it there is, the higher the price you can charge, and the higher the profit you can make. For example, think of diamonds. They are shiny, sparkly, and rare. People love them, and they are willing to pay a lot of money for them. That’s why diamonds are a high profit margin product.

Low-ticket products

On the other hand, some products have a low profit margin. That means they cost almost as much to make as to sell. That’s not good for your business, because you don’t make much money from them. Why do some products have a low profit margin? It’s usually because of competition. The more competition there is, the lower the price you can charge, and the lower the profit you can make.

For example, think of bread. It’s a common and basic food that many people eat. There are many bakeries that make and sell bread, and customers can easily compare the prices and quality of different breads. The cost of making bread is not that low, but the price of selling it is also not that high. That’s why bread is a low profit margin product.

Products with low profit margins are not ideal for business because their production cost is close to their selling price. This often happens due to high competition in the market. For instance, bread has a low profit margin because many bakeries produce it, and it’s a common product.

To increase business profits, it’s good to sell items with high profit margins. These are products that cost much less to produce than their selling price. So, how can you stop selling low profit margin products, and find high profit margin products instead?

How to choose high-profit products? [Best Tips]

product picture decorative wall painting

How to find high-profit items to boost your profits? No big deal, actually — learn these tips and do your best!

Know your customers

Find out what they want, need, and are ready to pay for. Look for problems or desires that they have, and offer solutions or satisfactions that they can’t find elsewhere.

Be different

Make your product stand out from the crowd. You can do this by making it better, faster, easier, or more convenient than other products. You can also make it more attractive, stylish, or fun than other products. Or you can add something extra, like a feature, a benefit, or a bonus, that other products don’t have.

Build a brand

Make your product memorable and recognizable. You can do this by giving it a catchy name, a cool logo, a clever slogan, or a funny story. You can also spread the word about your product through social media, blogs, podcasts, videos, or other online platforms. And you can get feedback, reviews, or referrals from happy customers who love your product and tell their friends about it.

Find the right supplier

If you want to dropship high-ticket products, you must first find a reliable supplier with quick shipping and high-quality goods.

By following these tips, you can find and sell high profit margin products that will make your business successful.

What’s behind Yuvy’s success?

Yuvy’s success came from building strong relationships with suppliers, including video calls to establish trust. His attention to detail on his website and skill in running Google ads also contributed to his success. Transitioning to Google ads was challenging but he learned and adapted.

Yuvy’s story in high-ticket dropshipping shows the value of good supplier relationships, a quality website, and effective advertising skills. It’s a reminder to stay grounded and consistently work hard, as success in this field requires dedication and resilience. But how can you also achieve similar results?

How can YOU make a fortune like that?

Yuvy’s story offers one very good lesson: to sell profitable stuff, you first need to find a reliable supplier, with high-quality products and build a professional website. Luckily for you, Sellvia is just what you need!

  • Reduced sales volume needed
  • Less competition
  • Targeting serious buyers
  • Scalable business model

Are you excited to explore the amazing world of high-ticket dropshipping? Join Sellvia and get ready to make big money and grow your business. Sellvia is not just a platform — it’s your guide to ecommerce success. We have everything you need to run your online store — from an extensive high-ticket catalog with fast shipping, to our exceptional personal assistance!

Your adventure to high-ticket ecommerce success and awesome profits starts here. Request a free strategy session with one of our business advisors, and let’s make you into a millionaire!

by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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