1-3 business days shipping across the US
We process all orders within 24 hours and deliver them to your customers in a flash. Just show it in your store with our smart Fast Shipping badges – and beat the competition!
Prices lower than on AliExpress
Over the years, we’ve established direct connections with trusted manufacturers in dropshipping to let you enjoy lower purchase prices and maximum profit margins.
Only winning products in stock
Every item we offer is on top of the latest trends and has proven to rake in huge sales. Each product comes with a top-quality product page and (soon to come) ready-to-go marketing campaigns.
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You can browse our catalog before subscribing to see the products we are offering. No registration is needed. For full functionality, install Sellvia on your online store and work like a PRO!

How it works:

1 out of 5
Install Sellvia onto your online store and import our bestsellers in one click
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Launch ready marketing campaigns created exclusively for these items
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Sell products from your store, and have orders automatically redirected to us
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We process your orders, pack the items, and ship them directly to your customers
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You enjoy a boost in sales, and customers – a super-fast delivery

Why fast shipping across the US is vital for your success

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Repeated purchases from happy shoppers
w1 Customers who are satisfied with your products and delivery time will buy from you again. Their loyalty is a strong foundation for the growth of your business. Besides, re-engagement of an existing customer costs five times less than acquiring a completely new customer.
Far less refunds
w2 If your buyers wait too long for their order delivery, they will likely request a refund. Long delivery times may lead to a 10% refund rate (or higher). Fast shipping lets you avoid the risk of losing a significant part of your profits and keep customers happy.
No issues with payment gateways
w3 All payment processors have procedures to help prevent fraud and protect buyers. They may place a hold or restrict your account activity based on your order tracking info and other inspection results. If multiple customers file for a refund, dispute, or chargeback due to long delivery times, it can also delay the availability of your funds. With Sellvia, you won’t have any of these problems.
High quality score on Facebook & Instagram
w4 As you might know, these social platforms hold random surveys of customers who have shopped online to learn their opinion about a brand and its service. If your shoppers give negative feedback about you, your page ranking can drop and your ads and Facebook Products usage can be restricted or blocked.

Grow your sales by 45% with Fast Shipping badges

Sellvia’s 1-3 days delivery across the US is your HUGE benefit in the eyes of your customers. Just highlight it with catchy delivery badges! Enable this option on your product pages and see your store conversions blast off!

Here’s why we are your best choice:

the prices
product pages
the package
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Install Sellvia on your online store and enjoy:

One-click imports from our catalog
Automated order placement
High-converting product pages
New, hot products every week
Sales-boosting Fast Shipping badges
Handy catalog presets
For only US $39/mo

Ten more reasons to choose Sellvia as your US-based dropshipping supplier

All items are in physical stock in our own fulfillment center and are shipped within 24 hours
Your customers get their tracking number(s) immediately after their order is shipped
We provide a high-quality description for every product – just import it to your store
The whole shipping process is easily tracked all the way to the final destination
Attractive product bundles motivate your shoppers to buy MORE items at a time
We create money-making, ready-to-go marketing campaigns for every product
All your orders are processed automatically, regardless of their quantity
Every 7 days, you find the week’s top-selling products right in your dashboard
Our catchy, customized Fast Shipping badges increase your profits by up to 45%
We provide ready Catalog presets to let you build your product offer in just a few clicks

Any questions about ecommerce business?

We’ll be happy to answer in detail!