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This Man Made $26,000 In His First Month Of Dropshipping: Jeff’s Secrets To High-Ticket Ecommerce Success

by Roman P. | | 5 min read

Are you tired of the regular 9-5 routine? Do you dream of having financial freedom? Jeff left his corporate job and found out a secret about online selling: selling expensive products.

His story, full of surprises, is a must-read for those who want to leave their busy jobs and become their own bosses. In just one month, Jeff made $26,000, with one single order worth $14,995! So let’s explore Jeff’s journey to success and see if selling high-ticket items could lead you to freedom too!

Jeff’s first encounter with ecommerce

Jeff, with a desire to be his own boss and break free from the corporate world, had always dreamt of starting his own business. He had spent his entire career working for different companies, first as a police officer and later for an airline. While unsure of the specific path he wanted to take, Jeff yearned for the financial independence that came with being his own entrepreneur.

picture Jeff case study

Initially, he considered traditional dropshipping, but the prospect of managing hundreds of daily orders and customer service inquiries was less than ideal. While researching dropshipping businesses, Jeff stumbled upon a YouTube video that introduced the concept of focusing on high-ticket dropshipping products, potentially resulting in just one or two sales per day. This approach also resonated more with him, prompting him to enroll in an online course dedicated to the high-ticket dropshipping model.

Finding the perfect niche

After some initial research, Jeff believed he had found a promising niche in home decor, which is a very promising niche.

picture graph statista home decor

According to Statista, in 2024, the revenue in the home decor market segment worldwide amounts to an impressive $128.70 billion. This market is projected to experience steady growth, with an annual increase of 5.33% until 2028.

He even secured a supplier in Florida and listed their products. Unfortunately, the supplier became upset upon discovering he was reselling their products, leading to an unpleasant phone call and prompting Jeff to back out and explore other options.

photo woman with a package and a laptop

Then, after taking a short break, Jeff dived back into researching the perfect high-ticket niche. He explored golf simulators, but the market size seemed limited. Lighting products were also considered, but ultimately, inspiration struck while Jeff was driving. Then, one niche idea popped into his head, and it seemed incredibly promising. So he delved deeper into researching this new concept, only to discover a massive market opportunity.

Building the business

Despite the high price point of the products in his chosen niche, Jeff faced the initial hurdle of finding a supplier willing to work with a new business like his. He understood that securing a distributor was crucial to launching his venture. Thankfully, after persistent searching, he found a more open-minded supplier. While the profit margins offered weren’t the highest, it was enough to get him started.

I can’t overstate how important Google ads are for anyone looking to make money with ecommerce. Learning to target the right keywords for your customers is absolutely critical.

Early sales confirmed that he was on the right track. Encouraged by this initial success, Jeff approached manufacturers directly, securing higher profit margins through these negotiations.

how to make first sale with google ads

Building his website presented another challenge, as Jeff had no prior experience. His online course provided a helpful template, allowing him to create a basic website to showcase his products. With the website up and running, he then turned his attention to Google Ads to attract potential customers.

As his comfort level with Google Ads grew, Jeff started seeing a significant increase in website traffic. This translated into phone calls — around three per day — from potential customers interested in his products. This marked a thrilling moment, finally seeing concrete interest in his offerings.

First sales exceeding $10,000 each!

The customer base surprised Jeff, as a large portion turned out to be government agencies. This unexpected turn of events proved advantageous, with most sales exceeding a remarkable $10,000!

photo of money

Amazed by his success, Jeff recalled his initial $77 sale being dwarfed by subsequent sales reaching a staggering $26,000! This positive momentum fueled his expansion, adding even more high-value items to his product line. Among his records is how he did a $14,995 order.

Wow!!! In 4 days this month I did almost the same amount I did all last month.

– he shared on social media.

Plans for the future

Despite the additional workload of his day job, Jeff maintains a positive outlook, readily adjusting his schedule to accommodate customer calls, even if it means occasional lunch sacrifices.

The business is doing so well that I’m starting to research ideas for his next store!

Overall, Jeff radiates excitement about the future. He envisions expanding his product portfolio and increasing his advertising budget to fuel further growth. This success story with high-ticket products exemplifies the potential rewards, and it begs the question: are you ready to explore the world of high-ticket product sales yourself?

Best high-ticket products for your dropshipping needs

Lucky for you, Sellvia has carefully carried out all the necessary market research and has prepared an extensive high-ticket product catalog for all your dropshipping needs.

Modern glowing interior picture

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Product cost: $339.09
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Product cost: $315.94
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LED-lit spiral bathroom mirror


Product cost: $112.84
Potential price at your store: $399.50
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3d moon LED art piece


Product cost: $241.07
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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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