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Online Businesses That Make Money: How These Guys Are Making Five Figures A Month

by Olga L. | | 4 min read

What’s the common trait of online businesses that make money? Is there some universal recipe you can try applying to your own venture? To answer this question, let’s review the stories of 3 online business owners who make five figures a month!

How Jude runs a $4,500/week business

Name: Jude Massillon

Location: New York

Profession: Olympic-level sports coach

Business: a Sellvia & AliDropship-powered online store in the car accessories niche

Product strategy: arranging quick and secure orders shipping through Sellvia

Promo strategy: Facebook ads with separate landing pages for the products

Earnings: $17,647.57

a picture showing how fast you can get a business that makes money

With no formal ecommerce training, Jude, a renowned coach working with elite athletes, decided to go for a package solution. That’s why he purchased a ready AliDropship-powered online store for easy daily management and hassle-free tech maintenance.

Launching an online store doesn’t always require a large investment! You can get your online store for $0 and use all the free guidance opportunities that go with it!

Next, he sourced his products – various car accessories well-suited for impulse purchases – from the Sellvia catalog. As Jude explains, this niche is all about quick and easy decision-making, which is why it’s such a good fit for an online store. And arranging fulfillment through Sellvia meant safe and positive experience for buyers, which also played a part in Jude’s sales boost.

I even went to Sellvia and ordered some stuff so that I could see how quickly it comes, what packaging it comes in, so I felt more comfortable with that.

As Jude puts it, with fulfillment organized in a time-saving way, you can continue growing your business with a good track record and no chargebacks.

Make sure that you set up your advertising and have fulfillment sorted out like I have with Sellvia, where you know you’re going to get products in a timely fashion.

He’s hoping to get more ecommerce sites in the future using the revenue from this successful store – that’s an inspiration!

Read Jude’s full interview for more ecommerce insights and tips.

How Rodney’s online stores bring him $12K/month

Name: Rodney T. Peaks Jr.

Location: Baltimore

Profession: networking systems and technology specialist

Business: 2 Sellvia-powered General online stores

Product strategy: sourcing products with low initial price and quick shipping through Sellvia

Promo strategy: Facebook and Instagram posting and paid ads, SEO

Earnings: $12,049.22

a picture showing the performance of our client's store to show how to run businesses that make money

Because of the pandemic and layoffs, Rodney had to find a source of passive income to provide for his family. Later, this ecommerce side hustle turned into a full-time job that pays the bills and keeps Rodney’s family occupied. He says, his 14-year-old daughter manages his second store by herself: running an online business with Sellvia truly IS simple!

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Looking for an easily accessible side hustle, Rodney got himself a ready-to-go Sellvia store he filled with thousands of Sellvia products. As he puts it, Sellvia has been a learning tool for his team – his family – allowing them to succeed with zero experience.

Sellvia has things like marketing guidance, ecommerce tips, and free consultations with the team’s advisors. This really helps with discovering new money-making opportunities. 

With two online stores up and running, Rodney is working on rolling out his third Sellvia store.

Our preference is clear because of Sellvia’s great customer service and lots of other benefits like fast quick days shipping, great products, low product prices, free marketing tools, how-to guides, and of course perfect online stores for ecommerce.

The pandemic took Rodney’s job, but ecommerce worked out as a safety net for him – and he doesn’t even have to return to his career!

Read Rodney’s full interview to learn more about his thriving businesses and marketing strategies.

So, what does it take to run online businesses that make money?

a picture showing how do I start a business selling American-made products and introducing how businesses that make money look like

The key to succeeding, as we can see, is having routine management processes automated and outsourced. To business owners, it gives a chance to:

  • Save time on the technical side of the business launch and start immediately
  • Invest their time and energy into promotion and experiment with marketing campaigns
  • Work on quality customer service and find ways to meet clients’ demand more efficiently through diversifying products, offering more favorable shipping and return policies, and even launching custom product lines

You don’t even have to be experienced or knowledgeable in the ecommerce sphere yourself – when it comes to online businesses that make money, it’s all about teaming up with the right solutions provider!

Many entrepreneurs have already discovered that Sellvia offers everything necessary to start and grow a thriving business with absolutely no hassle. Could you be the next success story? Absolutely! And what’s more, there’s no cost to give it a shot – get your free online store and take the step towards making your dreams a reality. You deserve it!

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
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Thanks for sharing and I’m confident that I will be along side of these gentlemen soon.

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