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Do You Want Some Trump’s Or Biden’s Money? Election-Themed Products Are For You!

by Artemis K. | | 6 min read

Are you geared up to snatch a portion of the presidential treasure? The impending US elections are far from just a quest for the White House; they’re also a lucrative chance for sharp ecommerce moguls. Picture transforming political hype into a booming business overnight. Sounds like a stretch? Far from it. With a clever approach, you can start reaping rewards from Trump, Biden, or anyone stepping into the presidential race. Regardless of your political stance, there’s a fortune waiting in election-themed merch. Don’t just spectate this election; capitalize on it!

Making money out of the political wave: is it so effortless?

sell election-themed products online for profit

In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, presidential elections stand as a beacon for business expansion. The magic formula? Aligning with the spirit of the time, tapping into the electorate’s enthusiasm, and offering them avenues to express their political support or dissent.

Remember Trump Jr.’s strategic launch of a meme-inspired apparel line amid his father’s legal drama? That’s not just a tale of political merchandising; it’s proof of the untapped potential in marrying your ecommerce pursuits with the political wave.

Keen on claiming your stake in this thriving market? Wondering how to use electoral excitement for your gain? Your route to riches might just be paved with election-themed products.

The political merchandise: a real goldmine?

make money on elections

  • The 2024 election cycle is set to witness a jaw-dropping $15 Billion in expenditures, highlighting a vast market for political merchandise. This astronomical figure points to a fertile ground, brimming with consumers eager to splurge on political gear.
  • The iconic red MAGA hat epitomized political allegiance, amassing $20 Million for Trump’s campaign in 2016. This single product’s triumph underscores the significant influence of campaign merch on fundraising and community building.

These numbers aren’t just stats; they’re beacons guiding you to ecommerce triumph. The nexus of politics and ecommerce is a bustling marketplace, ripe with opportunities for the discerning entrepreneur.

With the political arena heating up for the forthcoming elections, now’s the time to venture into the realm of election-themed products. This endeavor isn’t merely about riding a trend; it’s about embedding your business in a cultural saga at a nation on the electoral precipice.

Ready to navigate this profitable intersection of politics and ecommerce? The upcoming elections present a unique opportunity to boost your business by resonating with a politically charged audience. The moment to act is now – the market is yours for the taking.

Top 10 must-have election-themed products

Biden VS Trump elections

Trump Superhero Figure: A crowd-pleaser among supporters, this collectible not only stokes fan fervor but also sparks conversations. It’s essential for any collector and a beacon of political loyalty.

  • Biden Bobblehead


Supplier’s price: $2.00
Retail price: $15.00
Your profit: $13.00

These bobbleheads are a hit with Biden fans, offering a humorous, memorable way to support Biden’s campaign.

  • Election 2024 T-Shirts


Supplier’s price: $3.00
Retail price: $19.00
Your profit: $16.00

Clothing that makes a statement, T-shirts with witty slogans or candidate portraits turn supporters into mobile billboards for their chosen candidate.

  • Political Coffee Mugs


Supplier’s price: $5.00
Retail price: $17.00
Your profit: $12.00

Kickstart the day with a political twist. Mugs adorned with election-themed humor or candidate caricatures add a political spin to morning routines.

  • Customizable Campaign Buttons

what to sell for elections for profit

Supplier’s price: $2.00
Retail price: $14.00
Your profit: $12.00

Timeless and versatile, buttons can be tailored for any political stance, making them an effective tool for visibility.

  • Patriotic Flags and Banners

best election-themed items to sell

Supplier’s price: $2.00
Retail price: $13.00
Your profit: $11.00

Merge American symbolism with candidate endorsements to spread support across homes, offices, and community spaces.

  • Candidate Face Masks

how to make money on elections

Supplier’s price: $2.00
Retail price: $14.00
Your profit: $12.00

These timely accessories promote health and political preference, symbolizing support in today’s context.

  • Political Stickers and Decals


Supplier’s price: $1.00
Retail price: $7.00
Your profit: $6.00

Perfect for personalizing everyday items, these stickers let supporters wear their political hearts on their sleeves, or laptops.

  • “Vote 2024” Jewelry


Supplier’s price: $0.50
Retail price: $10.00
Your profit: $9.50

Stylish and meaningful, jewelry encouraging voter participation can be both a fashion statement and a nudge towards fulfilling civic duties.

  • Election Night Party Kits


Supplier’s price: $4.00
Retail price: $17.00
Your profit: $13.00

Turn election night into a festive gathering with themed decorations, games, and scorecards, making politics a communal experience.

  • Candidate puzzles


Supplier’s price: $12.00
Retail price: $28.00
Your profit: $16.00

Whether assembling Trump’s determined visage or piecing together Biden’s smiling countenance, these puzzles serve as both a homage to political engagement and a light-hearted way to support one’s preferred leader. Ideal for family game nights or as collector’s items, presidential candidate puzzles capture the essence of the election season, making them a must-have for enthusiasts of all ages.

Where to source these hot-ticket items? We have the solution!

Sell election-themed products with no hassle and boost your profit

sell election-themed products to make money on elections

The 2024 presidential election will be more than a political battle; it’s shaping up to be a historic event. As America watches with bated breath, there lies a golden chance for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Picture using the nationwide political excitement. Sellvia offers an exclusive entry into this profitable market with an election-themed product bundle designed to keep your sales surging through 2024 and beyond.

  • 100 expertly chosen products for Democrats: Immerse in a collection that resonates with Democratic supporters, from progressive apparel to candidate-themed accessories and decor, each item selected to make your store a haven for Democratic voters.
  • 100 hand-picked items for Republicans: Serve the Republican audience with goods that celebrate conservative values and Republican figureheads, from memorable memorabilia to high-end collectibles that embody Republican spirit.
  • Tailored for enduring appeal: Each product is chosen for its lasting allure throughout the election cycle, ensuring your offerings remain covered by supporters on all sides, keeping your business at the heart of election-year buzz.

Why remain a mere observer when you can be part of this exceptional opportunity? The 2024 election cycle is your chance to align your ecommerce endeavor with the nation’s political pulse.

With Sellvia’s election-themed bundle, you’re not just selling products; you’re offering Americans a platform to engage with a monumental event.

Prepare for unparalleled sales as you ride the waves of election excitement with Sellvia by your side. Each item, from Democratic to Republican, is crafted to guarantee relevance, appeal, and profitability, propelling your success in the ecommerce sphere.

Why watch from the sidelines? Leap into the election merchandise frenzy

make money on elections

As the presidential race intensifies, there’s no better time for your ecommerce venture to flourish. This election cycle presents a golden window to synchronize with America’s political rhythm and escalate your business to unprecedented heights.

Sellvia’s meticulously assembled election-themed bundle does more than supply merchandise; it empowers your customers to actively partake in a historic occasion.

  • Seize this unmatched period of political engagement.
  • Stock your store with 200 varied, in-demand items.
  • Ensure your offerings remain relevant and sought-after throughout the year.

Don’t miss this wave! Embrace the election season’s energy and transform your online store into a center for political expression and zeal. With Sellvia’s election-themed bundle, you’re perfectly positioned to monetize the election fervor. This is more than a sales boost; it’s your chance to embed your brand in the tapestry of a nation’s future.

Are you set to carve your niche in history and lock in substantial profits? Take action – secure your election-themed bundle from Sellvia now and let the electoral excitement propel your business to the forefront. Make 2024 your breakout year, establishing your store as a key contender in the election merchandise arena!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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