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How To Start A Business In 1 Minute? Sellvia’s Dropshipping Store + Amazon

by Eugene S. | | 17 min read

The modern world makes it easy to do anything quickly. In 2024, people don’t want to wait. You can get your hands on anything you want. Literally anything. Order whatever you want and receive it tomorrow, get any food delivered in 1 hour, and get a business in 1 minute.

You read it right. It’s not a fever dream or a fantasy movie. Today’s technologies allow you to become a business owner without any hassle or heavy lifting. In this article, we’ll explore how you can get a turnkey business AND an Amazon store quicker than you ever imagined. We’ll break down the basics of it, why it’s revolutionary, and what Sellvia has to do with it. Keep reading to learn more!

Turnkey business in 1 minute? What on earth is it?

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The business we’re going to talk about is an online store. There are many businesses out there, yet none of them you can start as easily as an online business. Getting everything set up and running can take years (and tens of thousands of dollars).

However, there’s ecommerce. And that takes away a lot of issues associated with the traditional business. It’s extremely easy to start and run, doesn’t take a lot of money, and doesn’t require any experience.

You don’t need a large initial investment. You don’t need to buy products in bulk, to pay for storage, to hire anyone, or to pay for rent. Everything takes place online, on your device. Modern technologies allow you to get started in just one minute without any pain in the neck.

The ecommerce’s impact on economy

infographic ecommerce overview

The thing is, millions of people buy things online.

  • Crazy growth over the last few years

Ecommerce has changed the way people shop and businesses work. The ease and convenience of online shopping continue to attract more consumers, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

To be exact, in 2020, global online sales hit $4.28 trillion, jumping by over 27% from the previous year. By 2021, it climbed to $4.89 trillion, and in 2022, it reached $5.2 trillion. In 2023, it jumped again to $5.9 trillion. Experts think that this number will grow to around $8.1 trillion by 2026!

  • Ecommerce’s reach

Approximately 2.64 billion people worldwide were engaged in online shopping, which is over 1/3 of the global population.

Online shopping is huge. Especially in developed countries. In the United States, a whopping 274 million people shop online regularly, which is more than 81% of the population! That’s a lot of people looking to spend their hard-earned money.

Take Amazon, for example. They have 310 million active users worldwide. That’s almost the entire population of the United States!

Why is it so popular? It’s all about convenience, great choice, and good prices. Online stores make it easy to browse and buy whatever you need from the comfort of your home, and they often offer bargains that keep customers coming back for more.

  • COVID-19’s role

With all the lockdowns and social distancing, everyone started buying stuff online for their own safety. It wasn’t just toilet paper and hand sanitizer — people were ordering everything from groceries to furniture from their phones and laptops. People realized that online shopping is actually convenient and fun. Even though the restrictions are gone, the ecommerce industry enjoys a stable growth.

  • Consumers LOVE shopping online

Online stores have it all – from everyday essentials to some unique items. If there’s a customer — there’s a product. Plus, businesses these days have great analytical tools to give customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Nothing makes shoppers happier than personalized offers which hit the right spot.

  • Convenience

Customers can make purchases whenever they want in one minute or less. At a lunch break, in traffic, in bed before sleep, and early in the morning. They don’t need to get ready, drive to the store, walk around, and carry the purchases home. Everything is in their phones, laptops, and tablets.

Amazon users enjoy a fast, often same-day delivery. It saves a lot of time and allows people to focus on more important things than spending hours shopping (and possibly not finding what they were looking for).

  • Amazon is a go-to place

56% of online shoppers use Amazon as a go-to place to find products. Talk about the customer trust! They know that Amazon doesn’t only have a lot of products, but that these products are good.

Last year, Amazon’s net income amounted to $30.4 billion.

graph annual net income of amazon.com

Nothing surprising about that. The platform’s user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and real customer reviews help shoppers make smart decisions. Additionally, Amazon’s reliable customer service and easy returns policy improves the overall shopping experience, making buyers feel at ease no matter what.

Considering the fact that the ecommerce industry is projected to grow in the coming years at a staggering 39% per year, there’s no better time to start in 1 minute than NOW. 

If you really want to get your hands on big money, ecommerce is not even an option; it’s a must.

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How widespread is ecommerce?

Ecommerce has become a global phenomenon, getting rid of geographical boundaries and allowing businesses and customers from all over the world to connect with one another.

60%+ of the global population now has access to the internet

And this number continues to rise. This gives unmatched opportunities for ecommerce businesses to reach customers in remote and previously inaccessible markets.

73% of online sales are made using a phone

Technology has played a huge role in the growth and evolution of ecommerce. With smartphones becoming so popular, the number of people making purchases online has also increased.

The best way? Dropshipping & Amazon

Ok, most probably there was a thought in your head the entire time: where do I get the products and how do I handle the fulfillment?

