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A Guide To Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores: Why And How You Should Get One?

by Diana M. | | 19 min read

Ah, nothing like a pre-built dropshipping store when starting an ecommerce business, especially when you don’t have any specific technical or entrepreneurial skills. You can even have some money saved in your pocket for this holy mission, but better keep them to yourself – pre-built dropshipping stores (despite the common opinion that everything “pre-built” is expensive or a waste of money) either worth every cent you invest in them or don’t cost anything because they come with a free trial!

Stay tuned to learn all the details regarding pre-built online stores and take some notes on how and why launching a pre-built online store is the best choice you can make!

A pre-built dropshipping store: what is it and what for?

Picture of a woman working on her laptop, buying Pre-built dropshipping stores

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a retailer without the need to battle through the devastation of setting up shop. That’s the core appeal of pre-built dropshipping stores. These stores are essentially ready-made ecommerce platforms that have been designed, constructed, and primed for operation from the get-go. They are crafted to bypass the lengthy process of building a store from scratch, allowing entrepreneurs to fast-track their entry into the ecommerce field.

Pre-built dropshipping stores or premade dropshipping stores, as you might have already guessed are fully ready to be launched and bring ecommerce sales. To be more precise, it means you get everything at once from the website itself (or a brand plus product listings if we talk about marketplace-based online stores) to its design and functionality.

When you purchase pre-built dropshipping stores, you’re not just buying a name or a place on the web. You’re acquiring a comprehensive package tailored to commence sales with the click of a button. Here’s what’s normally pre-built into these stores:

Website and hosting

At the heart of a pre-built store is the website itself, hosted on a reliable server. Hosting is typically included, ensuring that the digital storefront remains accessible to customers around the world, 24/7. The store is usually built on popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, which are renowned for their user-friendly interfaces and robust capabilities.

Domain (your store’s location on the Internet!)

A domain name is your store’s address on the internet, often reflecting your business’s brand or the niche of products you intend to sell. Premade stores come with a pre-selected domain name, though some providers may offer the flexibility to choose or change the name to better suit your brand vision.

Design and user (your future customer) experience

Picture of a man and a woman working on a laptop launching pre-built dropshipping stores

The design of your store is a critical aspect that can make or break the customer experience. Pre-built stores often boast professional layouts, aesthetically pleasing designs, and intuitive navigation tailored to encourage sales and repeat business. Attention to detail is evident in the color schemes, font choices, and the overall visual harmony, which aim to resonate with your target demographic.

Product selection and integration

Arguably the most significant feature is the range of products curated for your store. Providers of pre-built dropshipping stores often perform extensive market research to identify trending products, reliable suppliers, and integrate them into the store’s catalog. They ensure that product descriptions, images, and pricing are all set up, using dropshipping tools to automate inventory and order processing.

Payment gateway setup

Transactions are the lifeblood of commerce, and pre-built stores usually come with pre-configured payment gateways. These systems are set up to accept various forms of payment, providing both security and convenience for customers looking to make a purchase.

SEO and marketing

Some pre-built stores might include basic search engine optimization (SEO) to help you rank higher in search engine results and draw organic traffic to your store. They can also come with marketing tools and initial campaign setups to kickstart your advertising efforts.

Support and training

After the purchase, most pre-built store providers offer a period of support and training to help you get acquainted with your new business. This may include guides on how to run the store, update products, process orders, and use the ecommerce platform effectively.

The main advantage of a pre-built dropshipping store lies in its turnkey nature — it’s ready to start selling the moment you “turn the key,” metaphorically speaking. This allows new entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business rather than getting bogged down in the technicalities of setting it up.

Picture of a desk with a kayboard and a notepad

While it may seem like the perfect shortcut to success, it’s important to remember that the ecommerce world thrives on competition, customer service, and continuous improvement. A pre-built store can provide the infrastructure, but the ongoing work of driving traffic, converting sales, and maintaining customer relationships falls to the owner.

Here’s why it’s important to find an all-in-one solution

You also need to understand that there are lots of platforms that are popular and cool, BUT they only focus on 1 or 2 particular sides of a “turnkey store” like website + AliExpress integration to import products from there or website domain + design, but never it’s never all-in-one, sometimes we could barely call it a turnkey solution!

Also, that’s the exact reason why Sellvia offers pre-built dropshipping stores. That’s because we wanted to be the first company on the market that offers literally everything in one solution! It’s not only a website, guys, it’s premium .com domains, flawless design based on 10 years of successful experience, easy 1-click product import, access to about 30 thousand top-selling products in our catalog (the best of which go pre-uploaded to your store, access to marketing guides and free Academy lessons, and much much more — and that’s what we’ve managed to do and proud! We also offer these stores with a 14-day free trial, but about that later)

In summary of this first chapter of our guide, pre-built dropshipping stores offer an enticing proposition for would-be ecommerce entrepreneurs by streamlining the setup process and allowing them to leapfrog directly to operations.

