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From College Parties to Six-Figure Sales: Meet Marcus Lam, The High-Ticket Dropshipping Guru Revolutionizing Ecommerce!

by Roman P. | | 4 min read

Goodbye Amazon FBA and low-ticket dropshipping! That’s not just us talking, but the words of Marcus Lam, the ecommerce champ changing the game of making money online. So leave behind the traditional methods and adopt modern dropshipping or risk falling behind.

Marcus, who recently made a whopping $6,649.99 sale, is ready to reveal how he achieves a six-figure monthly income. So let’s explore his innovative business approach, which generates thousands of dollars in profit per sale!

Marcus’ beginnings


Growing up in a typical Asian-American family that valued academic success, Marcus took a different route during college.


I ended up not going to Harvard or Yale — I went to SUNY, where I got piss-drunk on the weekends. I joined the fraternity and it was one of the best years of my life

However, he soon grew disenchanted with the freedom and camaraderie of fraternity life. During this period, he met a classmate who was already earning $30,000 each month. This classmate introduced Marcus to the realm of dropshipping.

First ecommerce experience

At first, Marcus faced challenges, trying out various products until he found success with portable air conditioners, which boosted his finances. However, reckless spending habits and logistical hurdles caused a downfall, leaving him anxious and uncertain.

Another obstacle for Marcus was communicating with suppliers, known as one of the most tiresome, risky, and bothersome aspects of ecommerce. Consider this: most of the time, suppliers are busy fulfilling orders and managing their own affairs. Bombarding them with messages or queries might just irritate them and waste time for both parties. Moreover, it could unintentionally expose sensitive business strategies or customer details, making you vulnerable to competition or fraud.

And let’s not overlook the tedium involved. Communicating with suppliers can be exhausting, especially when dealing with different time zones, languages, or cultural norms. Add to that the endless emails or calls, trying to sort out every little detail.


It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! It was during this challenging time that Marcus stumbled upon high-ticket dropshipping, a business model centered on partnering with brands offering authorized dealer programs. And that’s how he landed his groundbreaking $6,649.99 sale!

Why high ticket dropshipping?

Imagine this: you’ve got a product or service that’s not just good, but exceptional. It’s top-of-the-line, it’s first-rate, and it’s worth every cent. That’s what we’re referring to when we talk about high-ticket items. Now, why should businesses pay attention to high-ticket products? Firstly, they generate substantial revenue.


Selling fewer items at higher prices often leads to greater profits than selling numerous cheaper items. It’s all about prioritizing quality over quantity! Secondly, high-ticket products enhance your brand. By offering premium goods, you’re conveying a clear message: we’re serious about what we do.


Customers perceive your brand as valuable and reliable, fostering long-term loyalty.


And let’s not overlook efficiency. Selling high-ticket items means less time spent on marketing and sales because you’re targeting a specific audience willing to invest in excellence. It’s like hitting the target every time!


Best high-ticket products you can dropship today

Luxury rotatable chair


Product cost: $1,260.84
Potential price at your store: $1,999.99
Profit per sale: $739.15

Household wooden computer desk


Product cost: $720.60 
Potential price at your store: $1,500
Profit per sale: $779.40

Stainless steel waterfall wall waterfall fountain


Product cost: $378.27
Potential price at your store: $999
Profit per sale: $620.73

Round marble stainless steel coffee table


Product cost: $280.20
Potential price at your store: $799
Profit per sale: $518.8

Living room coffee table


Product cost: $153.11
Potential price at your store: $500
Profit per sale: $346.89

Convertible futon sofa with pullout bed


Product cost: $267.68
Potential price at your store: $699
Profit per sale: $401.32

Smart adjustable LED bathroom  mirror


Product cost: $122.10
Potential price at your store: $450
Profit per sale: $327.9

Leisure antique wooden armchair


Product cost: $106.80
Potential price at your store: $399
Profit per sale: $292.2

Dimmable ceiling fan with lights


Product cost: $393.04
Potential price at your store: $899
Profit per sale: $505.96

Abstract modern LED painting


Product cost: $195.45
Potential price at your store: $899
Profit per sale: $703.55

Start selling high-ticket products with Sellvia

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If you’re seeking to conquer challenges and dive into selling high-ticket products, Sellvia is your go-to companion.

Our product assortment provides abundant choices, each accompanied by detailed descriptions to enhance your marketing endeavors. Moreover, our shipping process prioritizes speed, ensuring swift delivery of orders to your business clients. Sellvia’s market research team is committed to identifying the most lucrative, sought-after dropshipping products, offering you substantial profit margins.

Here’s why Sellvia is essential for your business:

  • Catalog enrichment: We constantly add luxurious, high-value items to your store’s inventory. Select from our assortment of premium, sought-after products that seamlessly align with your store.
  • Profit optimization: Each sale presents an opportunity to boost your revenue, thanks to our strategic approach aimed at maximizing your earnings.
  • Cost-efficient restocking: Easily replenish your inventory with high-value products at lower costs, thereby increasing your profit margins with each reorder.
  • Swift shipping: Sellvia manages packing and shipping, ensuring your store maintains excellent service. From packaging to delivery, we guarantee fast and dependable shipping to your business clients.
  • Retain your profits: Benefit from significant profits from every sale, enhancing your earnings.

Are you ready to establish your presence in the ecommerce realm? Then start dropshipping high-ticket products with Sellvia today and craft your own success narrative!

by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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