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Once And For All: Cross-Selling And Upselling Strategies For Your Business

by Artemis K. | | 11 min read

A customer visits your store to get sunglasses, but grabs several pairs at once, plus a sunglasses case, plus microfiber cloth… This means, you managed to attract a single customer who purchased several items per order. As a result, you got a higher average order value with minimum efforts taken. In theory, it sounds great, doesn’t it? But how to make it work? Hopefully, with cross-selling and upselling strategies from Sellvia, you will not only let your customers fully enjoy the products from you, but also put your revenue growth on autopilot!

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Cross-selling VS Upselling: what everyone should know

a picture showing how the best cross-selling and upselling strategies work

“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford

There are always things that may seem complex. When business owners face them, they’re greatly tempered to ignore them and go further.

When it comes to cross-seling and upselling strategies, many entrepreneurs get past them. Actually, the should not act like that. There’s nothing challenging about these tools, while their potential is over the roof! They let you easily perform several significant tasks.

  • Build bridges with your customers

A happy customer is an infinite source of benefits for any business.

One pays lots of money, time, and effort to attract new customers on a permanent basis. Redirect efforts and attract fewer customers who will enjoy making new purchases from you again and again.

The point is, happy customers always buy something else from you, something missing, to make presents, etc. Will you miss a chance to increase your store credibility and build a loyal community around your business? I guess you won’t.

  • Make your customers feel like they matter to you

Customers wish you valued them.

Do you think this is only a seller fights for customers? Luckily, customers also have to look for reliable store to safely buy from. When they find such one, they will never give it up!

It remains for you only to show them that you always remember them. Show them that you’re eager to provide them with more and more tools to make their lives a bit easier and brighter. This is exactly what email marketing let you do easily — product bundles based on their current purchases work best!

  • Set up once & enjoy forever

Time is money.

Business owners are always puzzled by a question: how to boost your revenues/profits? While there are tools requiring your close attention and permanent participation, others need to be set up once to let you benefit over years to come. Cross-selling and upselling present this category of promo tools.

Cross-selling tehcniques increase store’s revenues by 20% and store’s profit by 30%. Moreover, they’re able to work on autopilot taking your business to the next level while you do what you really love.

How to cope with cross-selling and upselling to make them work for your business? Here’s a life-hack — we’re happy to give you advice, and properly-made software will do everything for you!

How to make your product offer irresistible with upselling

Purchasing need is always higher than you think.

Let’s imagine that a random user visits your website and meets a compact cordless car vacuum cleaner. Great, he or she is eager to place an order meaning your ad creatives and product pages have done their best to convert a visitor into a customer. In practice, such a customer possesses a higher purchasing potential you should reveal. And this is your upselling strategies that will help you with that.

Upselling means encouraging prospective customers to buy a comparable higher-end item along with the primary one in question.

This is a simple point. A person comes to you for just one vacuum cleaner, but you’re offering them to buy more than one but with a higher discount for more items, for example, get 2 and save 40% off and get 3 and save 50% off. And they will agree. You ask why? They will buy them on beneficial terms.

A person ordering a vacuum cleaner from you pays a price made of product and delivery costs. When they buy two products from you at once, you save a lot of money on shipping because you can put them in one package. This is what lets you provide such clients with unique, more beneficial terms to buy from you. This is all about freebie. And freebie always beckons even if they don’t need several pieces of them. And what if they need it?

Right, they’re likely to have several cars speaking about their whole families. And this is a great idea to equip each car with such a useful device allowing you to clean up the mess wherever you’re, even while on-the-go! Or they can please their friends and relatives, etc. While you save your money on shipping, you not only make your customers happier, you also take your chance to earn a lot more!

Actually, there’s nothing challenging about upselling.

You motivate a person coming to you for only one piece of a product to buy more at a significant discount. Feeling like a winner, a person can’t resist.

As a result, your customers are happy about the purchase on beneficial terms, and you’ve increased your average order value with no effort.

Most importantly, there’s no pushing at all — customers treat it like a mutually beneficial cooperation. Now they know how you value your customers, and they’re highly likely to come back to your store to buy something else related to their purchase.

Cross-selling as the art of motivating

There’s always something that will make your life more comfortable.

When you buy a smartphone, that’s not the whole purchase, I guess. To enjoy all the benefits your new device is eager to provide you with, you need a protective glass, case, earphones, and other things allowing you to feel comfortable with it. This is what cross-selling is all about.

Cross-selling is an act towards motivating customers to purchase additional items related to their present or already made purchases. This is a strategy allowing you to sell more related items to the same customer.

The point is, when customers make a purchase, they’re in a shopping mood. Especially, they they have just saved a lot of money by purchasing a bundle of products with high discount. At this moment, their purchasing power is still here.

