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How Issa Went From Law School To $200K Sales In Dropshipping!

by Denis K. | | 12 min read

Ever hear about someone who went from almost no cash to making bank online? Well, strap in, because this is one of those stories that might just make you rethink what’s possible. It’s about Issa, a man who said “no thanks” to becoming a lawyer (even though that was the big family dream) and decided to dive headfirst into selling stuff online. And guess what? It totally worked out for him.

Issa’s unconventional path to huge profits

Image of Issa

Here’s the lowdown: He started with just $300. Instead of sticking with law school and a traditional job, he decided to go all-in on an online store. Now, you might be thinking, “That’s a huge risk!” And you’d be right. His family was worried, too, especially since they weren’t rolling in money. They hoped he’d become a successful lawyer, but he had other plans.

Skipping to the good part: after a ton of hard work, learning, and sticking to his guns, things started to pay off. Big time.

This man went from hoping to make a sale to raking in over $200,000. He even handed his family $50,000, which pretty much changed their life.

It’s not just about dreaming big but also about being brave enough to follow through. Sure, talking a big game is one thing, but actually doing it is something completely different.

For those wondering how to get started on their own epic journey, Sellvia is here to help kick things off. Wee make it easy to get your online store up and running, pick out products, and start selling.

Issa’s essential tips for success

Issa' advice 1

“Putting your back against the wall is the best way to evolve,” he says. 

Think about it, he had every reason to stick to the safe path. A promising career as a lawyer, expectations from immigrant parents wanting him to be the big shot lawyer from Palestine, and the pressure to lift his family out of financial struggle. But he chose to step off the expected path and dive headfirst into the unknown world of dropshipping.

“Before getting my first sale, I quit my job and dropped out of college with $300 to my name. I doordashed and donated plasma to make money to use on Facebook ads,” he recalls. 

It wasn’t just a bold move, it was a declaration that he was all in, no safety net, no looking back.

Issa' advice 2

“Burn the ships and say f*ck a backup plan.” Why? Because he believed that the only way to make it was to commit fully, without a fallback to tempt him away from his goal. 

“The whole time learning dropshipping, my parents were disappointed, telling me I’m going to regret it, that I needed to get a job and go back to college,” he shares. 


But he kept his eyes on the prize, betting everything on himself.

After changing his and his family’s financial situation, there were no more doubts.

“After giving my family over $50k+ in a span of 3 months, they don’t question anything. I can tell them I’ll make a million tomorrow and they’ll believe it.” 

The key takeaway? Results are the only thing that talks. Everything else is just noise.

His advice gets straight to the point:

“If you’re going to do something, you need to be extreme. You need FULL confidence in yourself even when you’re doubting.” 

He admits to losing over six figures at times and battling with his mentality, but his eyes never strayed from the end goal.

“Throw yourself out there. Either you’re going to make it or be dead broke. And guess what, even if you’re broke, you can try all over again. So why the F*CK are you caring about backup plans and taking the smart route?” 

It’s a testament to the belief that real growth and evolution come from putting everything on the line.

This isn’t your typical feel-good advice. It’s a raw, unfiltered look at what it takes to make a dramatic shift in your life and career. It’s about having the guts to bet on yourself, even when everything and everyone around you is shouting, “Play it safe.”

“Another reason why RESULTS are the only thing that talks, your words are bullsh!t otherwise

For those ready to dive into the world of ecommerce, remember, the path isn’t always smooth, but the rewards? They’re real, and they’re spectacular. And with tools like Sellvia by your side, you’ve got everything you need to start writing your own success story. So, are you ready to bet on yourself?

What to sell to make $200K in sales in dropshipping? [Revealed]

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the secret sauce to speeding up your success is all about having the right lineup of products.

Think of your online store as a dynamic stage where different products play their roles as seasonal stars or evergreen headliners. These products aren’t just items you sell – they’re your ticket to building a thriving business that keeps customers coming back for more.

Let’s break down the magic formula of products that can set your store apart. We’ll give you a clearer picture of how to strategize your inventory for maximum profitability!

Amazon Best Sellers: Your Ticket to Ecommerce Stardom


Dreaming of dominating Amazon with products that fly off the virtual shelves? We’ve curated a selection of Amazon’s hottest items, guaranteed to catch the eye of your customers and keep them coming back for more. Dive into a world where top-selling Amazon products become the cornerstone of your success story. From tech gadgets that enhance everyday life to home essentials that merge convenience with functionality, this collection is your golden opportunity to stand out in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Get ready to elevate your online store with products that are not just popular—they’re customer favorites.

