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Here Are Top Niches On Amazon To Succeed In 2022 And Beyond

by Laurence L. | | 4 min read

Say hi to high traffic and sales. Doing online business is all about having the right product at the right time and place, and for the right people. When you’re on Amazon, one of THE most-shopped online destinations, it makes it ten-fold in importance to sell the right stuff – so you can see high order volume and page visits. We’ve prepared for you a list of top niches on Amazon you should definitely give a try in 2022 and beyond!

Top niches on Amazon that will make you rich

There are so many categories of items on a massive marketplace like Amazon. And it is no surprise, given the platform recorded over $469 billion in sales for 2021.

When you’re trying to start up a business of your own, it may be hard to decide what niche to settle on (especially if you don’t have a preference, or just want something that makes money). But let us give some quick pointers. Today, let’s dive into some of the top niches on Amazon in 2022.

Smartphone Accessories

a picture showing an example of top niches on Amazon - it is phone cases

One of the top categories on Amazon, accessories for smartphones is a huge category that covers anything from charging cables, phone holders, pop sockets, and other trinkets. If you think about it, it makes sense that there is constant demand for smartphone accessories. After all, so many people use them (Statista projects 7.7 billion users worldwide by 2027.)

Take smartphone covers, for instance. What makes phone covers so great is there is so much variety. Cases are selected by phone-make and model, followed by level of protection, material, and pattern. Whether a customer wants something clear and see-through, private and proactive, or loud and bold in color, phone cases offer a plethora of options for shoppers. And demand will always be there as smartphone models evolve over time.

Baby Products

a picture showing top selling items on Amazon - it is baby products

Another niche where the target is ever growing, baby stuff, is a hot destination on Amazon. We’re talking essentials like baby wipes and diapers. We can even see, in fact, that 8/10 the top 10 best-sellers for baby items consist of these very items.

If you’re looking to be a reseller on Amazon or are trying to venture into baby goods as a brand, finding a hold of this baby product niche can be very helpful in securing heavy sales. Because babies are born everyday, baby goods will always be in demand with constant searches.

Bedroom Decor

a picture showing what to sell online right now - it is bedding sets

Get comfy and settled in a new dorm room or new apartment thanks to all the soft things like mattresses, duvets, blankets, and more – all on Amazon. Bedding is often groaned as a very expensive area of expenditure (here is why it’s so pricey), but Amazon makes for a highly-searched shopping destination for these necessities, notably due to savings and aggressive pricing. Amazon also opens up a much larger selection of options that can greatly outnumber that of a physical retail store. If you’re into home goods as a brand or generally want a very focused item selection, bedding can be a goldmine of a niche.

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

a picture showing kitchen tools trending on Amazon

If bedding is a hot niche on Amazon, it should come as little surprise that kitchen gear such as storage solutions and tools are just as popular. With a wide selection and very cost-comparative listings, Amazon’s category of cooking and entertaining essentials sees much interest – and is great to consider as a niche if you’re looking to sell kitchen tools and accessories.

Gardening Gear

a picture showing gardening gear as top niches on Amazon

Got a green thumb? So have millions worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 put in motion a huge surge in demand for planting, greenery, and just growing one’s own crops. As a result, the gardening-product niche boomed greatly, with high sales, searches, and buzz. Speaking of searches, the below Google Trends query even shows a continued increase (worldwide) in gardening interest:

Electronic Work/Game Accessories

a picture showing gaming accessories trending on the market right now

Headphones. They’re essential for work and play. From Zoom calls with colleagues to intense battle sessions with friends, premium, quality sound is always a must-have. Although we are years into the pandemic (and slugging our way out of it), remote work and online gaming are pandemic-spawned habits that are here to stay.

In fact, we can see in the Google Trends result below that the search volume for headphones and Amazon are pretty steady, with incremental increases throughout the past few years. This tells you that if you’re considering electronic accessories (for work or gaming), headphones are a worthy product to consider.

And there you have it – some top, well-to-do niches that see many hits, buys, and shares on Amazon in 2022 so far. These niches represent just a couple of top niches on Amazon you can take into thought for creating a brand of your own that will sell on Amazon, or to use as inspiration as a reseller on the platform. Don’t you know that now you have a chance to easily start a seven-figure business on Amazon? Check the solutions we all have been waiting for — Amazon business setup for Premium Products by Sellvia!

by Laurence L.
Laurence is a copywriter and editor at Sellvia. Having graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, he has worked in marketing and ecommerce for over 8 years. He loves to educate and teach audiences about tips for ecommerce and social media marketing.
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