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Skyrocket Your Instagram Game: Sellvia’s Instagram Best-Sellers Pick (2024)

by Eugene S. | | 5 min read

How often do you use Instagram? It’s become one of the main social media platforms today with people using it as their digital photo collection, some use it to make money off their blogs, and others use it for marketing and business.

In this article we’re going to look at the latter situation — when you want to use it to make some money. If you’re already using Instagram in your marketing strategy or looking to tap into its potential, stick around.

What is Instagram?

Founded in 2010, Instagram began as a simple photo-sharing app with just a handful of filters. Now it’s evolved into a legendary social media platform, with over 2 billion active users worldwide.

Instagram was and still is a visual storytelling platform. Users post anything they want from their family pictures to work information, curate their feeds with images and videos, showcasing everything from travel adventures to culinary creations, fashion statements, and beyond. Instagram can be used for various purposes and is extremely rewarding. Especially in ecommerce.

Instagram’s visual-centric nature makes it an ideal platform for ecommerce businesses. With features like Instagram Shopping and shoppable posts, brands can seamlessly connect with customers and drive sales directly from the app.

In fact, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, making it a perfect ground for building brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty.

Who uses Instagram?

Instagram has a diverse user base, spanning across generations. Here’s a more detailed information given by Statista:

Instagram target market by age group

Gen Z and Millennials are the biggest Instagram users, making up more than 60% of the Instagram audience. Gen X and older generations make up for 31% of users, and Gen Alpha only for 8%. Shocking or not, men make up 51.8% of users, meanwhile women make up only 48.2% of users. It is a melting pot of demographics and interests!

Ok, what about territory? Where is Instagram the hottest? The answer is: India, United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and Japan are the countries with the most Instagram users.

insta stats by country

How about money? 35% of users have an income of $30,000 yearly, and 47% of users get an income of more than $75,000 a year.  That means more business and marketing opportunities for you, as an online business owner or just someone who is considering to start one out.

How can you use Instagram?

As an online entrepreneur, you can use Instagram feed and its shoppable options to monitor trends and find products making a real buzz. Why look them on Instagram? All these new trends always rise on social media at first. Shifting these trending products to your online store is highly likely a big ticket to huge sales.

Tips for success on Instagram

  • Visuals: Instagram is all about aesthetics. Use ready-made high-quality imagery and videos of other Instagram bloggers or use their ideas to craft your own creatives.
  • Storytelling: Don’t just sell products; tell a story. Use information provided by Instagram sellers to create a brand story and showcase your brand’s personality!
  • Communication: Creating an account on Instagram and building a community there is key to success. Respond to comments, like and share user-generated content, and actively engage with your followers to foster a sense of belonging. This is the perfect way to drive hot traffic to your website and get sales.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing discoverability on Instagram. Research relevant hashtags in your niche and incorporate them into your product posts to reach a wider audience. Then, drive these subscribers to your website.

The question is: what are the hottest Instagram products to sell in your online store, though? At Sellvia, we did deep market research and found some of the best niches that are proven to find success if offered on Instagram. Let’s check some of them!

2024 Instagram Bestsellers examples

RGB Bluetooth Smart Curtain Lights

curtain light

  • Original price: $16.33
  • Your price: $67.80
  • Your profit: $51.47

Dynamic Rotating Water Ripple Projector

ripple projector

  • Original price: $6.76
  • Your price: $29.49
  • Your profit: $22.73

Portable Wireless Charging 4-Blade Electric Juicer & Blender


  • Original price: $14.71
  • Your price: $58.65
  • Your profit: $43.94

10.26″ 4K Touchscreen Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with CarPlay & Android Auto

rear view mirror

  • Original price $123.63
  • Your price: $269.49
  • Your profit: $145.86

Elegant Lace-Up Halter Maxi Dress


  • Original price: $24.49
  • Your price: $65.80
  • Your profit: $41.31

Quick Dry Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

brush cleaner

  • Original price: $6.96
  • Your price: $30.49
  • Your profit: $23.53

3D Moon & Planet Galaxy Crystal Ball LED Night Light

crystal ball

  • Original price: $2.02
  • Your price: $22.49
  • Your profit: $20.47

Electric Face & Neck Lifting and Slimming Massager with GuaSha, Vibration & Heating

facial massager

  • Original price: $9.94
  • Your price: $37.95
  • Your profit: $28.01

Alien Adventure Kawaii Plush Toy

kawaii plush toy

  • Original price: $2.37
  • Your price: $16.49
  • Your profit: $14.12

Kids U-Shaped 360° Silicone Toothbrush for Ages 0-12

silicone toothbrush

  • Original price: $1.84
  • Your price: $14.49
  • Your profit: $12.65

Whimsical Carrot 3D Gravity Knives for Kids

knife toy

  • Original price: $2.14
  • Your price: $11.49
  • Your profit: $9.35

Modern Minimalist Diamond Crystal LED Table Lamp – Touch Activated Bedside Romance Light


  • Original price: $11.37
  • Your price: $37.49
  • Your profit: $26.12

Portable Mini Wireless Thermal Pocket Printer


  • Original price: $28.87
  • Your price: $73.49
  • Your profit: $44.62

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by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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