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From Nothing To $55 Million On Hot Topic Clothing!

by Denis K. | | 6 min read

What’s the latest hot topic everyone’s buzzing about? Regardless of the upcoming holiday or event, it’s great to showcase your support and spirit. And that’s how an Amazon store made over $55 million on hot topic clothing. You can do the same with Sellvia’s Premium Products, so let’s see how!

Premium Products service by Sellvia allows you to benefit from what your future customers desire, and create products that tailor to their needs. You’ll be able to sell these products in your own store or through any marketplace, and under your own brand. Our specialists will handle the design, production, and even shipping of your orders!

So, want to see how to build a thriving online business selling the best products? We’ll help you win over the hearts and minds of customers everywhere! Read along and you’ll find out how to make money selling awesome unique products.

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Succeed by selling awesome hot topic clothing with Premium Products


So, what exactly are Premium Products and what benefits do they provide you with?

With our service, we will find the products that people are looking for but can’t find yet! All you have to do is specify your preferences and interests to our team of professionals, and they will handle the rest.

They will search for the most promising ideas and create a product offering catering to the consumer’s needs. Moreover, the team will also take care of all the technicalities, such as the manufacturing and delivery of the products.

And while we handle the heavy lifting, you can seamlessly sell products however you want, on any platform you want.

  • Sell unique products

Your unique vision can be the exact thing that will bring something new to the market and allow people to satisfy their needs.

With Sellvia’s Premium Products, you can sell unique products that will provide you with an income for years to come!

  • High-quality services

With the help of Premium Products, you will be selling awesome hot-topic clothing products and other items that aren’t available anywhere else, allowing you to practically forget about any competition.

Our team will assemble product ideas that consumers want, but can’t find yet. And you can be sure that you will sell products of the highest quality. All of them will come with a top-notch printed design created with the use of modern printing technology.

Your business is in good hands! All the products will be manufactured, printed, and shipped by us upon your request and under your brand.

  • Sell anywhere

Our team of experts will help introduce your brand of products to millions of potential buyers.

You can sell your awesome products anywhere you want, from a marketplace like Amazon, to your own online store, or even through your social media. You choose what direction to take!

Here’s a quick roundup of how it works:

  • You specify your interests and passions ✅
  • Our team finds what exactly people look for but nobody’s selling yet, according to your specific needs ✅
  • Our designers create fantastic prints for you and your customers to enjoy ✅
  • You get orders and delegate all the technicalities to us ✅

Generally, it can take quite some time, and even some significant financial investments to create such a business. However, with Sellvia’s Premium Products, you have a unique opportunity to start with all the difficult parts delegated to our team of experts.

The importance of the cause

When it comes to various causes, many people feel committed to supporting them for various reasons.

  • People will trust your organization

People come to your cause because they believe in your vision and feel satisfied after supporting it. If you want them to stay, you need to prove yourself worthy of their trust and commitment.

The key to building long-lasting relationships with consumers is transparency. When you show support for something, don’t go back on your promises.

Building mutual trust between your organization and its supporters takes time. But, once that trust is earned, you’ll have a committed customer base at your disposal.

  • Consumers understand their impact

Nowadays, with the impact that social media has on our daily lives, a single person’s opinion can have a huge impact on society. And people understand that very well, as they can gather a lot of followers just based on their beliefs and interests.

Show people how they can make a difference by supplying them with hot topic clothing based on the cause or event they want. This way, they will feel empowered and more connected to your brand.

  • Customers will have a personal connection

For many people, some worldwide events or holidays can be very personal.

Perhaps some of them experienced a life-changing event and want to share their experience and beliefs because of this event.

So, when they see something that reminds them of this, most likely they will want to showcase it. And if you can provide them with quality products, you can easily win over their hearts.

  • Allow people to be part of something meaningful

People want to feel like they are a part of something meaningful and significant.

Thus, by providing them with high-quality products you give them a reason to follow a specific cause.

Whether it’s something like supporting breast cancer or showing your love for the Christmas holidays, people love being a part of something bigger and demonstrating it.

Tap into your audience’s emotions and invite them to take a closer look at your products, so they can connect with you on a personal level.

  • The fun of the holiday

There are, of course, various times of the year when people just want to have fun and be a part of the holidays.

That’s when you can help them with different holiday-themed apparel.

Allow them to showcase their individuality while still celebrating the holiday event!

Why selling hot topic clothing is beneficial

Holiday events are always a special time of the year for retailers and ecommerce stores. There’s a sense of excitement everywhere when the holidays are around the corner, it’s the happiest time of the year after all. It’s the time when many can simply kick back and relax.

However, for retailers and ecommerce store owners it’s the total opposite. As business owners, it’s important to understand that the holidays are a beneficial time of the year.

Recently, the sales figures during the holiday shopping season surpassed $1 trillion! Additionally, consumers stated that they are more willing to shop online than in-person. 


Looking at these Google Trends images, it’s evident that during specific holiday events people actively shop for holiday-themed items. And you can benefit from this!

How to make a fortune on hot topic clothing

How is it possible to make a fortune on hot topic clothing?

A figure like $55 million might seem like something incomprehensible, however, it’s a reality! And the owners of the Tcombo Inc. store accomplished this.

Online consumers have made a total of over 3,276,666 sales which accumulated to over $55 703 322,00! Here are examples of some of the products that helped them:

  • Birthday apparel

  • Christmas apparel

  • Halloween apparel


That’s just a handful of examples that allowed the owners of the store to make over $55 million. How can you achieve something similar or perhaps even greater?

So, do you feel like you want to make a fortune selling products with hot topic clothing? Or perhaps any other kinds of products? Well, with Premium Products by Sellvia, you can win over the hearts of online customers with your own unique take on practically any item. Right now, is the best time to launch an online business selling your own unique products!

by Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’ audience.
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