Smart Mini Projector


  • Price for You: $69.00
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $89.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $20.99

Dive into the future of home entertainment with the Smart Mini Projector. This 4K Android 11 gem is your ticket to big-screen experiences, transforming any room into a personal cinema. Perfect for everything from intimate movie nights to heart-pounding sports viewing and epic gaming sessions, its compact size hides a powerhouse of visual excellence.

Wireless Handheld Vacuum


  • Price for You: $12.26
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $55.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $43.73

Say hello to hassle-free cleaning with the Wireless Handheld Vacuum. Designed for life on the go, this powerful cleaner makes transitioning from your car’s interior to your living room a breeze. Whether tackling post-adventure dirt, desktop spills, or pet hair, this vacuum is ready for action whenever you need it.

Compact Hydraulic Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands


  • Price for You: $58.55
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $79.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $21.44

Step into your fitness journey with the Compact Hydraulic Mini Stepper. This all-in-one fitness solution is perfect for squeezing in workouts at home, offering a heart-pumping cardio session while strengthening your legs, glutes, and upper body with the added resistance bands.

Face Tracking Smartphone Mount & Wireless Charging Station


  • Price for You: $19.37
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $29.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $10.62

Elevate your tech game with the Face Tracking Smartphone Mount and the 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station. The smart mount keeps you in frame during video calls and streams, while the charging station simplifies your digital life by powering up your Apple devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to streamlined simplicity.

Elevate Your Store with High-Ticket Must-Haves


Dreaming of big wins with single sales? Dive into the world of high-ticket items, where luxury meets demand, and a single sale can set your profits soaring for the month. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the most coveted high-ticket products ready to transform your inventory and captivate your customers.

Outdoor Dining Set


  • Price for You: $4,777.49
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $5,099.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $322.50

Transform any outdoor space into a haven of style and comfort with our American Style Modern Garden Wicker Cube Dining Set. Perfect for al fresco dining, this exquisite set blends contemporary design with classic touches, promising to be the centerpiece of any patio, garden, or poolside area. Crafted for both durability and elegance, it’s an investment in sophisticated outdoor living.

Full-Body Massage Chair


  • Price for You: $3,561.95
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $4,599.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $1,038.04

Step into a world of unparalleled relaxation with our Full-Body Massage Chair. Offering a personalized zero-gravity massage experience, this chair is the ultimate retreat from the stresses of daily life. With advanced features and a user-friendly design, it’s an essential addition to any home looking to offer the pinnacle of comfort and rejuvenation.

Cantilever Outdoor Sun Shade Umbrella


  • Price for You: $1,969.49
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $2,999.95
  • Your Possible Profit: $1,030.46

Elevate your outdoor décor with our Deluxe Cantilever Sun Shade Umbrella. Boasting a 360° rotating design and substantial coverage, this umbrella combines functionality with elegance, providing ample shade and a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. Its robust construction ensures lasting durability, making it a perfect choice for enhancing garden, deck, or pool areas.

King Bed with Massage and Storage


  • Price for You: $1,550.00
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $2,829.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $1,279.99

Introduce an element of luxury and practicality to your bedroom collection with our King Bed, featuring integrated massage functions and ample storage. Designed for those who seek comfort without compromising on style, this bed is a masterpiece of modern design, promising not just restful sleep but a statement of elegance in any bedroom setting.

TikTok Bestsellers: Viral Sensations Await


TikTok, the powerhouse of viral trends, is your golden ticket to skyrocketing sales. With its unique algorithm, products can go from hidden gems to must-haves overnight. Dive into our curated selection of TikTok-ready products, designed to captivate and convert with ease.

Here’s what’s trending:

Smart Music Punching Pad


  • Price for You: $133.99
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $320.95
  • Your Possible Profit: $186.96

Unlock the fun in fitness with the Smart Music Punching Pad. This isn’t just a workout tool; it’s an interactive experience that mixes beats, lights, and action to keep you moving. Ideal for the fitness-savvy TikToker or anyone looking to spice up their exercise routine.

