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4th of July Sales: Key Figures That Will Change Your Mind Once And For All

by Artemis K. | | 5 min read

Do you know what business owners often say? When you run a business, it’s essential to show up at the right place at the right time. The point is a news hook is one of the most efficient marketing instruments whatever business you run. I would add to this statement that you need to make the right decisions beyond time and places. When a holiday is coming, a business owner either misses something important and ends up with nothing or focuses effort in the right direction and boosts a business easily. This is all about 4th of July sales as well.

Now we’re on the brink of July, 4, or Independence Day. This date has great potential for your business growth, so we wish to tell you why you should pay attention to it and what 4th of July sales means for each and every business owner regarding ethics and efficiency. Spoiler: speaking about Independence Day, its potential for your business growth is over the roof!

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What does Independence Day mean for business owners?

It’s Independence Day coming! How much of this phrase is for each American. This is a special day in the USA as in 1776, the United States got their independence that is now reflected in every citizen. Speaking about special dates, they require special preparations.

Americans are one, patriotic people.

So if you run a business or dream of that, this is a win-win-solution for you: this is a chance for you to both do good helping people feel the holiday spirit, and also gain profit out of that. Great, isn’t it?

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If we speak about adapting your business to Independence Day, it’s quite ethical footprint matters. If you’re a patriot of your country, any independence day related activities that are must-have for you will bring you moral satisfaction.

However, if you’re used to handling figures and you still doubt your potential profit related to 4th of July sales, feel free to learn more about the statistics you’ll definitely be surprised by!

Key figures on the 4th of July sales: statistics that will change your mind

Statistically speaing, it’s quite profitable to adapt your business to 4th of July sales or even start your business in the run-up to Independence Day.

Are you eager to do good in this world and share your emotions and vision with other people?

News hook is one of the most powerful sales boost instruments. Moreover, they are even more powerful if we speak about such significant events as Independence  Day.

According to the polls, about 90% of the US population will celebrate Independence Day this year. Just imagine!

  • Large target audience

a picture showing how much people are involved in 4th of July sales

Almost all the US citizens celebrate the 4th of July. Last year, 84% of the US population was involved in Independence Day celebrations. We’re now speaking about over 200 million people! Your potential target audience is huge, isn’t it?

  • Sense of patriotism

All Americans are patriots: over 85 percent of Americans consider themselves very patriotic. Meanwhile, 63% of them have patriotic accessories like national flags, apparel, etc. Seems like an evergreen niche, doesn’t it?

  • Proud to be American

Beyond feeling patriotic, this is a feeling of national identity that matters: 43% of Americans are extremely proud to be an American and eager to express their national identity. This is the reason why patriotic merchandise before 4th of July is of particular concern to the biggest part of the American population. Beyond this, the 18-54 age group is the most active one!

  • High purchasing power

a picture showing average spending per person on Independence Day


Why do we always recommend that you start a business in the USA? Beyond other benefits, the American population presents a group of people with very high purchasing power. Last year, each American spent about $74,22 on Independence Day. Doesn’t it sound convincing? Now remember  that about 210 million of US citizens were shopping online last year, before Independence Day! Actually, you’re on the verge of helping other people and gaining profit out of that. Moreover, absolutely different products are in strong demand.

  • Lots of different products in demand

a picture showing a sense of patriotism before 4th of July sales

Patriotic merchandise is the best way of self-expression on Independence day! Right, more than half of the US population is eager to buy national flags, apparel, bumper stickers, etc. In fact, there’s more!

  • Special activities on a special day

a picture showing American typical activities on the 4th of July

How do Americans celebrate the 4th of July? Actually, it’s not hard to imagine: they go in for barbecue! In most cases, they celebrate Independence Day at home or by visiting their friends and relatives. As we know, you’re the person to take care of yourself, so you need to prepare everything necessary for celebration. Would you like to stand out and make a difference? Then, it’s high time to adapt your product range for the 4th of July sales and make a fortune!

From Sellvia, you can source hundreds of high-quality Independence Day related products to let people get what they lack, and get an opportunity to express themselves. But there’s more.

Independence can’t be achieved with an “every man for himself” attitude. We have to work together for independence to be possible! – Erika Jo Hellbusch

Each business owner’s duty within a pre-holiday season is to help other people have perfect celebrations among friends and relatives who wish to share with them their feeling of unity and pride in their country. By the way, for you as an entrepreneur, this is a win-win solution: you do good for others and gain profit from that. Moreover, now you have a chance to express your own vision: Sellvia has launched a new service related to unique product development — it’s Premium Products!

Are you eager to spread your own vision through the one-of-a-kind products related to Independence Day to boost your business with 4th of July sales? Book a free call with our business advisors who are eager to help you do something that really matters!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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