Best US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business: Who Are They?

by Artyom Kopylov,

Many people think that dropshipping is a perfect ecommerce business model since it’s a low entry barrier business. In fact, all you need to start your own profitable dropshipping venture is to build an online store, choose reliable suppliers, and consider the product range of the store.

Nowadays, creating an online store isn’t difficult at all. For example, AliDropship is happy to offer a number of options for you to get a smooth start in dropshipping. However, sometimes it’s quite challenging and time-consuming to find a reliable supplier who ships high-quality trending products.

Let’s review the most popular market options and see what are the best US dropshipping suppliers you can partner with!

US dropshipping suppliers: top industry players

If you start looking for a trustworthy dropshipping supplier for your business, you will see a number of companies such as Spocket, Salehoo, CJdropshipping, Sellvia, etc. Let’s compare them since at first glance, the terms they offer look tempting enough.


Spocket is one of the best-known platforms providing dropshipping products for your business. In fact, Spocket is a kind of a multifunctional dropshipping tool. However, this is not a dropshipping supplier itself.

In Spocket’s catalog, you will find lots of products from different suppliers from all over the world, mainly the US and EU. Moreover, Spocket offers software that is designed to let you easily import products into your store.

So what are Spocket’s pros and cons? And what should you pay your particular attention to when choosing a dropshipping supplier for your store?

US dropshipping suppliers: Spocket advantages and disadvantages


Salehoo also positions itself as a dropshipping supplier. Actually, the situation with Salehoo is pretty the same. Salehoo is a platform designed to connect its members with wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, etc. So it means that Salehoo is also not a dropshipping supplier itself.

Let’s move on. Most suppliers that Salehoo offers you to deal with have warehouses in the US. It means that Salehoo is able to provide you with fast US shipping.

In comparison with Spocket, Salehoo doesn’t provide its clients with software that they can use to start and run their business.

Summing it up, what’s so special about Salehoo?

US dropshipping suppliers: Salehoo advantages and disadvantages


CJdropshipping is one more famous dropshipping supplier. Lots of people use CJdropshipping’s services, and there are definitely some aspects you should note when choosing a supplier for your dropshipping business.

First of all, CJdropshipping is a Chinese company. Since most products CJdropshipping offers are located in warehouses in China, it can’t always ensure fast shipping (7-15 days on average). So if you are targeting mainly US citizens, your customers will have to wait longer for their orders. This will also affect the cost of delivery that is going to be higher.

On a brighter note, you don’t need to pay for using CJdropshipping – it’s absolutely free of charge.

So does CJdropshipping suit your business perfectly?

US dropshipping suppliers: CJdropshipping advantages and disadvantages


Sellvia is a platform that claims to be a #1 US dropshipping supplier for your business. So what’s so special about it?

All the Sellvia products are physically located in its Fulfillment Center in the US. That means you and your buyer won’t have to wait for weeks for the order to arrive. As soon as the Sellvia Fulfillment Center’s staff receives your order details, they collect the package and hand it over to USPS in just 1 business day. For buyers living in the United States, the company guarantees a 1-3 business days delivery.

Moreover, each item Sellvia offers goes with perfect product pages ready to be imported to your online store and advertised right away, with no edits and improvements.

Beyond this, pre-tested Facebook and Instagram ad materials and customers’ reviews will soon be added to each product on Sellvia for you to use while promoting your online store. So, you receive not only best-performing ad creatives but also detailed audience settings to make your promo campaigns a success.

By the way, Sellvia plans to provide its clients with an opportunity to make individual orders. So, the team at the Fulfillment Center will be happy to put your personal brand identifiers to your customers’ orders.

US dropshipping suppliers: Sellvia advantages and disadvantages

Summing it up: the perfect US dropshipping supplier

When choosing between US dropshipping suppliers for your online business to partner with, it’s crucial to pay your particular attention to a number of aspects. It’s all about fast shipping, processing time, product quality, etc. In fact, it depends heavily on the countries you’re targeting.

So if your online store is mainly targeting US citizens, we recommend that you consider dealing with Sellvia. It’s due to the fact that Sellvia ensures really fast US shipping compared to the counterparts.

Moreover, the team of Sellvia values its clients’ time and funds. That’s why it provides each product from its catalog with time-tested product descriptions and media materials, real customers’ reviews, and proven-to-be-successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for you to easily promote your business.

So join Sellvia right now and benefit from a US-based dropshipping supplier on a permanent basis!

by Artyom Kopylov
Artyom is a copywriter at Sellvia and AliDropship. BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising let him start his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. For a number of years now, Artyom has been creating educational materials to help people worldwide start their profitable ecommerce ventures.

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I purchased Sellvia for one year and have the keys in my store .. How do i get the products into my store .
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Hello, please check instructions here on how to activate the plugin and import products: https://help.sellvia.com/en/

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