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$20,6K+ In 2 Months: How An Entrepreneurial Mindset Helps Mary Run Her Online Business

by Roman P. | | 6 min read

Today’s guest, Mary, embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s delve into her journey of establishing an online business from scratch despite her limited experience. Moreover, we’ll explore how she’s making a difference in the lives of those impacted by the pandemic by guiding them through their initial ventures into ecommerce.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Sure, I’m Mary Masambo, originally from Kenya but currently residing in Finland. I came to Finland for my undergraduate degree in Business Information Technology, which I completed in 2017. Currently, I’m in the final year of my master’s program, specializing in International Business. My academic focus clearly reflects my keen interest in business.

I have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and I enjoy creating content, taking risks, and working diligently. Identifying potential business opportunities is something I excel at, and I proudly consider myself an entrepreneur.

Given your entrepreneurial mindset, did you have any prior business experience before starting a dropshipping store?

Entrepreneurship has always been a part of my journey. A few years ago, while working as a technical specialist at an advertising firm in Kenya, I had a unique manicure set on my desk. When a colleague admired it, expressing a desire to purchase one, I instinctively claimed to sell them. Within two days, I fulfilled her order, earning a 70% profit. This success led to more orders from colleagues and their acquaintances.

During my undergraduate studies in Finland, I conceived the idea of a book lamp featuring the university’s logo, inspired by the northern lights, which are prominent in Lapland, where the university is situated. This lamp became a popular choice as a gift from the university to its guests, selling hundreds of units. These experiences occurred before I ventured into online business, demonstrating my readiness to seize every selling opportunity.

How did your journey into ecommerce start?

During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a program combining IT and business. As part of my coursework for a Content Management Systems class, I created my inaugural online store using WordPress. This project served as our final assignment, requiring the site to be hosted and fully functional.

Upon completing the course, I pondered how to utilize the website I had developed. After some research, I stumbled upon appealing women’s outfits from various websites, which I then showcased on my site with a markup price. Ensuring that my payment gateways were operational, I unwittingly embarked on dropshipping.

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However, managing the store manually posed challenges, particularly in adding products and processing orders. Discovering Sellvia through a Facebook advertisement revolutionized my business operations, significantly reducing time investments and enhancing profitability.

Can you recall your first sale through your online store?

Certainly. The inaugural sale occurred when a buyer from Germany purchased a blue top, two weeks after I advertised my business on Pinterest. I dedicated myself to learning and staying abreast of ecommerce trends to achieve this milestone, despite the limited information available at the time.


That moment remains one of the most memorable in my life, signifying the emergence of significant opportunities ahead.

So, how does your business perform now?

I have 3 stores now, and two of them are pretty young. Here are the numbers for the last 2 months for my best performing stores:


What’s your approach to product selection?

I primarily choose niches based on my passions and prevailing trends, with a focus on products catering to women of diverse backgrounds. This targeted approach simplifies my focus.


Several factors influence my product selection process. Primarily, I assess product quality, order volume, shipping times, and customer feedback. Finding a profitable product may take time, but the investment is worthwhile. Once I identify a winner, profits increase substantially.


Regular updates to my website feature new, trending products, ensuring a dynamic inventory. Pricing is set to maintain a minimum 45% profit margin.

How do you market your stores?

Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Pinterest, I employ a diverse marketing strategy. Paid ads on Facebook prove most effective, while Pinterest drives organic traffic. Additionally, SEO contributes significantly. Venturing into TikTok shows promise as well.

picture of tiktok

Each marketing channel offers promotional opportunities for entrepreneurial store owners. Understanding their dynamics is key to business growth. On average, I allocate $2,000 to $3,000 monthly for promotional activities.

What’s your approach to managing your business?

I devote a minimum of eight hours daily to oversee my three stores, with customer service being the most time-consuming aspect. Building rapport with customers is crucial for repeat business and long-term success.

picture dropshipping woman

The adage “the customer is always right” guides my interactions. Maintaining professionalism, even in challenging situations, is paramount. Positivity remains my anchor, ensuring resilience in the face of obstacles and fostering a conducive environment for success.

How have your life and the lives of those closest to you changed since you started your dropshipping business?

Initially, becoming a legal business owner was a significant milestone. Registering the business was a straightforward process, requiring only identification. Online registration facilitated easy access to paperwork, with tax and VAT registration integrated into the system, simplifying the process.

Ecommerce has afforded me new avenues for personal growth. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel extensively in Asia, residing in six countries for 1.5 months. This business model has granted me a sense of freedom.

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, the digital landscape offers opportunities for survival and prosperity. Witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on jobs, I’ve extended support to friends affected by job loss, guiding them toward online earning opportunities. Currently, I’m mentoring my younger sister through the process, with the whole family providing unwavering support. Collaboratively, we’re developing new ventures while empowering others.

Any advice for aspiring dropshipping entrepreneurs?

Persistence is key. Embrace failures as learning opportunities, integral to the journey. Don’t hesitate to start; dive in and welcome to the club. For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit or those simply curious about ecommerce, dropshipping presents an ideal starting point. Mary’s experience exemplifies the accessibility and beginner-friendly nature of this business model, encouraging newcomers to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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