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How This Custom Merch Store With Statement Cups Makes Over $2,9M

by Denis K. | | 4 min read

All of us one time or another have dreamed about launching our own custom merch store and now you have an opportunity to do it! Sellvia provides you with everything you need to start selling your own unique products and make a fortune! Let’s see how exactly you can turn your dreams into reality. 

The power of personalization is quite a powerful one. It can turn the simplest of products into unique demanded items.

Similarly, the owners of the NewEleven store have managed to accumulate over $2,938,858.00 by selling cups with crazy outrageous statements! Over the years, the store has made over 113,033 sales with 46 different products in its assortment.


Just like them, you can make a living selling unique products with crazy designs! All with the help of Premium Products. Let’s see how exactly you can achieve this (or even surpass it!).

Succeed by launching a custom merch store selling statement cups with Premium Products


There’s a wide range of different designs you can implement into your products’ design. With our Premium Products service, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to create uniquely designed products that consumers will fall in love with.

What exactly are Premium Products and what benefits do they hold for you?

With our service, we will find you products that people are looking for but can’t find yet! All you have to do is specify your preferences and interests to our team of professionals, and they will handle the rest.

They will search for the most promising ideas and create a product offering catering to the consumer’s needs. Moreover, the team will also take care of all the technicalities, such as the manufacturing and delivery of the products.

And while we handle the heavy lifting, you can seamlessly sell these products however you want, on any platform you want.

  • Sell unique products

Your unique vision can be the exact thing that will bring something new to the market and allow people to satisfy their needs.

With Sellvia’s Premium Products, you can sell unique products that will provide you with an income for years to come!

  • High-quality services

With the help of Premium Products, you will be selling the best statement cups that aren’t available anywhere else. This means you can practically forget about any competition.

Our team will assemble product ideas that consumers want, but can’t find yet. And you can be sure that you will sell products of the highest quality. All of them will come with a top-quality printed design created with the use of modern printing technology.

Your business is in good hands! All the products will be manufactured, printed, and shipped by us upon your request and under your brand.

  • Sell anywhere

Our team of experts will help introduce your brand of products to millions of potential buyers.

You can sell your awesome products anywhere you want, from a marketplace like Amazon, to your own online store, or even through your social media. You choose what direction to take!

Here’s a quick roundup of how it works:

  • You specify your interests and passions ✅
  • Our team finds what exactly people look for but nobody’s selling yet, according to your specific needs ✅
  • Our designers create fantastic prints for you and your customers to enjoy ✅
  • You get orders and delegate all the technicalities to us ✅

Generally, it can take quite some time, and even some significant financial investments to create such a business. However, with Sellvia’s Premium Products, you have a unique opportunity to start with all the difficult parts delegated to our team of experts.

So, why is selling ridiculous statement cups a profitable business opportunity?

How profitable is it to start a custom store selling statement cups

When considering the success of the NewEleven store, we have to factor in the overall factors of the market.

The future of the US tumbler market looks attractive with opportunities in the various outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fitness, and travel. The US tumbler market is expected to reach an estimated $1.4 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 9.1% from 2022 to 2027. 

As you can see, the overall market is growing. The major growth drivers for this market are:

  • An increase in outdoor recreational activities
  • Demand for attractive drinkware products
  • Increasing use of tumblers as a corporate or personal gift with customized prints, logos, and messages

All of this contributes to the idea of you launching your own custom merch store selling unique products. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to solely focus on a singular product, you can easily diversify your product assortment with other products.

How to make a fortune with Premium Products

So, does it look promising? You bet!

Right now is the best time to start a custom merch store selling various unique products, just like the owners of the NewEleven store!

So, what can you sell if you sign up for Premium Products? Here’s just a handful of examples!


Don’t forget that your custom merch store can be equipped with a far wider range of products in alternate captions. It’s all up to you to decide if you’re ready to make a living with unique products.

So, do you feel like you want to make a fortune launching your own custom merch store and selling unique products? Well, with Premium Products by Sellvia, you can win over the hearts of online customers with your own unique take on practically any item. Right now, is the best time to launch an online business selling your own unique products!

by Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’ audience.
BOUNTHAVY THONGSONLONE September 30, 2022 17:17:32

Won’t they steal our idea? Or don’t we have to patent our products? And how much money do we need to get started and launch?

Artyom K. October 3, 2022 13:52:31

Hi, thank you for your interest!
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