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The Art Of Short Video Advertising: How To Make Sales With TikTok, IG Stories & Reels, And YouTube Shorts [Real Examples]

by Artemis K. | | 16 min read

Do you surf social media all the time? So Do I! There is tons of entertaining content that not only improves the mood and lets us kill some time, but sometimes it really brings good to the world and each of us: we found something useful there to buy! The time has come: stop spending money on social media, start earning big! Today we’re going to teach you the art of short video marketing. Forget about annoying ads – only mind-blowing ad examples that none of the customers dares to skip!

Short video marketing & content creation: a game-changer?a picture showing short video marketing in action

In today’s fast-paced digital era, the saying “less is more” rings truer than ever. With people’s attention spans dwindling and screen times shooting up, a new hero emerges in the realm of online content — the short video.

Quick, captivating, and oh-so-clickable, these tiny tales are the showstoppers of the social media stage. Think about it. Haven’t you found yourself engrossed in a 15-second TikTok video or a quick Reel on Instagram? In a blink, you’re taken on a journey – be it fun, emotional, or informative.

Now, imagine mixing this potent tool with ecommerce. Sounds like a dream? It’s reality! The ecommerce landscape is undergoing a significant shift, and short video content is right at the heart of it. No longer is it just about text descriptions or even picture reviews.

If pictures spoke a thousand words, short videos are now telling entire sagas. They are indeed game-changers, revolutionizing how we view, choose, and buy products online.

The emotional drive: 5 reasons to sell through short video marketing

a picture showing that it's crucial to launch your video marketing campaigns to follow your winning marketing strategy

1. Instant connection

Remember the last time you watched a short video and felt a rush of emotions? Maybe it was a heartwarming story or a funny snippet that made your day. These short videos have a unique knack for forging an immediate bond with viewers. Within mere seconds, they touch our hearts, make us laugh, or even get us thinking. For sellers, this is gold! When you manage to evoke emotions, you create a pathway straight into a viewer’s memory, making your product unforgettable. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about selling an emotion tied to it.

2. Story in a snap

Stories are powerful. They’re relatable, compelling, and most importantly, memorable. With short video marketing, brands can narrate their tales in a snap. A swift storyline showcasing the journey of a handmade product or the magic behind an eco-friendly item can captivate audiences. The beauty? It’s quick! In the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee, your story can touch a heart, encouraging the viewer to be a part of it by purchasing your product.

3. Authenticity amplified

Today’s consumers are smart. They crave genuine connections and authentic products. A short video showcasing real people, genuine reviews, or the actual making of a product amplifies its authenticity tenfold. It’s a peek behind the scenes, a glimpse into what goes into making your product special. And when viewers see this, their trust in your brand grows, and so does their desire to own a piece of that authenticity.

4. Engagement explosion

It’s no secret; short videos are engagement magnets. They’re easy to consume, share, and interact with. A well-crafted short video marketing campaign can spark conversations, inspire shares, and even lead to virality. Think about the number of times you’ve shared a catchy TikTok video or tagged friends in a funny Reel. That’s the power of engagement in play! For sellers, higher engagement means broader reach, more eyeballs, and ultimately, increased sales.

5. ‘Buy now’ impulse

Ever stumbled upon a product video and thought, “I need this now!”? That’s the magic of the ‘Buy Now Impulse’. Short videos, with their crisp content and engaging visuals, can ignite the spontaneous urge to purchase. It’s an art, really. Crafting a video that not only showcases a product but also makes viewers feel they absolutely must have it. And in the world of ecommerce, this impulse is everything. When viewers feel the need to own a product right then and there, conversions skyrocket.

Short video marketing is not just a trend; it’s a tidal wave transforming the ecommerce horizon. And if you’ve ever felt the power of these bite-sized videos, now’s the time to harness it for your brand. Up next, we dive deep into the platforms making waves in this domain, so stick around!

