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How To Use Sellvia, Your Most Reliable Supplier For US Dropshipping

by Artyom K. | | 4 min read

It’s always challenging to find a reliable supplier for your dropshipping business. This is why our team has firmly decided to fix this  and even move further. And this is the way we started Sellvia — an ecommerce ecosystem that will be your #1 US dropshipping supplier and more! Today we’re going to tell you how to use Sellvia to benefit from it.

Today we’re going to thoroughly discuss what Sellvia is and why it’s a perfect solution for starting and running a dropshipping business. Are you intrigued?

What’s the idea behind Sellvia?

Sellvia is an ecommerce ecosystem that will be your #1 dropshipping supplier (and actually, more than this). This is due to a number of Sellvia’s features you can benefit on a permanent basis.

  • Really fast US shipping (1-3 business days)
  • California-based Fulfillment Center with thousands of products we’re ready to ship upon request
  • Product catalog featuring best selling items only
  • Powerful products descriptions to create high-converting product pages
  • Tested ad materials you can use for your store promotion

And to simplify the process of importing these products to your dropshipping store, redirecting your orders to the Fulfillment Center team, and launching your powerful promo campaigns, we rolled out the Sellvia plugin, a beginner-friendly IT solution you can get and put into use right now!

What’s so special about Sellvia as a dropshipping solution?

Technically, Sellvia is set up to break stereotypes about the interaction between suppliers and online store owners. In fact, this is not just a reliable supplier. This is a complete online business solution.

What do you get in case of purchasing Sellvia?

From a technical point of view, this is a plugin that you need to install on your website. After purchasing Sellvia, you will get email notifications with all the necessary data for you to access your account on Sellvia.com and add this plugin to the admin area of your website.

a screenshot showing how the Sellvia's dashboard looks

If your Sellvia’s subscription is active, you will see an appropriate notification in the top right corner.

When you install the plugin on your website, its admin area is going to look as follows.

a screenshot showing how looks your Sellvia's dashboard

If you move to Sellvia->Products, you will see the whole list of products Sellvia is happy to provide you with. Over here, you can easily add the product you like to your online store in a couple of clicks and categorize them.

What to do when someone places an order in your store?

In fact, Sellvia is not only able to ensure an easy and convenient product import option. We have also considered orders processing.

When a person makes a purchase in your online store, all you need to do is to go to the ‘Orders’ section, and make a couple of clicks.

a picture demonstrating how to use Sellvia

Here you will see that very order. If a person ordered a product from Sellvia’s catalog, click ‘Order from Sellvia’.

a picture showing how to use Sellvia to benefit from it

Next, the system will identify the product and confirm that this is a product from Sellvia. If everything is okay, you will see the ‘Product found’ label and it will remain for you only to click ‘Place order’ and pay for it at the checkout.

a screenshot showing how the plugin works

What is more, you will get login data in order to access your account on Sellvia.com. In your dashboard, you will see a list of orders, API keys, and settings.

a picture showing a dashboard of a reliable dropshipping supplier

Actually, this is all you need to know about Sellvia to use it for your ecommerce business and benefit from. We’ve done our best to make a process of running your business as easy, convenient, and less time-consuming as possible.

What will happen if I don’t prolong the subscription?

In case you don’t prolong the subscription, most of Sellvia’s services will become unavailable for you. You still will be able to import products from Sellvia’s catalog to your online store, but it will become impossible for you to process the orders redirecting them to our fulfilment center.

When you click ‘Order from Sellvia’, you will be notified that you need to pay for the subscription.

Final thoughts on how to use Sellvia and benefit from it

As you can see, there is nothing challenging about the use of Sellvia as an IT solution. The idea behind it is not only to let ecommerce entrepreneurs benefit from proven-to-be-lucrative ecommerce products, lightning-fast US shipping, powerful product descriptions and ad materials, but also to allow them to add the products from Sellvia’s catalog and process their orders in a few clicks.

Our team has made every effort to let all the ecommerce entrepreneurs easily upgrade their ecommerce ventures, meantime, making the process of business management a lot easier and more convenient but less time-consuming.

