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He Used To Be A Poor Immigrant, And Became A Millionaire At 18 Years Old: Jihun Park’s Story Of Success

by Roman P. | | 5 min read

Are you tired of your 9-to-5 job and looking to break into the world of ecommerce but feeling overwhelmed by worries and uncertainties? Let me introduce you to Jihun Park, whose journey from immigrant beginnings to extraordinary success will inspire and motivate you.

This is not only a story of overcoming difficulties but also about how dropshipping can change your life.

Immigrant beginnings

Jihun Park’s tale is one of strength, resolve, and eventually, victory. Born into a family that immigrated from South Korea, Jihun encountered many obstacles while growing up in the United States.

photo Jihun Park

He dealt with being picked on in school because of his ethnicity and financial situation, and he felt the sting of not being able to afford basic things or celebrate holidays like his friends did. Jihun’s early years were tough.

However, his story takes an amazing turn when, at 18, Jihun reached a milestone that many only dream of: earning his first million dollars online. Looking back on his journey, Jihun talks about how he went from struggling to get by to living a life of luxury and achievement.

I went from being broke to making my first million dollars online at the age of 18

Since he couldn’t get a regular job because he didn’t have a car, he faced rejection over and over. Despite these setbacks, Jihun stayed determined to change his situation. He took matters into his own hands and set out to find different ways to earn money.

First encounter with dropshipping

photo Jihun Park sitting in a car

At first, Jihun’s start in business faced difficulties. His efforts in dropshipping and affiliate marketing didn’t bring much success, which left him feeling discouraged. Yet, he didn’t give up. With persistence and a readiness to learn, Jihun discovered a method that would alter his life forever: TikTok.

photo Jihun Park

Using social media, particularly TikTok, Jihun found a place to display products and connect with many people. By sharing interesting content and making use of TikTok’s system, Jihun started to see progress. His videos got millions of views, boosting his online business even further!

photo Jihun Park

But Jihun faced challenges along the way. From dealing with online troublemakers and negative remarks to facing setbacks like videos being removed, he encountered various obstacles. Nonetheless, each setback only made him more determined to succeed.


One important lesson Jihun took from his journey is the value of adaptation. When faced with difficulties, he didn’t hesitate to change and try new methods. Whether it was altering his marketing approach or finding fresh ways to involve his audience, Jihun remained flexible and willing to experiment.

Achieving success

With hard work and determination, Jihun’s efforts eventually paid off. He made his first sale, which was a turning point in his journey. From there, his business kept growing, allowing him to gain financial freedom and live the life he wanted.

photo Jihun Park

Today, Jihun’s success goes beyond his own accomplishments. He’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and helping others pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Through mentorship programs and coaching, he’s assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential and finding success.

photo Jihun Park

Jihun’s story is a strong reminder that with perseverance, resilience, and a readiness to adapt, anything is possible. From overcoming challenges to achieving remarkable success, his journey shows the power of determination and the endless opportunities for those who dare to try.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is like having a helpful retail assistant at your service. Imagine this: you set up an online store, choose products to sell, and when a customer buys something, your supplier steps in, packs the item, and ships it directly to the customer. No need to store inventory, rent a warehouse, or manage supply chains. It’s like having a shop without worrying about storage!

Why is dropshipping a good idea?

No inventory stress

Unlike traditional retail, where you need to store lots of merchandise, dropshipping lets you skip the warehouse. When a customer buys something, you pass the order to your supplier, who then sends the product directly to the customer. No worries about storage space or clutter.

Middleman magic

You act as the middle person. Your job? Connect the customer with the product supplier. You don’t even have to handle the products physically; you just manage the sales process.

Low investment

Imagine this: you want to start a business, but you don’t have a lot of money. Dropshipping needs only a small upfront investment. You don’t have to spend a lot to buy inventory. Just focus on building your brand and marketing skills.

Easy to start

Starting a dropshipping business doesn’t need a lot of money upfront. Instead, focus on creating a great online store and let the supplier handle the rest. It’s like starting a lemonade stand without needing lots of ingredients!


Imagine this: you’re relaxing on a beach, and your dropshipping store is still making sales. That’s the beauty of flexibility! You can work from anywhere, anytime. Whether you like working at night or in the morning, your store keeps running.

Impressive statistics

screenshot Statista graph dropshipping growth

According to Statista, revenue in the ecommerce market is expected to reach $3,178 billion by the end of the year.

Social media benefits

With more people shopping online, dropshipping has become popular. It’s like having a ticket to the coolest concert in town.

Finding the right supplier

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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