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$30,000 With 1 Order — How To Find High Profit Dropshipping Products

by Roman P. | | 6 min read

Do you want to make more money with dropshipping? Of course you do! But how can you achieve that without spending too much time and effort on marketing, customer service, and order fulfillment? The answer is simple: dropshipping high profit products.

High-ticket products are items that have a high price tag and a high profit margin. In fact, today we have a special story for you. It’s a story of a simple guy who managed to make a fortune by selling just one product! Introducing Trevor Zhang, who made a substantial sale of $30,000 last year.

Trevor’s big sale

screenshot Trevor Zhang $30K sale

The product Trevor sold was a Fire Magic grill, priced at over $5,000 each. This order, placed in december 2023, consisted of five units. What’s also very interesting and unusual, is that it was acquired through Bing ads, a somewhat unexpected source. The customer, which was a business, purchased five Fire Magic grills, so the resulting total sale was nearly $30,000 after taxes.

Trevor’s advice to you

Trevor delves into the business model behind high ticket dropshipping, suggesting using a random word generator to generate keywords, which can then be searched on Google Shopping to discover high ticket items to sell. For example, a keyword like “expression” can lead to various related products, enabling the identification of potential high ticket niches.

Another important key to success in the world of ecommerce is search engine optimization.

picture seo

By optimizing your website for search engines like Google, you can improve its visibility. This means that when someone searches for a product you sell, your website will be more likely to show up in the search results. That’s like having a prime spot in a busy shopping mall!

Furthermore, SEO helps you reach your target audience. So by using the right keywords and optimizing your content, you can attract visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer. These are the folks who are more likely to convert into paying customers, making your efforts more effective and efficient.

Trevor also advises taking note of potential products that catch your interest and verifying if they are good niches using tools like Google Trends. He suggests picking products that manage to reach a search volume of at least 30,000.

a picture showing how to drive cheap but hot traffic to your website

Trevor highlights that there is no perfect niche, but by following this framework, one can identify profitable high ticket niches. The key lies in finding niches with stable demand, low competition, and a high price point, as higher-priced products can lead to higher profits per order. Trevor emphasizes the need to identify products priced over $1,000 to have a substancial profit.

The power of high profit products in dropshipping

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I even consider selling high profit products?” Good question!


Firstly, the profit margins on high profit products can be incredibly enticing. Think about it – when you sell a $2000 luxury watch, your profit could be several hundred dollars, or even more. In comparison, selling dozens of low-cost items may still not add up to the same profit. So, high profit products can mean big bucks in your pocket.

But what are some examples of these high profit wonders? Well, you’ve got the latest smartphones with all the bells and whistles, designer clothing and accessories, high-end electronics like top-notch laptops or gaming consoles, luxurious cars, and even exotic vacations to far-flung destinations. People are willing to splurge on these items because they offer status, convenience, and a taste of the good life.

Moreover, high profit products often come with loyal customers and repeat business. When someone invests in a premium product, they expect top-notch customer service and a seamless buying experience. This means you have the chance to build a lasting relationship with your customers, leading to more sales and potentially turning them into brand advocates who recommend your products to others.

picture market research

Now, let’s circle back to the big question: why are high profit products profitable to sell? Well, aside from the impressive profit margins, they often have a lower return rate compared to cheaper items, reducing the hassle of dealing with returns and refunds. Additionally, high profit products cater to a niche market, allowing you to target a specific audience with tailored marketing strategies. But here’s the biggest question yet: where can you get these high profit products?

Start dropshipping high profit products with Sellvia

Luckily for you, you don’t actually have to find anything, because Sellvia is here to help you! Our experts did all the market reasearch to bring you the best high profit products for your dropshipping needs! Let’s check them out.

2 In 1 A3 Uv sticker printer


Product cost: $4,503.86

Potential price at your store: $6,999

Profit margin: $2,495.14

Heated body massage bed for beauty salons


Product cost: $2,601.76

Potential price at your store: $3,499

Profit margin: $897.24

NW-HTS35 caza monocular thermal imager


Product cost: $2,959.99

Potential price at your store: $4,999

Profit margin: $2,039.01

A1 DTF printer for clothes


Product cost: $4,400.20

Potential price at your store: $6,999

Profit margin: $2,598.8

XP600 A4 UV full size printing machine for plastic products


Product cost: $1,399.87

Potential price at your store: $3,499

Profit margin: $2,099.13

Round kitchen dining table


Product cost: $1,734.47

Potential price at your store: $3,499

Profit margin: $1,764.53

4 DOF robot arm


Product cost: $285

Potential price at your store: $999

Profit margin: $714

Maxvision 152 GOTO astronomical telescope


Product cost: $1,620

Potential price at your store: $2,999

Profit margin: $1,379

Chocolate making 3D printer


Product cost: $4,635.05

Potential price at your store: $6,999

Profit margin: $2363.95

Multifunctional electric noodle maker


Product cost: $1,349

Potential price at your store: $3,999

Profit margin: $2,650

Get the best high profit dropshipping products from Sellvia

So are you ready to boost your ecommerce profits without spending more time and money on marketing? Do you want to sell products that have high demand, low competition, and great margins? If you answered yes, then you need to start dropshipping high-ticket products with Sellvia!

screenshot picture high ticket products sellvia banner

Sellvia is the ultimate solution for dropshipping high-ticket products. That’s because we provide you with access to thousands of high-ticket products that are sourced from reliable suppliers, stored in US-based warehouses, and shipped to your customers right on time. We also handle all the customer service and returns for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

With Sellvia, you can enjoy the following features:

Seamless product integration: Easily connect your ecommerce store to Sellvia within minutes, enabling you to swiftly import high-ticket products with a single click.

a picture showing Sellvia -- new-level ecosystem for you to run a business with and make money online

Round-the-clock assistance: Rely on Sellvia’s dedicated and proficient customer support team, available whenever you require assistance.

Swift shipping: You can provide your customers with rapid delivery options, all thanks to Sellvia’s extensive network of US-based warehouses and courier partners.

a picture introducing the dropshipping business model

Top-notch product selection: Explore an extensive array of high-ticket products meticulously vetted and authenticated by Sellvia’s quality control experts.


Competitive pricing: Benefit from Sellvia’s bulk purchasing power and exclusive supplier agreements to access the most attractive wholesale prices for high-ticket products.

photo pricing price tags

Sellvia is the best way to start dropshipping high-ticket products and take your ecommerce business to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to start dropshipping high profit products with Sellvia.

by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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