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Dropshippers OUTWARDLY Lie To You: Why & About What?

by Eugene S. | | 5 min read

If you already do dropshipping, or just thinking about it, for sure you have seen all these bloggers all over the internet claiming to have unlocked the secret key to dropshipping success. Of course, they are successful, and most probably they know what they’re talking about, however! Many of them omit certain facts because, well, they need to sell a beautiful picture to their followers.

In this article we’ll see why dropshipping bloggers outwardly lie to their subscribers, what they lie about so you can be confident and not misled, and then we’ll show you some real truth and tips backed up by data.

Why do dropshippers lie?

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First of all, safety. Yes, it’s unsafe to even say what business you have because when it comes to online businesses, dropshippers don’t have a team of software engineers making sure the website is always secure and protected from attacks and thieves.

Big businesses, of course, have it, but dropshippers who have a team of maximum 5 people can’t afford a full-time engineer. That’s why you often don’t see bloggers add links to their stores to avoid unnecessary risks. If someone hacks a dropshipping website, it can be stolen with ease. Don’t even wanna think about them stealing all the money from the store’s account. 

Second reason is simple – that’s just business. Why would they tell you something nice for free if they sell it on their course? All dropshippers charge money for their wisdom, that’s understandable. No one wants to share knowledge they obtain with hard work for free. Can’t really judge them, right?

What do dropshippers lie about?


First, dropshippers lie about the products they sell. They don’t want you to know the best products to sell since you’d pose a threat to them. No one wants to lose clients and grow competition with their own hands. If they know that winning hot product and they spent hours on finding it, no way they’re going to tell you what it is exactly. Not for free, at least.

money count

Also, they push the misconception that paid ads are a must. Not at all. One can promote their store for free. There are many tools that make it happen. Paid ads obviously can bring a quicker result, but it’s not a magic pill. You have to have some experience in running paid ads or have someone guide you in it, since just because you paid Facebook money doesn’t guarantee you anything. You can pay thousands of dollars in paid ads, but if you don’t know how to run them…you just lose the money.

With that being said, dropshippers make you think that paid ads are crucial because…they want you to buy their guide, course, or mentorship. There are many peculiar things that can affect the outcome of your ad strategy, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that paid ads are this wonderful thing that you just pay for and you succeed. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Last (but definitely not the least) lie we uncover today is that you need experience to succeed in dropshipping. Nope. Every single business person has their own journey and path to success. Comparing yourself to others can only lead to unhealthy perception of yourself and make you discouraged. Many of our successful partners prove that there is nothing impossible in dropshipping.

Raw success storiesMiandra-Delport-and-her-husband.jpg

One of our clients, Miandra, started a business selling baby products without any prior experience. Soon after, she was able to leave her previous job and live a happy, healthy life. Here’s the story of Miandra in more details.


Another client of ours, Rodney, started an ecommerce business as a side hustle and it turned into a full-time thing that pays his mortgage and bills, as well as gives his family members a job.

There are extra stories and case studies of real people who carved a name out for themselves in this industry, and they didn’t need to lie to their subscribers to get ahead.

Find their stories in the Case Study area of our blog!

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These and other products you can find in Sellvia’s extensive catalog. Updated daily, it offers you products which can fit any kind of store and any kind of customer (skimpy, middle-class, or bougie). Pick what you like and import it in your store!

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Dropshipping industry is full of misconceptions, mysteries, and so-called gurus. Take everything with a grain of salt and don’t believe everything bloggers say as 100% truth. Dropshipping is a business, and there’s no secret that will let you become rich overnight. It takes patience and work like anything else, but it sure can give amazing fruits at the end. If you act smart and make thoughtful decisions, you’re destined to succeed. Start a business with Sellvia for free and elevate your your life to a whole new level!

by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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