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Alex Logan’s Path To 1M A Month (He Already Makes 400k…)

by Eugene S. | | 8 min read

Can you buy a luxury car off of weekly earnings? Like, $100k a week? Keep reading this article and see what it takes a regular person to achieve wealth in 2024.

Meet Alex Logan, until 2019 he was a regular working-class guy from Europe. Alex wasn’t satisfied with his life and made a drastic change. Now he’s a dropshipper who makes a whooping 107 thousand euros a week (428k a month). And Alex is on a path to earn 1 MILLION euros a month.

107k a week

He carved a place for himself in the industry, he doesn’t want to stop where he is, and he certainly doesn’t want to stop being real with his following (unlike some). Being a refreshing and inspiring figure in the modern day dropshipping field (sup Alex, we’re proud!) Alex has THAT audacity to speak out loud.

Alex talking ish

Let’s look at his persona and see what it took him to earn a brand new Maybach worth of money a month.

At the end of the day, it’s better to learn from others than to make your own mistakes, right?


Who’s that ballsy Dude Alex?

Alex Logan is a growing figure in the dropshipping industry. In his X account he doesn’t only crack jokes and show off his wit, but also gives an insight into dropshipping across the EU.


You know, for a long time dropshippers targeted specifically the United States, since it’s the richest country in the world. It’s a great idea, but we shouldn’t blindly follow whatever everyone else is doing. Sometimes some research can give you invaluable insights and secure your future success.

What the hell does he do?

Alex is focusing exclusively on Belgian and Netherlands markets. These economies are booming, and despite just 30 million of population, that is enough to sustain Alex’s luxurious lifestyle and wild profits.

So, the first point that we learn from Alex Logan is to not just go where everyone goes. Not only do you need to find a niche that you genuinely like, but also understand in which market the very niche is not occupied and you can find success in.


Instead of blindly following the masses, you can spend a bit more time on research and enter a market full of opportunities and solvent customers.

As a dropshipper it’s easy since you don’t buy any stock. You can ship out products to anywhere in the world, just tell your supplier.

Also, Alex shares his own failures when it comes to his dropshipping journey.


He lost over 20K euros trying out the fashion niche in his markets. Not every single day we see bloggers being honest and open about their mistakes and problems.

Alex's fail

By the way, just because Alex had some issues with the fashion niche on the Belgian and Netherlands market doesn’t mean the fashion niche is bad in and of itself.

Please don’t jump to conclusions that the fashion niche is not profitable. Alex is one of the few entrepreneurs who didn’t succeed with it — our 7-FIGURE fashion store proves the opposite!

We don’t really know what kind of fashion products he worked with. Women’s, men’s fashion? What ages did he work with? Was it apparel, accessories, or shoes? That remains a mystery.

With that being said, market research is our everything. Before delving into some niche, you gotta break it down into pieces. Maybe some subniches won’t be profitable, and others can be a goldmine. You never know unless you do a deep market research. Devil hides in details, that’s a fact. Be as peculiar and attentive as possible.

Niches which give him $200,000+/mo

Finding the best products to sell is very important. What Alex did find success with was the pet niche. He highlights a big demand for these products in Belgium and Netherlands, which brings high incomes, thanks to pleasant quality of products and their timeless nature.

cat and dog

There really is no surprise about that, since Europeans love to walk around with their pets, and the number of households that own pets in Europe is impressive.

Recently, Alex managed to earn 23 thousand euros in ONE day.

23k a day

And over a hundred thousand in a week.

107k a week

Got that pet owner money flowing in thanks to the spring season!

Alex blasting other dropshippers

Yet, Alex has a lot to say when it comes to dropshipping. He doesn’t hold back when talking about shady people who don’t care about their customers and work with bad products.

Alex talking ish

What is a bad product? For customers, a bad product is the one with low quality that doesn’t last.

But do you know what a bad product for YOU, as a seller, is?

First of all, just like for your customers, your enemy is a product of bad quality.

