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He Bought A $700K House By Dropshipping! How Is That Real? [Bryan’s Story]

by Eugene S. | | 6 min read

When some people doubt, others just act. Can you make several hundred thousand dollars right after graduating from high school or college? Sure thing! This is exactly what many people have proven. Bryan, the hero of today’s story, has done the same – in his early 20s, he’s already bought a house for an astonishing $700K. How did he do it? Actually, such bold goals are not only visible but achievable — start dropshipping and see it for yourself!

Bryan Guerra is a refreshing person in the dropshipping industry. He doesn’t show off Dubai trips or rent out Lamborghinis. He chooses to be humble, invest in his family and wellbeing, and to humbly share his tips and tricks when it comes to ecommerce. What was his path to success and what can we learn from his journey?

How do millionaires start out? Without daddy’s money?

wedding dropshipping

Bryan started out in 2016, being a college student. He was working at a golf course, making $10 an hour. Having no money, rich parents, or extra source of income, he struggled to afford dates with his girlfriend, hoping every time that his card wouldn’t decline at the restaurant.

For some time he believed that the situation he was in is normal and how it’s supposed to be. Study at college, work like a horse for little money, and then slave your days away trying to appease the higher management in the hopes of a raise.

Turning point for Bryan: Social Media Marketing

One day he stumbled upon Tai Lopez’s social media marketing course advertisement, and he got introduced to the whole idea of making money online. After some consideration, he took a leap of faith and quit his job. He recalls that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but he was young and had nothing to lose.

Some time passed, he realized that the social media marketing business model wasn’t for him. However, the ecommerce field did give him success and satisfaction.

He started his ecommerce journey doing coupon arbitrage. Basically, a person uses coupons to purchase products for a very small price, then shipping out the product to Amazon and selling them for the normal price. This model proved to be incredibly successful, earning Bryan more than $100,000.

Bryan’s bitter reality

how to pay debts with dropshipping

Yet, that money just flew away after paying off taxes and $30,000 of debt that Bryan took to buy questionable products in the past.

Very quickly he learned a lesson that you should never rely on one source of income. Sellers of products started to file complaints on people who did coupon arbitrage which left Bryan with no business and no job to do. Given his experience with Amazon, he tried a lot of business ideas. Sold wholesale products, launched private-label products.

The only business model he avoided was dropshipping. He thought that it was a get-rich-quick scheme, pushed by scammers to sell you a course. But one day he found eCom Tom’s YouTube channel, and felt an urge to try it out.


Bryan had some understanding of Amazon dropshipping and Facebook Marketplace dropshipping, and he found amazing success there.

How dropshipping changed Bryan’s life


Today he does dropshipping on numerous of his own websites. Thanks to his success in dropshipping he was able to afford his $700,000 house that he dreamt of AND cover the marriage expenses.

Now he can travel wherever he wants and give himself, and his loved ones the life that he always desired. There are of course, people who do a lot better than Bryan (the ones who flash luxury cars and multi-million dollar houses).

What’s Bryan’s legacy for dropshipping newcomers?

It’s crucial not to compare ourselves with these people because it can make us feel like losers, even when we start to have a certain amount of success. Dropshipping and business ownership as it is doesn’t equal buying a Lambo in the first few years, and it’s never a good idea to compare ourselves to the so-called experts of the industry just because they show a lavish lifestyle. You can rent anything these days, right?

It’s a must to set the bar high and not settle for less, but we gotta be realistic and not expect instant success just because YouTube gurus promise it to us. Also, Bryan stresses that his success was not overnight. He tried, he failed, tried again, until he found his success and place under the sun.

bryan and family

Of course, overnight success can happen, but it’s rather luck than a rule. And even if you gain overnight success, it takes resilience and patience to maintain it and not fall into the trap of thinking that now you can relax. Earning is the first step, keeping what you earned is the second, and just as important.

We define success for ourselves. For someone it’s a supercar in the driveway, for someone it’s time freedom and ability to wake up whenever they want without rush. For someone it’s the ability to spend time with their kids instead of working at a table for hours. Don’t listen to other people’s ideas of success, but define your own. Parents, friends, culture – leave them out of the conversation for now. Answer to yourself: what’s the ultimate goal of YOURS?

Bryan with kid

Bryan’s story is not something unusual. The only thing is that he’s honest about his journey and he doesn’t promise the viewers magical success if they follow and buy his course. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be tied to scammy influencers and the idea of instant success. Just like any business, everyone does it in their own way. Clear understanding of your goals and realism is what’s going to bring one a positive result.

Ready, steady, repeat — how to start dropshipping easily?

a picture showing how to start a business with little money -- prelaunch secrets and great business ideas

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by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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