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He Let His Girlfriend Run (Or Ruin?) His Online Store For 1 Week: Here’s The Result [Nathan & Eden Case Study]

by Roman P. | | 5 min read

Could you hand over the reins of your thriving business to your nearest and dearest for an entire week? Picture it: no lifelines, no safety nets — just raw trust and a rush of adrenaline. Sound too daring? Think again! Because our today’s fearless protagonist dared to take this leap, and boy, did it pay off!

Who is Nathan?

picture nathan nazareth

Nathan, a 21-year-old self-made millionaire, has already carved a remarkable path in the world of ecommerce. His journey began during his first year of college, where he embarked on a daring venture: dropshipping. With sheer determination and a hunger for success, Nathan transformed his business from scratch into a 7-figure empire.

Even in high school, Nathan’s veins pulsed with entrepreneurial blood. Consequently, he peddled everyday items like duct tape, wallets, and candies to pocket extra cash. Additionally, his hunger for more led him to explore various business avenues. Nathan’s dropshipping prowess catapulted him to millionaire status. As a result, his average monthly profit soared to $10,000, a feat that left him awestruck. The college student who once sought extra cash for restaurant outings now commands an empire. So, one day, he decided to try a risky idea: to hand his entire business over to his girlfriend, Eden.  Isn’t that crazy, to put so much at risk? Let’s see how this went!

Starting the challenge

picture dropshipping girlfriend

Eden, a 22-year-old beauty from Israel, was living life in the fast lane as a full-time model. But deep down, she craved more — a taste of freedom, and more time spent with her boyfriend, Nathan.

gif of Eden and Nathan

Then one fateful day, Nathan unveiled a game-changer: ecommerce and dropshipping. Eden, intrigued and emboldened by Nathan’s pitch, dove headfirst into the world of online entrepreneurship. Armed with determination and dreams of a brighter tomorrow, Eden quit her full-time job and her journey began.

gif Eden and Nathan

Guided by Nathan’s sage advice, Eden set her sights on TikTok, the holy grail of trendsetting.

picture of tiktok

With her heart set on capturing the attention of a younger audience, she embarked on a quest to unearth the perfect product. Together, they forged ahead, Eden’s spirit ablaze with the fires of innovation and the promise of newfound success.

Picking the best niche

After hours of searching, Eden and Nathan found a product that caught their attention — a fidget pistol toy. It was a pretty promising niche, seeing how their main line of products were best-selling items.


My ADHD’s new bestfriend 😌 #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

They believed that it had the potential to go viral on TikTok and attract sales organically. They found a supplier on AliExpress selling the product for $15, but Eden negotiated with Nathan’s suppliers to get a better price of $10.


Best purchase of 2024 😌 #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

Since Eden was going back to Israel soon, they couldn’t film ads with the actual product. Instead, they decided to use existing online content and turn them into video ads. This would serve as a test point to see if the product had potential. They also built a website using a software recommended by Nathan, which allowed them to set up a basic template in less than 10 minutes.


Which one is better? #fidget #gun #toys #fidgettoys

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

With everything set up, they launched their ads on TikTok, starting with a budget of $100 a day. They also planned to post videos organically once Eden was back in Israel and had the product with her. They were both hopeful that the business would take off and bring them success.

Encountering the first problem

However, over the next few days, they faced some challenges with getting their ads approved. This threw a wrench in their plans and put this experiment in serious danger. If Eden was unable to succeed in this business, she’d have to stay in Israel, away from her boyfriend.

They realized that their initial product choice wasn’t working, so they decided to switch to a Valentine’s Day product.


Flowers that last forever✨🌸😍 #foryoupage #foreverflowers #boyfriend

♬ original sound – BOYF NEWS

They found a popular video on TikTok and sourced the product from AliExpress at a reasonable price. They set up a new website and adjusted their ads accordingly.


Real men know what Feb 14th is😑🌹🚨 #foreverflowers #valentines

♬ Flowers _ lauren spencer smith – died❤️

Eden’s first profits

To their delight, they started making sales. On the very first day, they made $225, and over the next few days, they continued to see steady sales, reaching a total of 21 sales and almost $700.


Eden was ecstatic and grateful for the success she had achieved.


Final results

picture banner dropshipping girlfriend total sales

As the challenge came to an end by the final seventh day, Nathan and Eden decided to review the numbers and to discuss Edehn’s final thoughts and plans for the business. They realized that the couple had made a total of $814.72 in sales, and they both felt proud of her accomplishment.


And so, Eden expressed her gratitude for Nathan’s guidance and support throughout the process. She was excited to continue her dropshipping journey and see where it would take her. With a successful start, she was motivated to put in more time, effort, and money to grow her business further.


As you see, even a complete newbie with no prior experience can achieve success in dropshipping. So what stops you?

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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