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Mateo Decided To Try High-Ticket Dropshipping, Now He Makes $1M/Year With Ecommerce

by Roman P. | | 4 min read

Still think dropshipping is a challenge? Well, time to change your mind! Let’s dive into Mateo’s journey, a young entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. About six months ago, he began his dropshipping business and has since achieved incredible success, now earning $1M annually. Let’s explore his story and learn how you can repeat his success!

Starting the business

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Mateo began his ecommerce adventure while working as a busboy and appliance repair technician. Seeking a steady income, he came across a dropshipping program on Twitter. Intrigued, he began setting up his store even before officially enrolling in the program. At first, Mateo balanced a construction job with building his store. However, over the recent months, he transitioned to dedicating himself completely to his business.

I think the number one most logical thing to get off most people’s plate is customer service.

Mateo shares that he has hired an assistant to handle product uploads and customer service. This allows him to focus on more technical aspects of his business. Of course, this decision to delegate customer service frees up his time to focus on growing the business.

Overcoming the challenges

At first, Mateo encountered some mild difficulties setting up his account and launching ads. However, he persisted through these challenges and began generating sales within just a few months. His sales have slowly increased over time, with his best month raking in $150,000 in revenue.

Mateo credits his achievements to several factors: choosing products to sell with moderate competition yet not oversaturated, creating a carefully designed website, utilizing email and SMS flows, and getting positive reviews.

Future plans

The young dropshipper mentioned his upcoming trip to Thailand, spanning three months, during which he plans to oversee his business remotely. He aims to delegate more responsibilities to his assistant and may hire additional help for product uploads. Despite acknowledging the challenges posed by the time difference, he is determined to adapt and continue managing sales calls, even if it means addressing them during his sleep.

As for the future of his store, Mateo currently has no intentions of selling it. Instead, he views building a brand as a more promising long-term strategy and might explore selling his own popular dropshipping products down the line. Additionally, he intends to invest in SEO in the upcoming months to further expand his business.

Advice for beginners

Mateo emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between offering unique products and those that are popular. While the appeal of completely original items may be strong, Mateo points out that selling products with known demand can lead to great success, even with a small market share. A key part of Mateo’s success is his use of different strategies.

For hiring, Mateo advises beginners to delegate tasks that take time but aren’t directly linked to business growth. At first, he outsourced product uploads to freelancers on Fiverr and later hired an assistant to handle customer service. This allowed Mateo to focus on more technical aspects of the business while ensuring quick responses to customer questions.

The importance of high-ticket products

Firstly, high-ticket products offer the advantage of making more money by selling fewer products. Unlike low-cost items that require selling in bulk to earn enough, selling just a few high-ticket products can result in huge profits. This is especially attractive for businesses seeking a high return on investment.


Moreover, high-ticket products often have higher profit margins. Unlike lower-priced items where profit margins may be low due to production costs and competition, high-ticket products offer more pricing flexibility, allowing you to maintain healthy profit margins while delivering value to customers.

Additionally, selling high-ticket products attracts a more wealthy customer base. People willing to invest in expensive items are typically less sensitive to price and prioritize quality, convenience, and prestige. By catering to this demographic, you can position yourself as a premium brand and get a loyal customer base.

Furthermore, top high-ticket products lend themselves well to personalized marketing strategies. Unlike mass-market products that require a generic approach, high-ticket items benefit from tailored marketing campaigns that address the specific needs and preferences of individual customers. This personalized approach enhances the overall shopping experience and boosts customer satisfaction.

Switch to high-ticket dropshipping for a whole new profit level

Keeping your flow of sales stable might be a bit of a challenge, but why choose the hard path then? Higher profit margins is what makes it all A LOT simpler and faster.

Just imagine: instead of dying to make 200 monthly sales, each bringing you no more than $20 in profit, you can just make 1, 3, 5 sales a month and earn up to $5,000 per every single sale!

That’s what Mateo’s success story is about: working smart, not hard.

His amazing achievement in building a $1M/year online store proves the profitability waiting for those who dare to enter the digital marketplace with the right products. You see, Mateo’s ecommerce triumph isn’t just another cool story — it’s a call to action!

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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