Ultimate Pet Grooming & Vacuum Kit


  • Price for You: $136.34
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $289.80
  • Your Possible Profit: $153.46

Elevate pet care to new heights with our Ultimate Pet Grooming & Vacuum Kit. This all-in-one solution redefines pet grooming, blending efficiency with comfort for your furry friends. It’s a game-changer for pet owners eager to keep their companions looking their best with minimal fuss.

Portable Thermal Printer


  • Price for You: $49.79
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $221.95
  • Your Possible Profit: $172.16

Meet the Portable Thermal Printer, your on-the-go printing solution. Compact, sleek, and efficient, it’s perfect for printing anywhere, anytime. A must-have for busy professionals, students, or anyone in need of a quick print without the hassle.

Volcano Aroma Diffuser & Air Humidifier


  • Price for You: $19.07
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $57.49
  • Your Possible Profit: $38.42

Transform any room into a serene escape with the Volcano Aroma Diffuser & Air Humidifier. More than just a diffuser, it’s an experience, offering the soothing benefits of aromatherapy alongside the captivating visual of a volcanic eruption. A true centerpiece that promises to enchant.

Electric Spin Scrubber


  • Price for You: $9.16
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $38.49
  • Your Possible Profit: $29.33

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to effortless cleaning with the Electric Spin Scrubber. Designed to do the hard work for you, this tool makes any cleaning task a breeze. With its versatile design and powerful scrubbing action, it’s the hero every home needs.

Spring Fashion Pack: Unleash the Trendsetter Within


Unlock the gateway to a world where style meets substance, presenting our Spring Fashion Pack. This curated collection is a treasure trove of fashion-forward pieces designed to captivate the hearts of style enthusiasts everywhere. With an array of exquisite options, prepare to enchant your customers and elevate their wardrobe with unparalleled elegance and flair.

Classic Double-Breasted Cropped Trench Coat


  • Price for You: $46.50
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $124.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $78.49

Revitalize your fashion lineup with the Classic Double-Breasted Cropped Trench Coat. Crafted for the contemporary woman, this piece redefines the trench coat game with its stylish cropped length and sophisticated notch lapel. A flawless fusion of classic and modern, it promises versatility across seasons and occasions.

Spliced Edge Contrasting Short Jacket


  • Price for You: $50.37
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $160.80
  • Your Possible Profit: $110.43

Make a bold statement with our Spliced Edge Contrasting Short Jacket. This chic ensemble, adorned with a striking lapel and secure zipper, stands out for the fashion-forward woman. Its distinctive design speaks volumes of individuality, setting the stage for an autumn wardrobe transformation.

Turtleneck Double Zipper Plush Jacket


  • Price for You: $33.54
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $105.49
  • Your Possible Profit: $71.95

Embrace warmth and style with the Turtleneck Double Zipper Plush Jacket. Tailored for the woman who seeks both elegance and comfort, this plush piece is a testament to timeless design. Its slim fit and cozy material make it an essential addition, promising to be a spring favorite in 2024 and beyond.

Elegant Square Collar Feather Sleeve Sexy Corset Top


  • Price for You: $9.45
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $71.60
  • Your Possible Profit: $62.15

Dive into the realm of sophistication with our Square Collar Feather Sleeve Sexy Corset Top. This exquisite garment is the epitome of grace, blending classic elegance with modern allure. Perfect for summer festivities, it’s the ultimate choice for any event, promising to turn heads and spark conversations.

Modern Leather Shoulder & Crossbody Bag


  • Price for You: $69.97
  • Your Possible Retail Price: $239.99
  • Your Possible Profit: $170.02

Introduce a masterpiece of fashion and function with the Modern Leather Shoulder & Crossbody Bag. Designed for the discerning woman, this bag marries sleek aesthetics with practicality, offering a seamless transition from day to night. Its timeless elegance ensures it’s more than an accessory – it’s a statement.

These products highlight the diversity of what sells well online, blending items that cater to current trends with those that have long-standing appeal. By carefully selecting products with attractive profit margins and broad appeal, you can create a resilient moneymaking ecommerce business.

With the right products, and Sellvia’s ecosystem, the path to ecommerce success is not just a dream – it’s a well-paved road waiting for you to take the first step.

With Sellvia, starting your online business today is not just a possibility – it’s a reality. And yes – you can start for free. Imagine having access to a platform that not only simplifies the product selection process but also offers insights into what sells and what doesn’t, all without upfront costs.

by Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’ audience.
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