However, while much of the groundwork is laid out, the true test lies in managing and scaling the business. So with this solid foundation, entrepreneurs are well-positioned to embark on their dropshipping journey with confidence and clarity.

Types of pre-built dropshipping stores: what to choose for a smooth start?

Picture of a woman working behind a keyboard, launching Pre-built dropshipping stores

Starting an ecommerce venture with a pre-built dropshipping store can be like selecting a new home. So, just as homes vary by style, size, and location, dropshipping stores come in different types, each tailored to suit various business needs and entrepreneurial visions.
Understanding the types of pre-built dropshipping stores available is crucial for selecting the one that aligns with your goals and market niche. So, this chapter will guide you through the diverse landscape of pre-built dropshipping store types.

Niche stores

Picture of a woman explaining Pre-built dropshipping stores to a man

Defining characteristics:

  • Focus on a specific category of products
  • Curated product selections for targeted audiences
  • Customized design that resonates with niche customers
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs with expertise or interest in a particular niche looking to cater to a distinct customer base.

Niche-specific stores are the bread and butter of the dropshipping world, offering specialized products to a dedicated segment of the market. Whether it’s eco-friendly home goods, fitness equipment, or pet products, these stores attract customers interested in the particular niche.

Of course, the key advantage is the ability to become a recognized name within a particular domain, allowing for a more focused marketing strategy and potentially higher customer loyalty.
A natural question that might appear in your mind now is “Okay, I think I want a niche store, but what niche do I choose”? But that’s actually not a big deal! When choosing a niche people usually consider the following things:

  1. Interest alignment

When selecting a niche for your premade dropshipping store, start with what you’re interested in. Having a genuine interest in the products of your pre-built dropshipping store can be a great motivator and can help in marketing your products.

  1. Market research

Utilize resources like Google Trends to see what products are currently popular. This is crucial for premade dropshipping stores because you want to start with a product range that’s already in demand.

  1. Competitive analysis

Look at the level of competition within potential niches. If there are too many established pre-built dropshipping stores in a niche, it might be challenging to break into the market. However, no competition can sometimes indicate a weak market, so find a balance.

  1. Profit margins

The ideal niche for a premade dropshipping store should have products that offer good profit margins. Higher margins will help your premade dropshipping store sustain and grow.

  1. Sustainability

Consider if the niche has staying power for the future. The best niche for a pre-built dropshipping store is one that has long-term potential rather than being a passing fad.

  1. Supplier relationships

Ensure there are reliable suppliers for the niche you choose for your premade dropshipping store. Good supplier relations are key to a successful premade dropshipping store. That’s because they affect everything from product quality to shipping times.

People remember to also gather feedback from friends, family, or online communities before finalizing the niche for your premade dropshipping store to ensure there’s a market for the products you plan to sell.

However, there’s a catch! These are just the general recommendations. Nowadays a top turnkey online store solution implies that a team of experts working on that platform does the research on their own and provides you with the list of the top niches to choose from. That’s how you make sure your niche is profitable, and that’s what you should look for in a premade store.

Sellvia, for example, does deep marketing research everyday and updates the information and platform for our users.

General stores

Picture of a man and a woman high fiving

Defining characteristics

  • Wide array of products across various categories
  • Flexibility in product offerings
  • Broad market appeal
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who wish to test multiple products in the market to see what resonates best with the audience.

General stores are the jack-of-all-trades in the pre-built dropshipping arena. Because they offer diverse products, appealing to a wide audience and allowing for flexibility in marketing and sales strategies.

This type can be particularly appealing for those who have not yet decided on a specific niche or who enjoy the freedom to pivot their product offerings based on trends and market demands.

Single-product stores

Picture of products in a store

Defining characteristics

  • Focused on one product or a small selection of similar products
  • Highly targeted marketing potential
  • Unique branding opportunities
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who have a high conviction about the potential of a single product and want to build a brand around it.

Single-product stores center around one standout product that promises to be a market hit. This could be an innovative gadget, a unique fashion piece, or anything that can hold its own in the spotlight.

The laser focus of single-product stores can be a double-edged sword. While it allows for highly targeted marketing and branding, it also means that the success of the store hinges on the performance of the featured product.

Turnkey marketplace stores

a picture previewing the article on what to sell on Amazon for profit as a top prelaunch secret

Defining characteristics

  • Multi-vendor capabilities allowing other sellers to offer products
  • Larger scale operations akin to an online marketplace
  • Potential for a wider variety of products without added inventory risk
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs aiming to create a platform for other vendors to sell their products while earning from commissions or listing fees.

