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Don’t Sell These Products For Halloween — Customers Might Not Resist!

by Laurence L. | | 9 min read

Boo — it’s fall, and that means two of the most anticipated holidays of the year — Halloween and Thanksgiving — are just around the corner. As we cruise into October, Halloween, which is October 31st, is on many people’s minds. If you’re thinking of running a general-goods online store or one aimed toward parties or celebrations, you’re in luck! In today’s blog post, let’s take a look at some suitable Halloween products you can easily find on Sellvia and make the most of your Halloween marketing campaign with.

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Skull Air Freshener Duo ($2.99)


Halloween products: skull air fresheners

Let skulls rattle as you twist and turn down the road and highway with this elaborate skull-design air freshener set. With clip-on claws and included fragrance tablets, these skele-buddies are a cinch to use, sure to be appreciated by any guest.

Luna The Black Cat Kitty Pin ($4.49)

Halloween products: enamel black cat pin

Seen as animals of superstition (but also of bad luck), black cats can be frightful to some, but when on this exquisite enamel pin — they’re quite charming. Gift party guests this edgy cat pin for a stylish gesture.

Unicorn Skeleton Earrings ($0.99)

Halloween products: unicorn skeleton earrings

Unicorns are usually magical and whimsical — but this Halloween, take it up a notch with these boned danglers, constructed of zinc alloy. Let your customers add a touch of effortless (but scary) “wow” to their look with these unicorn skeleton earrings!

UFO Earrings ($1.99)

Halloween products: UFO earrings

Take a trip with the extraterrestrial on All Hallows’ Eve! Send out-of-this-world vibes to any look with these layered earrings that depict a UFO abduction.

Skull Earrings ($20.99)

Halloween products: skull earrings

With its grinning teeth and high-arched eyes, this sinister skull doubles the halloween trouble on your ears as two fun, spooky accessories. Brass-and-zirconia construction ensures long-lasting shine and fright to any Halloween look or costume.AGonelife492


Crystal Insect Brooch ($1.49)


With its grinning teeth and high-arched eyes, this sinister skull doubles the halloween trouble on your ears as two fun, spooky accessories. Brass-and-zirconia construction ensures long-lasting shine and fright to any Halloween look or costume.

Astronomical Sphere Ball Ring ($1.49)



Whether you’re dressed in costume as a witch or a wizard, add some spine-tingling flair with the ultra-bright accessory — available in purple, blue, and red. Bring in spectral forces and powers from times past in this mysterious, stylish three-layered ring. It makes a perfect accessory for a gothic or steampunk outfit and can also be worn as a necklace pendant.

Hot Sell Screaming Chicken ($0.99)


On Halloween, decor and props are essential for creating a spooky, festive atmosphere. While we don’t have pumpkin, witch, or ghost stuff (yet), here’s something to help out on your party night. Let out a scream — and stir up fright — with this amusing rubber chicken toy. One squeeze, and this prop toy lets out a shrill screech. This buddy will be the highlight of any walkthrough haunted house or casual throwback.

Pinata Light Clips ($8.49)


Nothing says creepy party time like lights and skulls, right? This festive Mexican-inspired light string with clips can hold polaroids and also just act as spooktacular decor for a counter or living space for entertaining at any Halloween get-together.

Kata Candy Bowls (Set of 4) ($27.99)


Leaving candy out for trick-or-treaters? Play it safe and steer clear of glass or ceramic! Opt for these seasonally-appropriate multi-size bowls made out of handwoven jute, a sturdy plant fiber. These bowls also work great for inside the house for treats as well; their shatter-free build also makes them less of a hazard for those who party too hard…

“Survivor” Garden Marker ($2.49)


Crazy front yard displays are a must for any Halloween. If you’re a festive decorator, consider using this “Survivor” sign for any zombie display or gruesome bloody setup with skeletons and a still-moving body perhaps.

Spider Rattle ($8.49)


Okay — so while technically a baby toy — this plush (yet creepy) bug can do double duty as a tabletop decoration or chill atop a fire mantle for easy Halloween interior decor. Soft cotton yarn allows for a soft touch wherever you place it.

Witch Hat Keychain

a picture introducing a witch hat keychain as a halloween bestseller

A top-seller every October, this witch hat keychain flies off the shelves. A go-to accessory for many looking to infuse Halloween spirit into everyday items.

Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles

a picture introducing top halloween products to sell

Consistently in high demand, the alluring scent of this candle has won over countless homes. The ultimate ambiance setter for autumn nights.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Pendants

a picture showing what to sell for Halloween online

These luminous pendants have been a favorite among night party-goers. Their ghostly glow ensures they’re quickly snapped up as the season approaches.

Bat Wing Headband

a picture showing bat headband to sell before Halloween for profit

Always a hit, this headband adds the perfect Halloween flair. Selling out yearly, it’s a must-have for those seeking a subtle nod to the season.

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

a picture introducing skeleton hand hair clips

A returning favorite, these hair clips have proven to be a popular choice for fashion-forward Halloween lovers. A chic way to incorporate spookiness into daily fashion.

Zombie Enamel Pins

a picture showing what to sell before halloween for profit

With zombie lore ever-popular, these pins are a consistent hit each Halloween. Horror enthusiasts and collectors often seek them out.

Vampire Fang Necklaces

a picture showing one of halloween best-sellers online

Time and again, these necklaces dominate sales. Their timeless allure resonates with countless Halloween aficionados.

Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish

a picture showing how to prepare your store for Halloween

Year after year, this polish proves itself as a must-have. For those looking to make a statement, its eerie glow is a consistent favorite.

Ghostly Wall Decals

a picture showing what people buy online for Halloween

A favorite for quick and effective home transformations. These decals always witness surges in sales as Halloween approaches.

Animated Haunted Portrait

a picture showing animated portrait for halloween to sell online

This portrait continues to be a top-seller. Its unique scare-factor ensures it’s the centerpiece of many Halloween gatherings.

Witch’s Cauldron Candy Holder

a picture showing witch's staff to sell in october

No treat table is complete without this festive bowl, and its sales numbers prove it. An evergreen choice for candy distribution.

Talking Tombstone

a picture showing what is popular online on Halloween

Every year, this interactive scare finds its way into countless yards. Its motion-activated spookiness guarantees it a place in top-selling lists.

Black Cat Door Mat

a picture showing what's always hot online

Cat motifs are always in demand for Halloween. This doormat consistently greets many homes, ensuring its best-seller status.

Pumpkin Fairy Lights

a picture showing one of november's best-sellers

Highly sought after for their whimsical glow, these string lights are a staple in Halloween decor. Their popularity remains undiminished.

Zombie Face Paint Kit

a picture showing a zombie kit for halloween to sell online

Zombie walks and parties ensure this kit’s unwavering demand. An essential for many looking to embrace the undead look.

Steampunk Goggles

a picture showing steampunk googles that are demanded online before halloween

A consistent favorite among alternative and steampunk enthusiasts. Their versatility ensures they’re always in high demand come October.

Skeleton Apron

a picture introducing halloween apron to sell online for profit

For those looking to infuse Halloween into every activity, this apron remains a top choice. Sales peak every year around this season.

a picture showing spooky cutters for kitchen

Bakers and cookie lovers swear by these, ensuring they’re always a top-seller. A must-have for thematic treats.

Blood Splatter Tablecloth

a picture showing what to sell online in autumn -- halloween products

Always a hit at Halloween parties, this tablecloth sets the scene perfectly. Its gory design guarantees its place in the best-selling ranks.

Witch’s Brew Mug

a picture showing witches brew to sell online in november

With witchcraft motifs ever-popular, this mug continually charms its way into homes. A favored choice for those seeking to sip in style.

Inflatable Haunted House Archway

a picture showing how to make your store buzz on Halloween

A grand statement piece that consistently dominates sales. Transforming party spaces year after year, it’s a seasonal must-have.

Skeletal Garden Gnomes

a picture showing how to get your store prepared for holidays

A quirky twist on garden decor, these gnomes always find a home. Their unique design ensures they’re a Halloween favorite.

Hanging Bat Decorations

a picture showing how to make a spooky online store

Essential for creating that haunted feel, these bats are a top pick annually. Their easy installation only boosts their popularity.

Cobweb Stretch Fabric

a picture showing what spooky items to sell online

Year after year, this remains the go-to for quick spooky decor. Its vast applications ensure it’s always in demand.

Dog Dracula Cape

a picture showing what to sell for Halloween in your pet online store

Pet costumes continue to rise in popularity, and this cape leads the pack. For pet owners, it’s a consistent Halloween favorite.

