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Convenient Shopping: Your 10 Must-Haves For Shopping Trips

by Laurence L. | | 5 min read

Running to the grocery store for that weekly run or heading to the mall on a weekend with the kids? That’s a lot of fun to look forward to — but there’s also a lot of work. From lugging hauls to dealing with fussy kids (or babies), you’ve more than a shopping list on your mind. So, how can you achieve a more convenient shopping experience?

According to Credit Donkey, Americans average 1.5 trips to the supermarket a week and Footwear News claims people make 2.1 trips a month to the mall. And this is just average — some people with larger families or different needs may make even more trips than that. What this all means is that you have a lot of work on your hands, and it can be even more burdensome with a child (or children) in tow.

Today, let’s make your shopping trips easier! From behind-the-wheel to carrying your purchases, here are some highly-recommended convenient shopping picks from Sellvia.

Ergonomic Shopping Trolley

a picture showing an ergonomic shopping trolley for convenient shopping

Tired of lugging heavy recyclable bags from the supermarket door to your car? Roll in style with this super-smart trolley that converts from a clutch portfolio-style bag to a full-on trolley in seconds. Crafted from durable-nylon fabric and PVC with a fully-collapsible design, this convenient shopping accessory saves on space and hassle in your car for every grocery run.

Car Back Seat Organizer

a picture showing a waterproof car back organizer for convenient shopping

With kids or family in tow to the mall, there’s bound to be needs and wants when you’re not the only one in the vehicle. This durable fabric hanger, completed with an easy headrest hook, offers the ultimate storage convenience. Six mesh pockets and two center pockets allow you to stash anything from bottled water to an iPad or sunglasses and toys.

Stainless-Steel Backseat Coat Hanger

a picture showing a stainless steel backseat coat hanger

Whether you always have a jacket in the car for unexpected weather changes on the go, or might purchase a suit jacket or something special, a little helping hand never hurt anyone. Tidy up your car and avoid any unwanted creasing in newly-purchased coats or jackets with this easily-installable coat hanger. Just insert your headrest poles into the two base slots and voila — you’ve got a high-hanging coat rack that stays in place and doesn’t obstruct driver vision.

Waterproof Foldable Changing Mat for Newborns

a screenshot demonstrating the waterproof foldable changing mat for newborns

When you’re on the go or getting your shop on, it may slip your mind sometimes that your little one in tow may need a diaper change. That’s why this ultra-soft changing mat, made from nylon and oxford cloth with a 5mm-thick sponge cushion, is your baby’s personal changing space that is a world away from cold, unclean plastic changing stations in public restrooms. Whether you’re at a supermarket or mall or at a roadside gas station, never sacrifice cleanliness with this foldable, compact baby mat. What we love? The mat has integrated mesh-zip and strap pockets to store diapers and wipes — no extra diaper bag needed.

Magnetic Circle Car Air Vent Phone Holder

a picture showing one of the most trending items - it's the magnetic car phone holder

Know the road ahead (and keep navigation hands-free, especially when driving) with this sleek, magnet-powered phone holder. Designed for 360 degrees of rotation, with an included magnet for adhering to your phone, simply magnetize your phone to this sturdy holder. Clip onto any air vent for obstruction-free use to get to that new outlet out of town or local park on a weekend afternoon.

Waterproof Car Trash Bin

a picture showing a product for convenient shopping - its the car trash bin

Everyone snacks while on the road. Whether you wanna tear into that new bag of chips or someone in the backseat is munching on some fries from a fast-food joint, eating is a common occurrence in a car — and with it, comes inevitable trash. That’s why we are absolutely raving over this sturdy, snap-on trash bin made of waterproof oxford cloth. From soda cans that are half full to banana peels that rot in what seems to be just seconds, fear no smell castoff or leakage in your car with this in-vehicle must-have.

Accordion-Style Windshield Sunshield

a picture showing an accordion style windshield sun cover

On scorching summer days or cold winter nights, discover sun protection and privacy with the convenience of this suction-cup sunshade for the windshield. Whether your car’s going to be unattended for hours at an amusement park or you’re doing some serious retail damage on Black Friday, keep peeping eyes (and those devious UV sun rays) out of your vehicle interior. The shield measures 18” in length, and we love that it’s made of aluminum foil and aluminum alloy for a lightweight yet performance-first look and feel.

Sunny Bag

a picture showing an example of convenient shopping - it's your sunny bag

For grab-and-go convenience, this tropical-themed tote is a great choice. From farmer’s markets to a family trip to an outdoor shopping center, take this lightweight bag with you to carry purchases or essentials for everyone. Crafted from tear-resistant cotton and raffia with cotton-rope handles, the bag is a smart choice to have on hand in the car.

Arthritis Compression Gloves

a picture showing arthritis compression gloves

Shopping is hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for just yourself or a family of five — and bags can get heavy. That’s why these copper-infused cotton gloves are perfect to help soothe tired hands while promoting circulation. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll also enjoy the grip support and boost of warmth. A fingerless design ensures fuss-free wear, and we love that the glove sizing works for adult men and women alike (the grey color is super versatile and unisex, too).

Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

a picture showing a collapsible water bottle

What happens when you’re running from your car to store after store and hitting red light after red light? You become tired — and thirsty. That’s why we highly recommend having a high-performance water bottle that you can have in the car (and take with you) wherever your day of running errands or shopping leisurely takes you. The highlights of this cool-in-blue one? We love that it’s fully-collapsible (space-savers for the win, right?) and features a D-ring and foldable spout for the ultimate convenience. Other standouts include its BPA-free build from food-grade silicone and polypropylene and temperature-resistant design.SUMMARY: Make shopping trips less of a headache for you and those who are on the trip with you — it starts by having the right stuff. Enjoy these fun convenient shopping picks from the team here at Sellvia, and enjoy happy shopping online… and in the real world.

by Laurence L.
Laurence is a copywriter and editor at Sellvia. Having graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, he has worked in marketing and ecommerce for over 8 years. He loves to educate and teach audiences about tips for ecommerce and social media marketing.
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