Rest assured that fulfillment doesn’t have to be your pain in the neck, thanks to dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

Watch this video and learn what dropshipping is! Start dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you don’t keep the products you sell in stock. Instead, when you get an order, you redirect the customer information to the supplier, who ships it out on your behalf. The product practically bypasses your hands and goes straight to the final consumer.

Let’s say you want to sell phone cases online. You find a supplier who offers these phone cases at $3 each. You list the phone cases on your online store for $15 each. When a customer buys a phone case from your store, you pay the supplier $3, and the supplier ships the phone case directly to your customer. You keep the $12 profit.

Why is it so attractive, especially for newcomers?

No inventory: You don’t need to worry about stocking products. You have the ability to change your store’s product selection, adapt to your customer’s wishes, and keep up with trends. That’s a freedom and flexibility brick-and-mortar stores don’t have.

No unsold products: You won’t need to buy things in bulk and then end up with products that don’t sell. That’s one of the best things about dropshipping! It allows you to minimize any possible risks that come with running an online store. If something doesn’t sell well, you just take it off your catalog.

No shipping hassles: You don’t need to pack things, go to the post office, or pay someone to do it for you. All shipping is done by the very supplier you work with, giving you freedom and taking away daunting work.

Work from anywhere: You can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to work from home, work on your lunch break (we love a multi-tasking genius), while traveling, or from any location that suits you.

Be your own boss: You can work on your business anytime, fitting it around your lifestyle. Work whenever you want and however you want, there’s no exact schedule you must follow. Be on your own path and make the business work for YOU.

Grow with ease: It’s simple to scale your business by adding more products or targeting new markets without major logistical headaches. As your business develops, you can expand your product offerings and reach a larger audience much quicker and easier than if you had a physical store.

Focus on important things: Since the supplier handles inventory and shipping, you can focus on marketing and growing your business. This allows you to invest your time and resources in attracting and retaining customers, rather than having to spend hours sending out orders and packing things up.

Crowds of eager buyers: Amazon attracts a massive audience (310 million) of customers who are ready to spend their money on good products. Diverse product selection and trusted reputation make Amazon a staple of modern-day ecommerce.

Get a store in 1 minute: You don’t need to do any programming or developing; professionals will do it for you. You don’t need any licenses and approvals from government bodies, either (you gotta pay taxes, though).

Turnkey solutions for easy start 

With Sellvia, you can set up your store quickly and start selling immediately. The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly, even for beginners. You let us know your preferences and visions, and we get to work.

  • Years of expertise behind our backs

Our company has been in business for 14 years. Our stores are crafted by experts in the industry, keeping in mind all the peculiarities and aspects that make up a store with million-dollar potential.

We’ll give you all the necessary materials, guides, and valuable tips to start selling for profit. With Sellvia, you’re not alone in your journey!

  • Comprehensive training & support

One of the key advantages of choosing Sellvia is the all-around training and support provided. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of setting up and running your online store. This includes tutorials on how to use the platform, marketing strategies, and tips for maximizing sales.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support to ensure that you have all the assistance you need as your business grows. Whether you have questions about technical matters, marketing tactics, or product selection, our support team is available to help you 24/7.

  • Access to a wide range of products

Sellvia offers access to a wide range of high-quality products that are proven to sell. Our product catalog includes items from various niches, ensuring that you can find products that align with your business goals and target audience. Each product listing is carefully curated to include detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing, making it easy for you to attract and convert customers.

  • The potential for passive income

One of the most appealing aspects of a turnkey ecommerce business is the ability to make it a source of passive income. Passive income is when you earn money with minimal active involvement or effort on your part, allowing you to make a living even when you’re not actively working. Live your life with joy, not just working your days away trying to make ends meet.

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How much can you earn?

On average, small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month in profit. Top-performing stores significantly exceed these numbers!

Established ecommerce businesses with substantial market share and brand recognition can earn six or seven figures! For instance, big sellers can earn $50,000 to $100,000 monthly, with top sellers surpassing $1 million in profit.

Ultimately, the earnings of ecommerce owners depend on the niche (where you can sell 100 products for $12 or 2 products for $1,500), effective marketing, and adapting to customer needs. The best part is, there’s no limit to how much one can earn! And you can start a business in 1 minute, literally.

With Sellvia, you can be sure you have access to the best products and best marketing, and that your store works for you. 

Sellvia can help you find the golden standard that’ll fit you and your personal goals.

Sellvia’s raw stories of success

At Sellvia, we take pride in changing people’s lives. Check out some of our clients’ success stories and get inspired by how easy it is to take a step towards the life of your dreams.

Rodney, United States

Learn Rodney's journey! Get started

Rodney had a successful career until 2020. That’s when he understood that working for a man for 8+ hours doesn’t guarantee him a safe, comfortable life. Witnessing layoffs and people struggling to make a living, Rodney made a decision to become his own boss before it’s too late.

