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How To Make Extra Income — And Why?! 3 Stories To Get You Inspired

by Olga L. | | 5 min read

They say, everyone needs extra income.

Can’t argue with that, right?

Even with a full-time job, it can’t hurt to have some source of side income.

Every person and family is unique, and the desire to have some cash at hand can come from millions of life scenarios. Still, we all share some common reasons to get an extra income stream:

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck and improve our quality of life – even if only a little
  • Pay off debt faster and have no fear about the finances
  • Create a safety net to feel more secure about tomorrow
  • Feel in control of the future regardless of what tomorrow may bring
  • Get more free time for whatever needed — our families, and hobbies, and vacations, and learning, and maybe a whole new career path that will eventually lead us to a true purpose

In contrast to a more ‘familiar’ formal office job, launching a side hustle might seem a little bit… scary. What if you’d never tried an alternative way to make money? How do you start and run such a business, in the first place?!…

Today, let’s take a look at three amazing women who said no to their fears, defied all odds — and paved the way to new exciting beginnings!

“I badly needed a second job to provide for my two children”: Anne Frémont

Why Anne Fremont started ecommerce as a source of extra income

Story credit: AliDropship

“I had difficulty finishing the end of the month,” remembers Anne, a single mother of two. Back then, in 2019, she was working part-time as a children animator — and making ends meet was a challenge.

What would you do if you were her?

Having no training in sales or an opportunity to keep product stock at home, Anne focused on the only option available: an ecommerce business.

“With my rather home-like personality,” she says, “I am delighted there is an opportunity to work from home.”

Having no knowledge of coding or using WordPress, she took a shortcut to give her business a smoother start. Anne got a turnkey online store made by her request: “Without it, I would have had to hire a WordPress specialist, then a marketing specialist, and that would have cost me a lot more”.

The unfamiliar yet promising extra income source proved to work well: Anne made over $1,200 in the first three months of the store running! And apart from the much needed money, she got the long desired peace of mind as well.

“I felt reassured and rather confident for the future of my store,” she reveals. “The things I’m working with are appealing to me, matching my personality, my philosophy of life.”

Anne plans to launch another store as soon as this one gains more steam — but never forgets where she started. “I don’t inflate prices too much,” she says. “I want my products to be accessible for people who don’t have a lot of money.”

“In the beginning, the business goal was just paying my rent”: Erin Rafferty


Story credit: PR Newswire

“My pursuit of freedom was the driving force to start my company”, Erin explains.

Raising her son alone and being torn between two jobs, she was basically struggling.

The jobs, exhausting and demanding, weren’t even providing her with enough money to pay the bills, and the debts were worsening by the day.

That’s enough, Erin thought one day. No more living in survival mode.

Her successful experiment of selling stuff through Facebook Marketplace proved it’s possible to make passive extra income online. The idea of running an ecommerce business for a living seemed tempting — and that was the strategy that paid off.

In 3 weeks after the launch, her online store brought 4x more in revenue than Erin’s rent. Within the first 12 months of running the store, she processed 50K orders and made $2.3M.

Her life, of course, has changed completely — but her attitude hasn’t.

Coming from humble beginnings, Erin feels it’s crucial to give back and to guide others who, like her, are desperate to change their situation.

“Ecommerce is attainable for anyone,” she says. ”We are in the middle of a workplace revolution.”

“I did not want to be homeless or broke”: Asia Abston


Story credit: Black Enterprise

“In March 2020, the world fell apart,” Asia recalls.

That was the turning point for her. A college dropout without qualification or formal experience, Asia had worked as a bartender for over 10 years — and lost the job when the pandemic hit.

Money was scarce — not even enough to cover the rent expenses.

There seemed to be no way out of debt… apart from a semi-passive side hustle she’d started some time ago.

Keeping Asia afloat during the pandemic, it was bringing her some cash now and then. Asia invested all she had left — her energy and time — into learning. Her side business, an ecommerce store, was set to become her core source of income.

And so it did.

With all her dedication and commitment, Asia transformed her small extra income stream into a powerful revenue machine. In just 5 months, her online store made $10,000 in monthly revenue. “Pandemic or no pandemic, I don’t want to work for anybody else anymore,” she decided.

These days, Asia is an owner of a six-figure enterprise with multiple ecommerce stores, a coaching business, and a huge social media following.

“I know what insurmountable odds look like,” she says. And ecommerce, in her opinion, is what can help narrow the gap between people of different social backgrounds. After all, anyone can launch an online store, regardless of their race, gender, wealth, education, and any things that might be defining or limiting us in today’s society.

For anyone willing to create a safety net for one reason or another, ecommerce is the safest way to start a lucrative side hustle. And if you’re looking for an extra income stream, it’s your sign to go and get one today!

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
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