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Expectations VS Reality: The Truth About High Ticket Dropshipping From Ecom Expert Joe Verschoor

by Roman P. | | 5 min read

In the fast-paced world of dropshipping, where people are looking for ways to make money selling things online, there are both good and bad things about selling expensive products. These high-priced items offer a different kind of challenge in the world of dropshipping, so you need to be careful and think carefully about your strategy.

Today, we’ll hear from Joe Verschoor, a master of dropshipping. Let’s see what advice this online business owner has for us.

Joe’s word of advice

One of the biggest challenges for beginners is finding suppliers who are willing to work with them. Because new businesses don’t have a history of sales or a proven track record, many suppliers might not be interested in partnering with them. It can be discouraging, and you might have to reach out to a lot of suppliers before you find a few that are a good fit. But remember, it’s important to manage your expectations. Not everyone will say yes right away, but as your business grows and you gain more experience, you’ll have more leverage and options.

picture of a tired entrepreneur behind a computer

Now, let’s talk about advertising. When I first started, I thought that all I had to do was run some ads and the sales would just automatically come in. I was definitely wrong!

It took me a while to figure out why my ads weren’t working. Luckily, a friend gave me some honest feedback and pointed out all the mistakes I was making. It was a bit of a wake-up call, but it really helped me improve my advertising strategies.

The bottom line is that e-commerce is not easy, especially for beginners. It takes hard work, patience, and a constant willingness to learn and improve. But most importantly, you need to find good partners, like reliable suppliers. Your experiences with finding suppliers and learning from your advertising mistakes will teach you valuable lessons. Remember, it’s all about managing your expectations and being open to feedback.

The truth about passive income

High-ticket dropshipping sounds great for making money without putting in constant effort, right? You set up your store, and the money keeps flowing in even while you sleep or work on other projects. Plus, you can reach customers all over the world, boosting your earning potential. However, it’s important to remember that success isn’t guaranteed.

picture of ecommerce

While you can automate some tasks, it’s not a completely hands-off business. Building trust and relationships with customers takes time and effort. And if you don’t find a reliable supplier, all those responsibilities fall on you.

what is a passive side hustle

To be honest, high-ticket dropshipping isn’t easy. But if you’re ready to face the challenges and put in the hard work, it can be very rewarding. The e-commerce world has a lot to teach, but with the ability to adapt and a strong work ethic, you can achieve success.

Why high-ticket dropshipping is worth it


While high-ticket dropshipping can be tricky, it offers a very profitable path for those willing to learn the ropes.

What are “high-ticket” products?


Think fancy watches, expensive electronics, or designer furniture – these items have hefty price tags, often in the hundreds or even thousands. Compared to cheaper products, the initial investment might be higher, but the profit margins are much bigger too.

Why are they so appealing?

picture of people pointing at the screen

Selling just a few high-ticket items can bring in way more money than selling a bunch of low-cost ones. This means less time managing inventory and shipping, freeing you up to focus on other parts of your business.

Customers trust established brands


High-ticket products often come from well-known names or are connected with quality and luxury. This can lead to more customers buying from you and coming back for more, which means even more profit in the long run.

Dropshipping makes it easier

Photo of a woman with packages

You don’t need to buy a huge stock of expensive items upfront, or worry about storing and shipping them. Instead, you can partner with suppliers who handle that side of things, while you focus on marketing and selling. This makes it easier for new entrepreneurs to enter the high-ticket niche without needing a lot of money to start.

It’s not easy, but it can be very rewarding


While high-ticket dropshipping has its challenges, the potential rewards make it a very attractive option for entrepreneurs. However, the last sentence about a specific dropshipping platform is considered promotional and is not included in this rewritten version.

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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