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Get viral

You get everything to go viral on TikTok and receive tons of views, customers and of course, profit

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Be among the first few lucky people to own a TikTok dropshipping store with viral products, bomb engagement videos and top promotion strategy

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Getting on TikTok with the right products, videos and targeting means getting on the #1 social media platform with paying customers and no limits for profit

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No need for finding what works and what doesn’t - get all the promotion campaign settings and materials you need

Paying customers

Gone the times when TikTok was an app for teens: now it’s one of the top places to get loyal customers eager to make impulse purchases and pay you

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TikTok is the epicenter of online impulse purchases, customers there are already waiting to buy the products you’re going to sell

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You don't depend on anyone else's rules or limits and can do whatever you want with your store. You can customize and upgrade your site — or even sell it.

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Your dedicated manager will guide you through every step of your turnkey store creation, answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.

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We’ve thoroughly analyzed the market and tested tons of niches in hundreds of our own dropshipping stores to choose the best one and deliver it within this service

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With the selection of viral TikTok products enhanced with professional store design and functionality you get multiple times higher ecommerce revenues

Lifetime support

Ordering a TikTok dropshipping store from us, you can count on our technical help, advice and free software updates, no matter when you made your purchase.

High-margin products

We’ll pack your store’s catalog with the top-performing and most in-demand TikTok items that ensure triggering impulse purchases.

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Learn more about TikTok dropshipping

What is TikTok dropshipping?

TikTok dropshipping is a dropshipping business model that implies selling the most viral, and, as a consequence, highly profitable items online. You source your products from a supplier who ships products directly to your customer on your behalf and sell these products in your online store at a higher price, using the power of TikTok organic promotion for profit growth.

Why is TikTok dropshipping more profitable than ordinary dropshipping?

With ordinary dropshipping you never know what products to sell and whether they are going to sell well or not, will it be a couple of impulse sales or a stable sales season. With TikTok dropshipping you don’t play those games but literally make money on hype: you just take the most viral products that generate millions of TikTok views, likes and clients in your store.

How much will I make with TikTok dropshipping?

Every business is unique, but given $100,000 per year that ordinary dropshippers make on average with non-viral products, you’re going to beat that number multiple times thanks to the power of organic TikTok promotion.

How to become a TikTok dropshipper?

For this purpose you need TikTok products that have been viral for a long period of time yet still are at the peak of their popularity to ensure stable sales. Plus, you need high-quality product videos and a fully-functional dropshipping store with pages that convert – these 2 things are basically what’s needed to ride the hype and profit wave of TikTok dropshipping.

What are the best TikTok dropshipping niches?

Don’t think of niches here: think of the most viral products. By limiting yourself with niches you can’t succeed in TikTok dropshipping: all you need to care about is particular (most viral) TikTok products and most catchy visuals within your content strategy. And that’s exactly what TikTok Dropshipping product packages by Sellvia provide.