After some research, he found Sellvia and decided to start an online store. In one month, two of his stores made over $12,000 a month.

His businesses now cover his mortgage and pay his bills. He was able to leave his daily job and focus on building his ecommerce empire while employing his family members and giving back to his community.

Miandra, New Zealand

Learn Miandra's journey! Get started

Unhappy with her hectic work environment and crazy schedules (up to 60 hours a week), Miandra decided to first apply for jobs. A week after resigning, she stumbled upon our company’s services and decided to dive into the ecommerce industry.

She got herself a baby products store (given the fact that she has a degree and experience in Occupational Therapy). It brought her more than $6,000 in sales within the first month! Nothing she had expected at all.

Working 30 minutes every day and 2-3 hours once a week, she was able to earn just as much as she did working for 60 hours a week.

More success stories


Many other entrepreneurs have found success with Sellvia. For instance, Ruby from the Bay Area (California) started her online store selling diverse products (she has a general store without a particular niche). Having a serious 9 to 5 job, without any prior experience, she has secured almost 10 sales within the first month.


Jude from New York launched a store selling car accessories, achieving over $4,000 in monthly revenue within 4 months. He had no digital marketing experience before. Just like Ruby, he works his daily job and manages to run his online store. With patience and perseverance, now his store makes $18,000 in sales monthly!


Do you love pets? You can channel your adoration of our furry friends and make great money, too! An Amazon store, OdiStyle, is making more than $5,000 a month selling cute dog bandanas. Yes, just bandanas. Pet owners don’t skimp on their beloved little friends, and they’re ready to spend a good buck. The profits of this store prove the point with ease!


Brisco, an Amazon brand, is focused on selling comfortable, stylish, and universally appealing garments. Everyday clothes, celebration-themed ones, or something more exclusive – Brisco got it! What they also got is more than $6,000 in revenues each month.

Regardless of your background or interests, you can find a solution that resonates with you and build a successful online business that will bring you profits for years to come.

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Get a store from Sellvia & thrive

What's Sellvia? Work with Sellvia

Now, let’s focus on the most exciting part: how you can start a ready-made business in one minute. This might sound like a wild dream, but with the right tools and resources, it’s entirely possible.

  • Top-tier online store with best products

We’ll give you a sleek, user-friendly online store; you receive it and start selling immediately. It’ll be equipped with hundreds of best-selling products so you can grow and enjoy your profits.

  • Quick order processing

Sellvia’s fulfilment centers ensure swift order processing within 1-3 business days. Your customers will be in love with the service, and you can relax knowing everything’s taken care of. Going to post office? Never.

  • No experience needed

One of the biggest fears when starting a business is the thought that you need some experience. However, with Sellvia’s turnkey stores, no prior experience is required. Everything is set up for you, from the website design to product listings.

The user-friendly interface and step-by-step guides make it easy for anyone to manage their store. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some experience in running an online store, you’ll find the process simple and manageable.

  • Easy platform

With Sellvia, you can manage orders, add products, and chat with your customers—all from one easy-to-use platform. We’ve taken all unnecessary stress factors away.

  • Comprehensive, 24/7 support

When you get a turnkey business from Sellvia, you’ll have all the support you need. This includes customer support to help you navigate any matters and guidance in running your store. Sellvia’s support team is available to answer your questions and provide assistance 24/7. You’re never alone with us!

  • Marketing Academy

We know how difficult it can be to find information on the internet, trying to understand how digital marketing works. Different resources say different things, the language is hard, and it makes you want to close the tab and never touch it again.

Not with Sellvia! We have a free Marketing Academy with tutorials and guides to help you attract and retain customers. Enjoy valuable insights and strategies to help you grow your business and achieve new heights.

  • Business automation

Your Sellvia store can run on autopilot. Automated inventory management ensures that your customers always have their products as soon as possible. You’ll never sell out-of-stock items or forget any orders.

You can also boost your store’s performance with our numerous automation solutions, making the business processes efficient.

  • Non-stop improvement & updates

Sellvia is all about doing things better. We regularly update our platform and product offerings to ensure that you have access to the latest trends and products. This helps you stay competitive and adapt to changing market realities. While competitors will puzzle over what to do, you’ll know it already.

  • Sustainable business practices

In addition to providing top-notch products and support, Sellvia is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices. We offer plenty of eco-friendly products and packaging, reducing the carbon footprint. By adopting sustainable practices, you can attract environmentally conscious customers and contribute to a better future.

  • Get an Amazon business for free

In addition to a turnkey ecommerce store, you’ll also receive an Amazon business as a bonus! Don’t stand in the back and enjoy the incomparable exposure of Amazon. Make your name be known by millions of customers who are ready to pay.

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Starting a ready-made business in one minute might sound way too good to be true, but with the modern technology and the support of Sellvia, everything is possible. Jump on the bandwagon and start your entrepreneurial journey with ease and joy.

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by Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.
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