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Your Key To A Successful Custom Pet Products Business [Owners’ Secrets]

by Olga L. | | 7 min read

Starting an online pet store with dropshipping can be a profitable venture despite the high level of competition in the industry. One of the benefits of this niche is the high level of engagement from buyers who are willing to spend more on the best products for their pet friends. To capitalize on this, it’s important to offer a unique and diverse product selection, as well as fast delivery options. That’s why it’s a winning idea to consider selling custom pet products: the best part is, you don’t even have to manufacture them yourself!

How to start with your custom pet products business: research the market

When starting a dropshipping business for pet supplies, it’s important to carefully research and understand your target market. Dropshipping allows you to reach customers all over the world and choose he most promising market in terms of buyers’ engagement.

In the United States, for example, 85 million families own a pet and spent $75 billion on pet products in 2019, with 77% of millennials preferring to buy pet supplies online.

By 2023, online sales in this segment are expected to make up 25% of the pet products market in the US.

Therefore, as an owner of a pet products online store targeting the US market, you can expect a steady flow of orders. The key to success here is to offer high-quality products and effectively present them to potential customers. In terms of a competitive offering, custom pet products can be just the thing you’re looking for!

What to include in your custom pet products offering?

So, simply reselling products that are already widely available in other retail stores may not be a sustainable strategy with a pet products business.

A more effective approach is to carefully select unique or niche products that will make your store stand out. This can include specialty items that are hard to find in local stores, or even developing your own custom pet products.

By carefully thinking through your product offering, you can differentiate your store from the competition and attract more customers. So, what do you need to consider here?

Introduce unique products

Carl, an owner of 4 money-making ecommerce stores, has a valuable insight to share – and we just can’t pass it by!

I have a pet supplies store for dog owners, so there are about 118 products from the Sellvia catalog. The store is super new, but I had my first sale within 12 hours of doing my first test – and so, the Sellvia products DO sell!

This is a priceless experience – and an important lesson to learn if you’re planning to sell pet supplies online. Your product line is what differentiates you from other sellers, which is why an outstanding supplier is a must for your business success.

Read Carl’s full business story here and take a moment to watch his interview with even more ecommerce insights:

Arrange fast shipping

Another thriving owner of an online pet suppliers store, Gagandeep stresses the importance of fast shipping for a positive customer experience:

Quality control and fast delivery give me an advantage over competitors. Sellvia shipping is awesome! I am confident in the store, and so are my customers.

Living in Canada, Gagandeep sells pet carriers, sleeping mats, toys, etc. to US buyers successfully. As his store features Sellvia products, the team arranges quick and reliable shipping to any destination to the United States, making it exceptionally easy to run this business from abroad.

Read more about Gagandeep’s business journey here and make sure to watch his video interview:

Work on products presentation

Sharing his ecommerce tips and advice further, Carl adds:

Presently, I am updating product descriptions, compressing and renaming image files, optimizing pages for SEO work and setting up social media accounts to drive organic traffic to the store. However, I am overly positive that within 24 hours of launching ads the store will generate conversions (sales) even in its current state.

Relying on his experience of selling Sellvia products, Carl is confident in the product pages’ selling potential. That’s because the team is committed to providing stellar product descriptions for every item!

Launch unforgettable ads

To spread the word about your stunning products, use social media: in Gagandeep’s experience, it’s an efficient channel for ecommerce business owners.

promote this store on social media and do Facebook ads. Full-scale marketing support makes Sellvia a one-stop solution for all online business owners. It’s an awesome next step for the future of ecommerce.

Interestingly, Carl has a similar experience:

For the pet products store, it’s Facebook and Instagram ads that works best – they do great for gaining web traffic. I also tried TikTok and Google Ads for conversions, but they turned out to have a low profit margin due to the cost of the ads.

And now, when we have the recipe for success laid out in front of us, let’s take a closer look at one-of-a-kind custom pet products you can start selling with Selliva!

Custom pet products by Sellvia: options, designs, ideas

Starting a turnkey ecommerce business wih Sellvia, you explore a rare opportunity to get unique niche products to sell on your online store and on Amazon. Here’s just a handful of spectacular designs we’ve already made for some of the most demanded pet products:

Pet clothes


Pet clothes can be a fantastic choice of a product type to sell online. These don’t only make pets look cute, but also serve a functional purpose, such as keeping them warm during cold weather or protecting them from sunburn.

Many pet owners consider their pets as members of their family and don’t mind spending money on clothing and accessories for them. This can be a unique product that can be targeted to specific niche markets, such as designer dog clothes or clothes for specific breeds.

Pet products for traveling


Keen on traveling with their dogs, people are willing to spend money on products that make the experience more comfortable and convenient for both the pet and the owner. As taking pets on road trips and holidays becomes more common, this provides a good market opportunity for online businesses.

Feeding and watering supplies


Pet feeding accessories are a staple in the pet market and are essential for many pet owners.

There are a wide variety of pet feeding accessories available, which can help to keep your product offerings diverse. As this market segment is not as saturated as other pet product categories, this can give room for a new business to get a foothold in the market.

Beds, mats, and houses


Pet beds, mats, and houses are a popular item to buy online as many pet owners want to provide their furry companions with a convenient place to eat, a cozy place to relax, or a safe place to stay while the pet owner is away.

As pet owners are becoming more conscious about the comfort and well-being of their pets, the demand for pet beds, mats, and houses is increasing. These are not seasonal products, and since they are needed all year round, this can provide a steady revenue stream for the business.

Pet walking accessories


Dog walking supplies are essential for pet owners as they are needed to ensure the safety and comfort of their dogs during the outdoors time. This can be a unique product category that sets your store apart from others and attracts customers looking for specific types of products.

There are a wide variety of pet walking supplies available, such as leashes, collars, harnesses, and reflective gear, which can help to keep your product offerings diverse.

Besides, pet walking supplies are an easy item to add to the cart when buying other pet-related items, which can increase the chances of upselling.

The US market for pet products is one of the biggest in the world and continues to grow, providing a large potential customer base for your business. Now, you have a perfectly clear idea of how to starting an online store within this niche – and fill it with uniquely designd products!

If you’d love to dropship one-of-a kind custom pet supplies no one else sells, consider starting your ecommerce journey with Sellvia! Simply get your turnkey ecommerce business and enjoy excellent store performance and seamless business operations!

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
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