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200 high-ticket products for the highest profit

With such products you can earn up to $5k per every sale

Art Deco Chandelier

Art Deco Chandelier

Sellvia price $500
Retail price $2,294
Your profit $1,794
Our clients have earned with this product: $1,501,368
Luxury King Bed

Luxury King Bed

Sellvia price $1,550
Retail price $3,049.99
Your profit $1,499.99
Our clients have earned with this product: $1,099,780
Luxurious Bubble Cloud Sofa

Luxurious Bubble Cloud Sofa

Sellvia price $950
Retail price $2,199.99
Your profit $1,249.99
Our clients have earned with this product: $995,148

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30 top quality SEO articles for effective promotion

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  • 30 articles We professionally write a ton of unique SEO articles to make you rank higher on Google
  • Huge sales potential Sold 2 high-ticket products? You’ve already made more than US lawyers make monthly!
  • 100% automated promotion Unlike other methods, SEO promotion works on autopilot once done, plus, it's almost free
  • Lifelong effect Professional organic promotion has a long-term effect and works for years on its own

1,000 best-selling products for tons of sales

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Best сonverting Sellvia theme. Guaranteed.

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  • The ultimate mobile experience​ Not just optimized for mobile but built for mobile
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  • Premium products require premium looks No other theme matches high-ticket stores so perfectly

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The package includes 200 products that give maximum profit potential possible, with margins of up to $5,000 per 1 sale

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What niches does this New Year's Special Product Pack include?

The package includes the best converting store theme, 200 high-ticket dropshipping products that allow up to $5,000 margins, and 1,000 products from several most profitable niches, among them are auto, gadgets, home & living, sports and outdoors, pet care, lighting, fashion, kitchen, health & beauty, gardening, kids & babies.

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping is a dropshipping business model that implies selling top quality, high-end items online. You source your products from a supplier who ships products directly to your customer on your behalf and sell these products in your online store at a much higher price that might exceed the supplier’s price up to 10 times.

In what countries can I sell these products?

Dropshipping business model gives you full freedom to sell your products online from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Our best dropshipping product pack for 2024 ensures you’ll enjoy the most profit potential with whatever region you’re targeting.

How do I promote these products?

To get your business promoted on a professional level it is required to not only have top-selling products but to have them accompanied by the compelling descriptions that sell organically on their own. That’s how you make sure your products sell – they include the right call-to-actions, catchy visuals and keywords to comply with what people are looking for online. Of course, all other methods then are going to work effectively, too, whether it’s paid or non-paid promotion channels.

Are these dropshipping products good for newbies?

These are not just good, but required for those who’re just starting out. It’s hard to understand the overall market trends, consumers demand and profit potential in the beginning of your ecommerce journey. That’s why to avoid spending your budget in vain it’s better to entrust your product choice to the industry experts who know what sells and what doesn’t, no guesswork here.

How much can I make with these products?

The profit potential is unlimited, but according to our estimations, the profit is going to be at least 10 times multiplied with the most viral and top-selling products as their profit potential is already proven and tested. While average dropshippers don’t make more than $100K a year, because of their limited product choice and vague marketing strategy. With the best-selling product selection for 2024 you avoid these obstacles to reach the maximum profit.