Cat Witch Costume

a picture showing a cat witch costume to sell online this fall

With the internet’s love for cats, this hat is a perennial best-seller. Perfect for that feline Halloween photoshoot.

Spooky Bingo Set

a picture showing a spooky bingo set to sell online

Game nights get a Halloween twist with this set, ensuring its steady sales. An entertainment staple for many Halloween gatherings.

Haunted House Puzzle

a picture showing an example of halloween products

Quiet yet engaging, this puzzle continues to be a favorite activity. Halloween enthusiasts consistently seek it out.

DIY Mask Making Kit

a picture showing a diy mask toolkit that's hot online in november

With a surge in DIY trends, this kit has witnessed booming sales. Perfect for those wanting a unique touch to their costume.

Vampire Hunt Board Game

a picture showing what games to sell for Halloween

Board games with a Halloween twist always attract attention. This thrilling game consistently sees surges in sales during the spooky season.

Phantom Projection Lamp

a picture showing what halloween products to sell for home

Every year, customers are captivated by the ethereal glow of this lamp, projecting ghostly figures onto walls. It’s a must-have for those seeking atmospheric lighting, consistently topping sales charts.

Luminous Skeleton Gloves

a picture showing skeleton gloves trending for halloween

These glow-in-the-dark gloves are a recurring favorite among Halloween enthusiasts. With a touch of the macabre, they’ve proven to light up many eerie nights and remain a sought-after accessory.

Animated Broomstick Witch

a picture showing best-selling halloween products of this year

Always a hit, this animated figure dances and cackles, delighting both kids and adults. Year after year, it’s a centerpiece in many homes, ensuring its best-seller status.

Witchcraft Potion Kit

a picture introducing a witchcraft kit to sell online

For those looking to brew up some magic, this DIY potion kit continually sells out. It’s the ultimate addition to any Halloween-themed craft night, making it a top pick for seasonal fun.

Pumpkin Carving Toolkit

a picture showing ghostly cutters to sell online for halloween

A staple for many families, this toolkit is in unwavering demand every October. With premium tools designed for intricate designs, it’s the go-to choice for pumpkin artists everywhere.

Haunted Music Box

a picture showing a music box for halloween that's hot online this fall

Playing a spooky tune when opened, this music box has charmed its way into countless homes. Its unique blend of nostalgia and eeriness ensures its popularity each Halloween season.

Spiderweb Lace Table Runner

a picture showing the example of what's hot online this season

Perfect for setting a gothic dining ambiance, this table runner consistently captures attention. Its elegant design combined with a spooky touch makes it a best-seller every Halloween.

Holographic Ghost Window Clings

a picture showing cheap and demaded stuff to sell for Halloween

These clings, giving the illusion of spectral apparitions, are a hit among homeowners. Perfect for window displays, they’re snapped up year after year, proving their status as a top Halloween decor choice.

Turn your business into a spookiest store ever existed!

a picture introducing a halloween party

And there you have it — from gentle yet spooky to functional and fun, we’ve rounded up some great picks for this October 31st that work as accessories, decor, and little party gifts — so everyone can have a spooktacular time.

This Halloween product set consists of both best-sellers from Sellvia catalog and top Halloween picks from Amazon. This is how you can make up your mind regarding stuff for Halloween and prepare your store for the holiday season.

Remember — Sellvia’s Halloween products are available only via the Sellvia subscription. You can easily add these Halloween picks to your store to sell to your store visitors, meanwhile, we’ll take care of storage, packaging, shipping, and other issues arising. Do you wish to run a business with no effort? We’ve got you covered!

SUMMARY: Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and one of fall’s two greatest days of celebration. So, everyone will need some gear and props to get into the mood! Prep your own online store ahead of time with some of these frighteningly-cool Halloween stuff from our Sellvia catalogue or go beyond and start selling your unique, most-demanded Halloween products we’re happy to create and manufacture for you from scratch!

by Laurence L.
Laurence is a copywriter and editor at Sellvia. Having graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, he has worked in marketing and ecommerce for over 8 years. He loves to educate and teach audiences about tips for ecommerce and social media marketing.
Vanessa grant October 14, 2021 21:28:09

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John Goad October 16, 2023 17:15:37

I also have a premium store and these products are not available to be imported into my store. I paid almost $6k for my store. What gives?

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Hi, thank you for your feedback!
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