You are interested in keeping your customers coming back to you. What’s the best way to do it? Offer good, consistent, decent quality products which solidify your reputation as a seller.

master card

Secondly, if you want to offer affordable goods from AliExpress or Alibaba, look at the ratings of dropshipping suppliers. There has to be at least a 4 star rating which proves that the supplier is a good one.

Pay attention to the communication style of the supplier. Good rating but takes too long to respond? Vague responses? Rude? Not informative? Thank you, next.

You need a supplier who responds quickly and informatively (in case of emergencies or returns, you can’t afford to just sit there and make your clients wait).

men talking

One might wanna sell cheap products for that extra profit margin, but that’s a trap. You will get a momentary high profit, however, not only will your customer won’t come back to you, but also talk badly about you. Reputation losses are money losses, keep that in mind.

A bad product for you is a product with low profit margin. You’d need to sell a lot of them to fill your wallet, and you’d waste a whole lot of time and effort for little outcome. You have to find that golden spot between profitability and quality of your product.

Normally, 20% margin is good, 10% margin is considered ok. Anything less is low. These numbers may vary depending on the niche, but this list is a rule of thumb.

High profit margins are attainable when selling luxury goods. And yes, you read this right, you can dropship luxury goods! They’re great not only because of wild profits (up to $5,000 per sale), but for other reasons.

When you sell luxury goods, your average order value is exponentially higher than if you sell cheap products. You see, rich people buy luxe goods, and they don’t really worry if they spend extra hundreds on something that they like. These people look at money from a different angle than normal people. And you want to enable that behavior!

Also, selling luxury products means a good reputation for you. Expensive goods are usually of good quality, which means your clients will be satisfied and will come back to shop from you!


And trust us, they will remember you since they spent a ton of money at your store. You might not remember the seller you bought a $5 item from, but when you spend $3,000…they definitely will keep in mind where that money went.

If you worked in retail, you also probably know that clients with money are less pain in the neck. They are willing to pay for experience, good products, and they don’t care if it’s expensive or not. They don’t give you a hard time for nothing, they just put in the card and go on with their business.

Their minds are busy with other things, and they just don’t have time to be problematic.


Selling high-ticket products means more profit, more rich clients, but with less hassle and issues compared to regular dropshipping.

Where do you get these products? Sellvia has an extensive catalog of high-ticket products that bring loads of profits. Let’s check some out!

7 High-ticket products with margins up to $5k

Fully Automatic Cat Litter Box Smart Cat Toilet

cat litter device

  • Original price: $1,107.49
  • Your price: $2,199.99
  • Profit: $1,092.50

Modern American Style Wicker Rattan Outdoor Dining Set with Glass Table

rattan set

  • Original price: $4,777.49
  • Your price: $5,099.99
  • Profit: $322.50

Scandinavian-Style Retro Wooden TV Stand

wooden tv stand

  • Original price: $2,773.49
  • Your price: $3,870.99
  • Profit: $1.097.50

Elite Outdoor Gas BBQ Grill

outdoor bbq grill

  • Original price: $1,898.65
  • Your price: $2,999.99
  • Profit: $1,101.34

Luxurious Bubble Cloud Sofa

bubble cloud sofa

  • Original price: $2,100.00
  • Your price: $2,699.99
  • Profit: $599.99

Circular LED Flame Lamp

flame lamp

  • Original price: $1,496.49
  • Your price: $2,549.99
  • Profit: $1,053.50

Riflescope RS2 Thermal Imager: Clear Vision for Night Hunting


  • Original price:  $1,270.95
  • Your price: $2,738.99
  • Profit: $1,468.04

These and hundreds of other items can be found in Sellvia’s high-ticket catalog.

Our team of researchers has done a deep analysis of what’s hot in the market so you can save time on finding products, talking to suppliers, and doing other research yourself.

All you need is just import products of your choice to your online store and enjoy the flow of money.

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by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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