What platforms are perfect for short video marketing? [Solved]

a picture showing why it's essential to use smm to create a brand identity

Before we dive into the specifics of each platform, let’s take a moment to reflect. Chances are, you’re already familiar with these platforms, having scrolled, watched, and even purchased through them.

They’re part of your daily digital life. But while their entertainment value is clear, have you ever considered the potential they hold from a seller’s perspective? We’re about to shed light on key factors and insights that might surprise you. Factors that make these platforms not just fun but crucial for ecommerce success.

1. TikTok & TikTok Shop

a picture showing the TikTok label

  • Audience Insight: TikTok boasts over 800 million active users worldwide, predominantly consisting of Gen Z and Millennials. This youthful audience is a goldmine for trend-based products and innovative offerings.
  • Key Benefit: With TikTok Shop’s seamless integration, users can shop without leaving the platform. For sellers, this direct link reduces the steps to purchase, maximizing conversion potential.
  • Simplicity in Action: The intuitive design of TikTok ensures even novice users can craft engaging content. With product tags directly in videos, the path from viewing to buying is straightforward and efficient.

2. Reels and Stories on Instagram & Instagram Shopping

a picture showing the Instagram label

  • Audience Insight: Instagram’s vast community exceeds 1 billion active users. With Reels, brands can tap into an audience that values visual aesthetics and quick, engaging content.
  • Key Benefit: The merger of Reels with Instagram Shopping transforms content from being just ‘watchable’ to ‘shoppable’. This fusion ensures that sellers can monetize their content effectively.
  • Simplicity in Action: The user-friendly nature of Instagram ensures that even those new to ecommerce can craft content that resonates. With direct product tags in Reels, viewers can effortlessly transition from admiring to acquiring.

3. Shorts on YouTube & YouTube Shopping

a picture with the YouTube logo

  • Audience Insight: YouTube is a giant with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Shorts aim to captivate those seeking quick, bite-sized content, widening the potential audience for sellers.
  • Key Benefit: YouTube Shopping’s integration with Shorts is a game-changer. It couples the platform’s vast viewership with tangible shopping opportunities, turning passive watching into active purchasing.
  • Simplicity in Action: YouTube’s familiar interface makes content creation accessible. With clickable product pins in Shorts, sellers can directly guide viewers to purchase pages, simplifying the shopping journey.

In today’s digital landscape, these platforms are not just entertainment hubs but potent marketplaces. The future of ecommerce lies in harnessing the power of short video marketing. And as this future unfolds, having a trusted platform like Sellvia by your side can make all the difference. Stay with us as we delve deeper into this exciting world.

The art of short video marketing from big players

You should always learn from the best. Here’s a curated list of 10 remarkable short video ads from TikTok, Instagram Stories & Reels, and YouTube Shorts that resonated deeply with audiences, driving conversions and leaving lasting impressions.

1. Nike’s “Just Do It” TikTok Challenge

nike and short video marketing

  • Background: Nike, a global athletic brand, always seeks innovative methods to engage with their audience, especially the younger demographic.
  • Ad Activities: Launching the “Just Do It” challenge on TikTok, they invited users to display their athletic feats and challenges. Participants got creative, from complex gymnastics routines to simple backyard challenges.
  • Result: This campaign skyrocketed, with millions participating and sharing. The user-generated content was not only entertaining but also aligned with Nike’s brand ethos, thereby boosting product interest and sales.

2. Glossier’s Seamless Skincare Routine on Instagram Stories

a picture proving short video marketing use

  • Background: Glossier, known for its minimalist and effective skincare products, wanted to exhibit the ease and effectiveness of their line.
  • Ad Activities: Using Instagram Stories, they demonstrated quick skincare routines, emphasizing the results. The swipe-up feature directly led viewers to the product page.
  • Result: The simplicity of the routine coupled with immediate product access led to a surge in sales, with many wanting to replicate the showcased skincare regime.

3. Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Reveal on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing ben & jerry's flavor ads

  • Background: Ben & Jerry’s frequently introduces new ice cream flavors and looks for impactful methods to announce them.
  • Ad Activities: They employed YouTube Shorts to give a brief, mysterious glimpse of a new flavor. The video gradually unveiled the tub, building suspense.
  • Result: The teaser approach combined with the brand’s popularity had fans intrigued and eager to taste, leading to increased store visits and sales.

4. ASOS’s “Outfit of the Day” TikTok Series

a picture showing asos and short video marketing

  • Background: ASOS, an online fashion retailer, wanted to showcase the variety and style of its collection.
  • Ad Activities: On TikTok, models presented daily outfit inspirations featuring ASOS products, accentuated by dynamic transitions and music.
  • Result: Viewers, captivated by the trendy styles and ease of purchase, flocked to the ASOS website to replicate the showcased looks.

5. Starbucks’ #CloudMacchiato on Instagram Stories

a picture showing starbucks and short video marketing

  • Background: Starbucks, always innovating its drink menu, introduced the Cloud Macchiato.
  • Ad Activities: Through a serene and visually appealing Instagram Story, they showcased the drink’s creamy texture, topped with a click-to-buy option.
  • Result: The combined allure of the drink’s aesthetics and the discount saw fans thronging outlets, elevating the drink’s launch to an instant hit.

6. GoPro’s Adventurous Snippets on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing GoPro and short video ads

  • Background: GoPro, renowned for its durable cameras, aims to sell not just a product, but an experience.
  • Ad Activities: Using YouTube Shorts, they displayed adrenaline-pumping moments captured on their devices, from skydiving to underwater explorations.
  • Result: Adventure enthusiasts, swayed by the quality of footage and the thrill of capturing their own, were motivated to invest in GoPro.

7. Lush Cosmetics’ Bath Bomb Dissolve on TikTok

a picture showing a video about bath bomb by lush cosmetics

  • Background: Lush Cosmetics, with its handmade and ethical products, wanted to emphasize the sensory appeal of their bath bombs.
  • Ad Activities: They shared TikTok videos displaying bath bombs dissolving in water, releasing vibrant colors and fragrances.
  • Result: The visual spectacle, combined with the promise of a relaxing bath, led to increased interest and sales of their bath bombs.

8. Airbnb’s “Stay Here” Instagram Stories

a picture showing airbnb and short video advertising

  • Background: Airbnb, bridging travelers with unique stay options, wanted to display some of their premium listings.
  • Ad Activities: Through Instagram Reels, they spotlighted stunning properties in picturesque settings, paired with a ‘Book Now’ swipe-up feature.
  • Result: Viewers, imagining themselves in those locales, quickly converted their wanderlust into actual bookings.

9. Lego’s Quick Builds on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing lego and their shorts on YouTube

  • Background: Lego, catering to both kids and adults, aimed to display the satisfaction of completing a build.
  • Ad Activities: YouTube Shorts were used to show sped-up building processes, from start to finish.
  • Result: The swift transformation and the end product’s allure intrigued many, leading to purchases of the showcased Lego sets.

10. Sephora’s Makeup Tutorials on TikTok

a picture showing short video makeup tutorial as ads

  • Background: Sephora, a global beauty retailer, frequently educates its customers on makeup applications.
  • Ad Activities: On TikTok, they posted rapid makeup transformations using their products, often achieving stunning looks in under a minute.
  • Result: Viewers, inspired by the showcased beauty looks and the ease of achieving them, visited Sephora outlets or their website to buy the featured products.

Each of these examples leverages the strengths of short video content: they’re concise, engaging, visually appealing, and most importantly, they evoke an emotional response, prompting viewers to take action. Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, the power of short videos in today’s digital age is undeniable.

Ordinary entrepreneurs give masterclass

Smaller entrepreneurs often tend to display remarkable creativity and adaptability in their advertising methods. Here are 10 examples of ordinary entrepreneurs who struck gold with their customer-focused approach using short video marketing.

