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What Makes Sellvia’s Products The Best Items To Dropship?

by Olga L. | | 5 min read

Our team carefully selects each product you can find in Sellvia catalog. We use a number of criteria in order to provide you with the best items to dropship. Here’s what makes them so good!

All aspects of your online store are important. Website design, the store’s name, SEO elements, and even the banners on the home page. All of these serve the ultimate goal of your business – to satisfy customers.

But without top-selling products, these elements are useless.

That’s why with Sellvia, you can not only benefit from fast US delivery but also find dozens of dropshipping goods that will skyrocket your business’ growth rate.

So, what makes Sellvia’s products so attractive for dropshipping store owners?

Our products enjoy high demand

On the one hand, the dropshipping business model lets you experiment with various products until you find a profitable dropshipping niche. Since you don’t have to buy inventory in advance, the cost of such experiments is pretty low.

On the other hand, finding the best items to dropship can take a long time. And that’s what Sellvia can help you with.

To provide you with the best dropshipping goods, our team thoroughly checks how popular a potential product is.

For this purpose, the team uses a number of methods and tools:

  • Google Trends shows how search volume changes over time. So we can tell if a given product is gaining popularity.

Sellvia’s team checks all product ideas in Google Trends to find the best items to dropship

  • With AdSpy, we can see what dropshippers advertise on Facebook and Instagram. These social media are great platforms for business, so trending products get there almost immediately after they show up on the market and can easily be identified as the best items to dropship.

To find the best products to dropship, Sellvia’s team uses AdSpy

  • We also find similar or identical items on Amazon and check how many people buy them.

Sellvia’s team compares product ideas with similar or identical goods on Amazon to find the best products to dropship

Based on this information, we can tell if a product idea is worth to be added to Sellvia’s catalog.

We also carefully read customer reviews on all platforms. This way we can confirm that buyers are really happy with the purchase and understand what makes these particular goods so attractive.

These are products with huge potential

The demand for a given item depends on how many people want it and how much. Some businesses sell products belonging to a narrow niche to a limited audience. Doing so makes it easier to reach your audience. But such niches feature an extremely high level of competition.

That’s why Sellvia’s team focuses on products that can be bought by almost anyone. For example, take a look at this toilet brush.

This toilet brush is one of Sellvia’s best dropshipping products

Can you imagine a person who doesn’t use a toilet brush? Moreover, many American families live in big houses that have two or even three bathrooms. And of course, most house owners prefer having the same household goods in each bathroom.

As a result, you can potentially sell two or three of these products to each American household. That’s millions of potential clients!

The goods in Sellvia’s catalog enjoy high demand as they belong to broad niches

Furthermore, with so many potential customers on the market, one shouldn’t worry about competition from other dropshipping businesses, large marketplaces, or local retailers. Even if there are thousands of other sellers on the market, there’s still room for your online store.

There are useful tools and products with strong emotional value

Another feature of Sellvia’s catalog is that it contains a lot of useful products. What’s so important about it?

When it comes to advertising, it’s actually pretty difficult to convince a person to buy something he or she doesn’t need. But if your offer can really change somebody’s life for the better, advertising becomes a piece of cake.

A lot of products listed in our catalog feature useful functions that are clear for any customer. A short video on how an item works or even a single picture is enough to get potential customers interested.

Another part of our inventory may lack functionality, but these goods feature strong emotional value which can easily trigger impulse purchases. In other words, often people buy such products right after seeing them in an ad without thinking about the price.

Useful products and goods with strong emotional value are the best items to dropship

Dropshipping from Sellvia is more profitable compared to AliExpress

One can achieve high-profit margins only by purchasing products from suppliers at low prices. From this perspective, AliExpress is a good choice for dropshippers. That’s why many dropshipping businesses buy products there.

But if you want to reduce the shipping time, you’ll have to use paid delivery. In most cases, it’ll add another $10, $20, or even $30 to your products’ price. Despite that, shipping will still take at least one week.

Comparison of prices on Sellvia and AliExpress

In addition, our team always looks for special products featuring an unusual, unique, or innovative design or functions. These are the best items to dropship because you can ask for a much higher price. And people will still pay!

For example, this robot cameraman can track movements and follow objects automatically. It’s super useful for video bloggers, extreme sports lovers, parents with children, and pretty much anyone who likes taking videos.

This robot cameraman is an example of an innovative product for which you charge a good price

It costs only $30.99, but as a retailer, you can ask for a much higher price because buyers won’t mind paying more for such a cool device.

Sellvia products can compete with Amazon

Competition is one of the most common problems of dropshipping stores selling items in the US. Particularly, one has to compete with Amazon’s relatively low prices and fast delivery.

Dropshipping goods from Sellvia will make your offers as good as Amazon’s.

Let me remind you that buying a feeding spoon from us will cost you $14.49 (shipping included). Compare this to what Amazon offers:

Comparison of prices on Sellvia and Amazon

We control the quality of all goods

Sellvia’s team checks all products when they arrive at our warehouses

Another common problem in dropshipping is that you can’t control the quality of products. Even if you find the best items to dropship, you can’t see or touch them.

Before adding a product to our catalog, we order samples to make sure their quality is high enough. Moreover, when we receive a consignment of goods, our team checks random samples to make sure your clients will not get defective products.

In our catalog, you will find only the best items to dropship. These products enjoy high demand and can be sold to almost any audience. Thanks to low prices and fast delivery, they can successfully compete with large retailers and bring you good profit margins. All this makes Sellvia an ideal solution for your dropshipping business.

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
James Harper March 22, 2021 0:06:53

I would like to learn more information on the Sellvia.
(have store already, and dropshiping in US only)

Yaroslav May 6, 2021 10:27:40

Feel free to contact us support@sellvia.com

Bjoltkae Parker April 2, 2022 20:58:22

I anticipate Sellvia to be my best e-commerce organization

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