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What is dropshipping?

In dropshipping, your sell products that you don't physically own. When there's an incoming order, you redirect the details to your supplier. They take care of inventory management, storage, packing, and delivering the product directly to the customer.

  • Low start-up costs

    Dropshipping requires minimal upfront investment as you only purchase products after customers place orders.

  • Ease of operation

    The supplier handles inventory, packing, and shipping, so you can focus more on marketing and customer service.

  • Flexibility

    You can operate your dropshipping business from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a great side hustle.

  • Wide product selection

    Without upfront inventory costs, you can offer a wider range of products and test different markets risk-free.

How does dropshipping work?

Forget about upfront inventory costs and shipping logistics. With dropshipping, products are directly dispatched from your wholesaler to your customers.


Your customer makes a purchase from your online store


Your store automatically forwards the order to your dropshipping supplier


Your dropshipping supplier promptly prepares your customer's order


Your dropshipping supplier ships the order straight to your customer's doorstep

Who we are

AliDropship is a worldwide leader in turnkey dropshipping business development. Since 2016, we have created more than 200,000 dropshipping stores for clients across 175 countries.

But we don't just create stores for our clients. We also operate numerous of our own dropshipping businesses, which allow us to test products, learn new strategies, and share our experience with the community.

From dropshipping software development to marketing services and US-located fulfillment centers, AliDropship provides you with all the necessary tools to run your business with no hassle.

  • 200,000+

    businesses created

  • 175


  • US $1,2 Bln

    sales made by our clients

Making dropshipping available for everyone

Our mission is to bridge the gap between ambition and success by providing turnkey dropshipping businesses, thus creating equal opportunities for entrepreneurs around the globe. We believe in the power of ecommerce as a vehicle for economic growth and personal freedom.

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How to get sales

Let us show you how to make $30,000/month and more with your turnkey dropshipping store

Paid ads

Paid advertising is an efficient and quick way to attract potential customers to your ecommerce store

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are powerful tools for increasing the visibility of your dropshipping business.


By listing your products on Amazon, you gain access to a vast and varied audience of potential buyers, many of which trust Amazon as their go-to online shopping platform.

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Give your venture a head start with the right promo strategy – made exclusively for your store

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    You'll receive the exact promo campaigns that have been brilliantly working for us. Each campaign includes creative video ads, detailed targeting settings, and a comprehensive strategy.

  • $15,000/month – average profit potential

    Each of these promo campaigns can bring you $15,000 each month. Simply utilize the proven advertizing strategies that have been multiply tested by us.

  • No experience required

    Launch highly profitable promo campaigns, even without any prior experience. Simply follow our detailed, step-by-step instructions to boost your sales.

  • Save time and money

    You don't need to spend tons of time and money figuring out how to promote your store – simply use what has already proven to work.

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Expand your dropshipping business to Amazon

Reap all the mindblowing benefits of the #1 marketplace in the world at once!

  • Access to 300 million active customers

    Introduce your brand and products to Amazon's vast audience of active and loyal consumers

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    This is exactly how much a new Amazon seller makes annually (on average).

  • Start selling within 24 hours

    Our Amazon business package includes detailed instructions, product import files, and a promotional guide to help you start selling in no time.

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Attract loads of buyers with Social Media Packages

Get your business accounts professionally created and promoted – from launch and design to stunning content and advertising!

  • Streams of traffic & sales

    Engaging social media users is vital for any ecommerce business success, and a smart SMM strategy can do magic!

  • Great brand image

    Businesses with vibrant social accounts arouse trust and loyalty – so people feel safer when buying from them

  • Zero effort from you

    We do all the heavy lifting. Just welcome the shoppers from social media and watch your revenue grow

SEO Packages that grow your store’s traffic and revenue

If you're looking for serious business growth – SEO is the strategy for you. Why does it work? Simple! It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your store, and takes them there

  • Free organic traffic

    Driving engaged visitors to your site is the key to your business success. With us, you’ll reach it effortlessly

  • Evergrowing profits

    Stable traffic means a stable stream of sales. Hire us once and see for yourself!

  • White hat SEO

    We use only safe and ethical SEO tactics, which comply with the quality guidelines of search engine operators

Maximize your profits with the Promo Tools Bundle!

We’ll turn your store into a powerful sales-generating machine, fully automated and completely leveled up

  • Conversion boost

    Smart promo tools use the most effective marketing strategies so that no visitor leaves your store empty-handed

  • Higher order value

    A whole variety of irresistible offers appearing on your site will motivate customers to buy more products per purchase

  • Automated solutions

    Your store triggers sales and grows your revenue on autopilot: once set up, the Bundle will convert your shoppers for years

Convert your shoppers into buyers with the Email Marketing Setup service

Discover the promotion channel that brings you profits for YEARS, with zero effort from your side!

  • Lifelong operation

    A special lead-generation system collects your visitors’ emails and immediately starts an email campaign

  • Repeat purchases

    Great email copy re-engages your customers and brings them back to your online store again and again

  • Full automation

    Email series (follow-ups) trigger sales on autopilot: once set up, they will convert your shoppers for years

Get a massive boost in profits with the Brand Awareness & Promotion Service

Grow your online presence to the maximum, with wide exposure and a flood of buyers coming to your site!

  • Vast exposure

    Profit from the readership and authority our partnered sites have built up over many years

  • Motivated buyers

    Drive waves of qualified visitors to your store by publishing on high-traffic platforms

  • 100% hassle-free

    We’ll get your brand featured on the world’s top resources, all with zero effort from your side

Your personal manager is here to guide you!

By purchasing any service you need, you get a dedicated personal assistant to help you with everything:

  • 24/7 technical support
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  • Answering all of your questions
  • Help with payment gateways
  • Personal business recommendations

Here's what our clients say:

“It's not just about the money for me. It feels like I bought a lifestyle.”
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“What’s your rate, from 1 to 10? I’d rate 11.”
“It's really, really exciting and interesting, and it keeps me going on a daily basis.”
“You guys literally do everything. It’s like having somebody hold your hand through the whole process.”
“I don't have to go out and work for “the man”. I have much more freedom.”