1. Ella’s Handmade Jewelry on TikTok

a picture showing how to advertise diy jewelry

  • Background: Ella, a budding entrepreneur, started making unique handcrafted jewelry pieces from recycled materials.
  • Ad Activities: On TikTok, Ella shared behind-the-scenes clips of her crafting process. These videos highlighted her intricate work and the beauty of repurposing materials.
  • Result: Her artistic process drew admiration and her sustainable approach resonated with eco-conscious users. As viewers got attached to particular jewelry pieces, they visited her online store, leading to a boost in sales.

2. Max’s Fresh Farm Produce on Instagram Stories

a picture of a hen showing how to use short video for ads

  • Background: Max, a local farmer, wanted to promote his organic farm produce directly to consumers.
  • Ad Activities: Using Instagram Stories, Max took viewers on daily tours of his farm, showing freshly harvested vegetables and fruits.
  • Result: Consumers loved seeing where their food came from and, compelled by the freshness and authenticity, started ordering from him directly.

3. Sophie’s Artistic Tees on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing how to use video for marketing

  • Background: Sophie, a young artist, combined her love for art with fashion by designing artistic t-shirts.
  • Ad Activities: She posted YouTube Shorts wearing her designs in diverse settings, making the tees part of a story or scenario.
  • Result: People enjoyed the narratives, grew fond of the designs, and flocked to her website to purchase their favorites.

4. Omar’s Exotic Spice Blends on TikTok

a picture showing omar's species and how they use short videos for advertising

5. Lily’s Vintage Treasures on Instagram Stories

a picture showing the art of short video marketing

  • Background: Lily, a passionate vintage collector, decided to sell curated vintage items.
  • Ad Activities: Through Instagram stories, she shared heartwarming tales of each item’s history, interwoven with its previous owner’s stories.
  • Result: These emotional and nostalgic narratives created an attachment, prompting many vintage lovers to buy and continue the story.

6. Chris’ DIY Woodcraft Kits on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing the importance of presenting your business inside

  • Background: Chris, a woodworking enthusiast, introduced DIY woodcraft kits for beginners.
  • Ad Activities: His YouTube Shorts showed the transformation from plain wood to beautiful items in fast-forward, revealing the kit’s potential.
  • Result: Viewers, inspired by the end results and the do-it-yourself approach, eagerly purchased kits to try their hand at crafting.

7. Nina’s Yoga Wear on Instagram Reels

a picture showing how use short video ads for marketing

  • Background: Nina, a yoga teacher, launched her line of eco-friendly yoga wear.
  • Ad Activities: Through Instagram Reels, Nina showcased quick yoga sequences wearing her line, highlighting the wear’s comfort and flexibility.
  • Result: The visual appeal combined with functionality drew fellow yoga enthusiasts to her online store.

8. Alex’s Gourmet Coffee Beans on Instagram Reels

a picture showing the art of short video marketing

  • Background: Alex, a coffee aficionado, began selling exotic coffee beans sourced from sustainable farms.
  • Ad Activities: On Instagram Reels, Alex showcased the bean-to-brew process, emphasizing the aroma and flavor.
  • Result: Coffee lovers, enticed by the rich sensory experience and the sustainability angle, were eager to buy and brew.

9. Grace’s Upcycled Décor on YouTube Shorts

a picture showing Grace in my space

  • Background: Grace started an upcycling initiative, turning discarded items into beautiful home décor.
  • Ad Activities: She used YouTube Shorts to showcase fast transformation clips of trash-to-treasure projects.
  • Result: The eco-friendly angle, combined with the beauty of the final products, garnered a lot of interest and sales from eco-conscious home enthusiasts.

10. Aaron’s Plant-Based Snacks on TikTok

a picture showing the importance of short video marketing

  • Background: Aaron, a chef, created a line of delicious plant-based snacks.
  • Ad Activities: On TikTok, he showcased quick recipes using his snacks, proving plant-based can be delectable.
  • Result: Health-conscious and curious eaters, tempted by the mouth-watering visuals, tried and subsequently raved about his products.

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The art of short video marketing: final takeaway

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