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Whatever is your ecommerce background or IT experience, we’ve got you covered! Have an online store already? Boost it with Sellvia! A total newcomer with no store yet? Pick Sellvia PRO and benefit from this all-in-one solution!


What is Sellvia?

It’s a one-of-a-kind ecommerce ecosystem that will boost your business and give you lots of mind-blowing benefits like: 1-3 business days shipping across the US, unlimited access to tons of proven bestsellers (stored in our California fulfilment center), ready-to-go promo materials, low prices allowing great profit margins, stellar product pages and even an option to save up to 90% on your personal shopping!

To which countries (and FROM which countries) can I sell with Sellvia?

YOU personally can live in any corner of the world with a stable internet connection. But Sellvia is designed to serve the US shoppers only. Just target your advertizing at the Americans, sell them your products and we'll take care of the packing and shipment. Your US customers will be happy to get their orders within just 1-3 business days and your venture will flourish!

Can I cancel my subscription if I don't like Sellvia?

Sure! You can cancel your subscription anytime. But we're sure you'll appreciate how incredibly easy it is to start, manage and grow your ecommerce business with Sellvia – and will stay with us for a long time.

Why do you need my credit card info?

When your free Sellvia trial is over, the price of the chosen plan will be written off your card automatically. So, despite the fact that you don't pay a cent at the moment of subscribing, we need to be sure your card is valid for the future fees.

What exactly do I get with the Sellvia PRO plan?

You get a turnkey online store built according to your preferences and packed with 50 hot products – all for FREE, under the sole condition of subscribing to Sellvia PRO (with a comfortable free trial).

What do I need to get a turnkey store included in the Sellvia PRO plan?

Just subscribe to Sellvia PRO, then fill out a short survey to let us know your preferences regarding your store's niche, design and domain name.

How soon will I get my turnkey store?

Your store will be ready and handed to you within 1 business day after the survey's submission.

Do I have to install anything when I subscribe to Sellvia PRO?

No! You get a 100% ready ecommerce store with all the necessary software already installed. The only thing you should do is register with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe) – only the store owner has the right to do it. But don't worry – it's painless and will take no more than 5 minutes!

Do I need IT experience to manage my store?

No. Our software and the store dashboard are so handy and user-friendly that even a kid can handle it all with no effort.

Do I need some special technical equipment to manage my store?

No way. You can operate from any place and any device: a PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.

What do I need for my business launch with the Sellvia PRO?

Apart from a computer and internet, the only thing you’ll need is the turnkey ecommerce store (that we'll build for you) with up-and-running payment gateways and the activated Sellvia PRO plan. Once you have these, you can start driving people to your online store with the help of our ready-to-go marketing materials provided for every product in your catalog.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Sure! We have a first-class support team who will be happy to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just contact us here!
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