Looking for a reliable supplier, join Sellvia in order not to miss a chance to bring your business to a whole new level and save your time, efforts, and money!

by Artyom K.
Artyom is a copywriter at Sellvia. BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising let him start his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. For a number of years now, Artyom has been creating educational materials to help people worldwide start their profitable ecommerce ventures.
Oladipo July 26, 2021 22:59:25

How do we send the tracking ID for purchase made for customers use in tracking the product purchase as it is done with aliexpress? Many Thanks

Artyom Kopylov July 29, 2021 5:27:31

Hi, thank you for the interest!
Actually, you don’t have to do anything – this is the aspect USPS is responsible for. They contact to your customers via email and provide them with a tracking number. That’s it!

Kashif August 28, 2021 11:19:03

Is it not automatic (from Order placing by customer to order fulfillment by sellvia). Do suppliers must have to process each order manually? What if any store have 100 orders in queue.

Artyom Kopylov August 31, 2021 10:33:00

Hello, thank you for your interest!
Sellvia lets you automate your ecommerce business as much as possible, from product import to advertising. All you need to do on a daily basis is to transfer your customers’ orders to Sellvia, it will take you only a couple of clicks. That’s it!

Angelo Reyes September 25, 2021 1:00:03

Does it mean that the seller has to pay FIRST for the customers’ orders before transferring it to Sellvia? Thank you for clarifying.

Yaroslav October 1, 2021 5:09:11

A customer first pays you on your site, then you process this order with Sellvia.

Lisa September 10, 2021 13:28:21

Can I add more than one store to my Sellvia account?

Artyom Kopylov September 22, 2021 12:06:25

Hello, thank you for your interest!
Yes, you can.

Barnabas Agwuocha October 19, 2021 3:08:37

Do I need to purchase a separate Alidropship Plugin before I can setup my Sellvia account?

Artyom Kopylov October 20, 2021 7:09:29

Hi, thank you for your interest!
In case you have a WordPress website, you will need AliDropship Original Plugin to use Sellvia.
If your site is built with WooCommerce, Sellvia doesn’t require any other software.

Diego December 22, 2021 6:20:31

What else do I have to pay other than the annual price once I’m already done paying annual price? Like do I pay for each product to list in my online sellvia store

Artyom Kopylov December 22, 2021 10:45:58

Good day, thank you for your interest!
If you work with Sellvia, you need to pay only for the subscription (and promotion services if necessary). That’s it. It provides you with full access to Sellvia ecosystem. And it doesn’t matter how many Sellvia products you’ve listed in your store, etc.
By the way, you can now try Sellvia for free for 14 days.
Feel free to go let us build a unique business for you free – https://sellvia.com/custom-store/
Or get a subscription to take your current venture to a whole new level for free as well – https://sellvia.com/us-dropshipping-supplier/

Oziegbe Akhuetie January 30, 2022 17:19:41

How can I remove items from my store after importing. Thanks

Artyom Kopylov February 1, 2022 15:48:24

Hi, thank you for your feedback!
In your admin area, move to products, find the one you want to remove, and click “TRASH”.
After that, move to the “TRASH” tab and remove that product from there.

Elliott Palmer April 16, 2022 20:35:28

Hi guys, I’m very new to everything you do.
I was wondering, as this all seems to good to be true, whether I/we all have to buy products in bulk from suppliers like FBA Amazon? Or is that what your catalogue covers? Sorry if I’m not understanding how you guys work.

Artyom K. April 21, 2022 10:26:10

Hello, Elliott! Thank you for your interest!
If you run your business with Sellvia, you don’t need to look for suppliers and keep items in stock. Sellvia serves you as a reliable supplier with 10,000+ products always in stock at our USA-based fulfillment center. You don’t need to buy anything in advance. We are responsible for the products you sell, and you just process orders and gain your profit.
To learn more about ecommerce and the way it works, please, read this guide – https://sellvia.com/guide/
If you need to get a free consultation, go to this page – https://sellvia.com/custom-store/

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