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From Army Boots To High-Ticket Sales – Ason Figueroa’s Inspiring Story Of Determination In High-Ticket Ecommerce

by Roman P. | | 6 min read

Have you ever found yourself comparing your modest start to someone born rich? It’s easy to blame your upbringing for any setbacks. But wait! We have a story that will change your mind. Get ready for a story that shows success can happen to anyone, even a young man with no money and no education. Our guest today didn’t have a privileged background or fancy qualifications — just determination and a strong desire to succeed.

Ason’s military beginnings

Meet Ason Figueroa, a 24-year-old entrepreneur in high-end online sales. His journey from a young soldier to a thriving businessman is truly inspiring. Growing up in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Ason didn’t come from a wealthy background. Seeking order and discipline, he joined the army right after finishing high school, driven by a thirst for personal growth and meaning.

picture of Ason Figueroa as a soldier

At first, military life fulfilled him, fueled by his determination to shine as a soldier. But over time, he faced the darker side of army culture — struggles with alcoholism, depression, and toxicity. Despite these challenges, Ason appreciated the discipline and grounding the army provided, molding him into a mature adult early on.

picture of Ason Figueroa 2019/2024

However, it was in the harsh desert training grounds that Ason’s perspective shifted dramatically. Enduring days without basic comforts like showers made him question whether a life of strict schedules and limited freedom was sustainable. This moment of reflection sparked a desire for change, pushing him to seek different routes to success.

Changing the path

Ason’s fascination with technology sparked his journey into ecommerce. Introduced to computers by his mother at a young age, he immersed himself in online games like RuneScape and League of Legends. This early exposure sharpened his digital skills and gave him a strong grasp of technology.

gif of Ason Figueroa

Going back home not as an army soldier visiting, but as a free man sure feels amazing. Living out my dreams as a free entrepreneur everyday and it’s absolutely unmatched.

Initially trying low-ticket ecommerce, Ason faced challenges despite his determination. Selling cheap products from AliExpress didn’t bring much success. But instead of giving up, Ason realized he needed a new approach. His breakthrough came when he discovered high-ticket ecommerce, matching his vision of financial independence.

With this newfound direction, Ason tackled the competitive market with renewed energy. Learning to choose valuable products, improve website conversions, and create effective ad campaigns became his focus. Despite setbacks, Ason persisted, and by early 2020, he achieved a significant sale, a turning point in his journey.

Today, Ason enjoys the freedom of running successful ecommerce ventures, no longer tied to traditional employment.

picture Ason Figueroa $10k in sales

His high-ticket dropshipping business regularly generates substantial sales, reaching tens of thousands of dollars.

The power of high-ticket dropshipping

Let’s start by understanding what high-ticket products are. These are the fancy, expensive items that come with a big price tag. We’re talking about designer handbags, top-notch electronics, or luxurious skincare sets. They’re not things you buy every day, but when people decide to treat themselves, they’re ready to spend a lot.

picture Ason Figueroa in black t-shirt

Why are these high-ticket products so profitable?

Well, for one, the profit margins on these items are usually much higher compared to cheaper products. Sure, you might sell more cheap stuff, but you won’t make much profit on each sale. On the flip side, selling just a few high-ticket items can bring in a lot of profit with each sale.

Plus, high-ticket products attract a different type of customer. These folks aren’t as concerned about the price; they care more about getting top-quality stuff and a bit of prestige. They’re happy to pay more for the best products and service. So, not only do you earn more money per sale, but you also build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back.

And selling high-ticket items can give your brand a boost. When customers see you offering premium products, they see your brand as high-class and reliable. This can lead to more loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals, which means even more sales and profits.

picture Ason Figueroa with a car

But wait, there’s more! High-ticket products often open up opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Once a customer decides to buy an expensive item, they’re more likely to add on extra products or accessories to enhance their purchase. That means even more money for your business.

Now, where can you find the best high-ticket products to dropship? Don’t worry, because Sellvia has just what you’re looking for!

Best high-ticket products for you to dropship

Chic Italian stone console


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Wooden cat tower scratcher


Product cost: $1,077.34
Potential price at your store: $1,999.00
Profit per sale: $921.66

Luxury white modern cupboard


Product cost: $1,028.00
Potential price at your store: $1,999.99
Profit per sale: $971.99

Wholesale modern bedroom makeup table


Product cost: $1,000.05
Potential price at your store: $2,000.00
Profit per sale: $999.95

Ergonomic luxury office chair


Product cost: $718.99
Potential price at your store: $2,000.00
Profit per sale: $999.95

Nordic rattan designer chair


Product cost: $249.60
Potential price at your store: $899.99
Profit per sale: $650.39

Modern LED chandeliers


Product cost: $168.74
Potential price at your store: $999.99
Profit per sale: $831.25

Nordic LED chandeliers


Product cost: $166.81
Potential price at your store: $799.99
Profit per sale: $633.18

Smart LED mirror


Product cost: $114.00
Potential price at your store: $799.99
Profit per sale: $685.99

Coffee table


Product cost: $66.69
Potential price at your store: $450.00
Profit per sale: $383.31

Achieve success with Sellvia’s high-ticket products!

screenshot picture high ticket products sellvia banner

So, what’s the bottom line? It’s simple: your circumstances don’t have to define you. Whether you’re born into privilege or starting from scratch, success is within reach for everyone. It’s not about where you start, but where you’re going. Ason’s message also speaks to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide: success is achievable for those who embrace discomfort, build resilience, and pursue self-improvement tirelessly.

Through dedication, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to growth, Ason showcases the transformative potential of entrepreneurship — proof that endless opportunities await those who dare to dream and follow their passions.


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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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