Cross-selling helps you make your customers a bit happier and earn big. When your customers are in a shopping mood, they’re offered a couple of cross-selling products to let them fully enjoy their bargains.

As a rule, these are small, low-cost items (10$ or less), but with remarkable emotional value. And while their desire of impulse purchases is still goes over the edge, they’ll make some extra purchases bringing you net profit. These items go with the same packages so you don’t need to pay for shipping and bear extra costs. Bingo!

Best cross-selling and upselling strategies for your business

Retaining an old customer costs you 7 times less than attracting a new one.

  • Upselling

a picture showing how to boost your revenues with the bulk discounts add-on

In terms of upselling, we recommend you consider products that are so-called consumables, the ones people can wear out or run out of.

Examples: car accessories (vacuum cleaners, organizers, car perfume, clothes, school supplies, etc.)

  • Cross-selling

a picture showing how cross-selling works

To succeed with cross-selling, consider items that work best for the same purpose: beauty products, home improvement, sports accessories, etc.

Examples: printed t-shirts/hoodie/long sleeve, car vacuum cleaner/car trash bin/ car seat covers, jewelry, etc.

  • Email marketing

Your cross-selling and upselling strategies did their best — great! To make your customers remember about the shopping experience they got with you, launch your email marketing campaign with kind reminders about new arrivals, sales, etc. They know you’ve made their lives a bit more comfortable once, and they wish you did this again. They won’t resist the real must-haves you can offer with the Sellvia catalog!

Examples: necklaces, earrings, accessories for the beloved, etc.

A good business is the one that grows on autopilot

a picture showing how the best cross-selling and upselling strategies work

“Someday is not a day of the week” – Janet Dailey

Does your store already bring money to you? Keep it up! A good business not only brings you profit, but it grows steadily on autopilot.

Cross-selling and upselling will navigate you through your ecommerce journey towards your success. All you need to make these tools work for you over years to come is to choose products for cross-selling and upselling and set all the technicalities up. Not a big deal, actually.

Product Bundle add-on for cross-selling

a picture showing how cross-selling works

Treat your customers in a special way.

The point is, your customers wish to get the attention they deserve. Hopefully, with Product Bundle by Sellvia, you’ll definitely exceed their expectations.

The Product Bundle Add-on lets you set up your cross-selling strategy as many times as you wish to please your customers with unique product offerings and enjoy your business growing day by day, with no additional measures to take.

What’s so special about this add-on? Product Bundle allows both ecommerce pioneers to share their cross-selling ideas with their customers and ecommerce newcomers create their unique product bundles automatically.

Beyond this, the Product Bundle add-on is eager to take care of all the technicalities related to launching your cross-selling campaigns from A to Z. Will you allow it to take your store revenues and credibility to the next level?

Bulk Discounts add-on for upselling

a picture showing what is upselling and how it works

Details matter.

Due to Bulk Discounts by Sellvia, you will easily set up your bulk discounts for any products in your store increasing an average order value.

The Bulk Discounts add-on is designed to let you make the most of your upselling techniques in a couple of clicks making your customers happier with their purchases.

While the Bulk Discounts add-on will take care all the issues related to different types of discounts, product variations, etc., you’ll be able to show your customers’ benefits right on product pages and enjoy a healthy revenue growth.

Email Marketing Setup

a picture showing how email marketing works for you over years to come

A friend in hand is worth two in the bush. Have you heard of it? As for customers, it’s all the same.

Actually, cross-selling and upselling strategies don’t end up there. Right, this is the perfect time to do upselling right after your customer has just made a purchase. At this moment, they go mad with joy, and you give this joy to them.

In practice, your current customers are likely to be converted over time. It remains for you only to show them that you value their engagement and make them a couple of product offerings they won’t resist.

Email marketing is a one-of-a-kind promotion tool allowing you not only to give your attention to your customers, but also to help you convert the customers you’ve already converted one more time.

Set up once, your email marketing campaigns will bring you profit over years to come on autopilot, without your participation required.

Among other marketing channels, cross-selling and upselling strategies stand apart because of their remarkable potential for your business growth. It’s now always easy to attract a new customer and convince them to make a purchase. Due to cross-selling and upselling, you have a unique opportunity to work with your current customers again and again. You will make them happier about the things that make their lives easier and more enjoyable, build a loyal community around your store, and increas your revenues considerably. Promo Tools by Sellvia are designed to let even an ecommerce newcomer launch their successful cross-selling and upselling campaigns on the first try. Would you like to learn more about them? Book a free call with our business advisor. They’re eager to help you enjoy your business journey as much as possible!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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