Turnkey marketplace stores are a step towards a more expansive business model. These stores function similarly to major online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, where multiple third-party sellers can list their products.

Of course, as the store owner, you can benefit from having an extensive selection of products without the need to manage inventory or develop a broad supplier network personally.

Hobby or passion stores

Picture of a man taking photos

Defining characteristics

  • Products centered around specific hobbies or passions (e.g., crafting, gaming, outdoor activities)
  • Passionate customer base with a high degree of engagement
  • Opportunities for community building around shared interests
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who share a particular passion or hobby with their potential customers and want to create a community as well as a store.

Hobby or passion stores tap into the fervent markets of enthusiasts and hobbyists. By providing products that cater to activities such as gaming, knitting, or hiking, these stores not only sell goods but also engage with communities, create content, and sometimes even host events relevant to the passion at hand. The personal connection to the products can be a powerful motivator and differentiator in the market.

Seasonal stores

a picture previewing the text on how to get floods of customers for your store

Defining characteristics

  • Products tailored to specific seasons or events (e.g., holiday decorations, summer beach gear)
  • High sales potential during peak seasons
  • Marketing and sales strategies focused around specific times of the year
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the high demand during particular seasons or events and don’t mind periods of lower activity.

Seasonal stores are specialized in time-sensitive products that cater to holiday shoppers, summer vacationers, or any other seasonal customer behavior. These stores can be highly profitable during their relevant seasons. But may also require additional marketing efforts to maintain sales during off-peak times or a strategy to pivot the store’s focus as seasons change.

Eco-friendly and sustainable stores

eco-friendly products to sell in 2024

Defining characteristics

  • Products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Growing consumer base that values eco-conscious shopping
  • Alignment with global trends towards sustainability
  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who are environmentally conscious and want to meet the demand for green products in a growing market segment.

Eco-friendly stores cater to the growing demographic of consumers who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Offering products that are organic, recyclable not only taps into a market trend but also contributes to a larger cause. This potentially builds a brand that stands for more than just profits.

Each type of pre-built dropshipping store comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Entrepreneurs should consider their interests, market knowledge, and the level of engagement they desire with their customer base when choosing the type of store that best fits their business aspirations.

Regardless of the type, the key to success lies in understanding the target market, sourcing high-quality products, and following a solid marketing strategy. So, with these elements in place, a pre-built dropshipping store can flourish into a thriving ecommerce business.

What features should come with a pre-built dropshipping store (if you’re a newbie or an experienced dropshipper)

When starting an ecommerce business through a pre-built dropshipping store, certain features are non-negotiable for the store’s functionality and success. Moreover, the specific inclusions may vary depending on the profile of the buyer. Be it a newbie with little to no experience or a seasoned dropshipper looking for an expedited setup. Here, we explore what should come with every pre-built dropshipping store and tailor these features to different types of entrepreneurs.

Here come essential features for a good premade dropshipping store that is to start bringing profit right away.

User-friendly ecommerce platform

Why it’s essential: the platform is the backbone of your dropshipping store. It should be intuitive, reliable, and scalable, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Mobile-responsive design

Picture of hands creating mobile user-friendly design

Why it’s essential: with the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, a mobile-responsive design ensures you do not miss out on a substantial market segment.

Pre-selected inventory and established supplier relationships

Why it’s essential: a good selection of products from reliable suppliers ensures that you can hit the ground running with sales and maintain a positive reputation for quality and service.

Integrated payment processing

Photo of credit cards on a laptop

Why it’s essential: secure and diverse payment options provide convenience and trust for customers, which is critical for conversion and retention.

Basic SEO and marketing tools

Why it’s essential: even for seasoned entrepreneurs, having SEO tools and a basic marketing setup can help in getting quicker visibility and traffic.

Training materials and support

Picture of a man talking to colleagues on zoom

Why it’s essential: whether you’re new to the game or not, understanding the specific setup of your store and having ongoing support can help in troubleshooting and evolving the store’s strategies.

Tailoring to buyer profiles

For someone who is just starting, the pre-built store should be as comprehensive as possible (which, as we’ve already mentioned above, not common at all).

What do we mean by this? We mean a fully-operating dropshipping store that is able to bring sales from day 1 includes:

  1. Extensive training and support

This can include video tutorials, manuals, and access to customer service or a support team that can assist with questions.

  1. Marketing guidance

Newbies will benefit from a guide on how to market their products, including basics on social media advertising, email marketing, and understanding analytics.

  1. Help with legal pages

Newbies don’t know anything about Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy pages that are compliant with online retail laws. Yes, online store providers aren’t your lawyer, but they should let you know these pages are needed and what they should include.

  1. Automated Operations

Manual order processing? It’s a NO-NO. Features such as automated order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and email responses save time and effort and must be included. It’s better if there’s a deposit option so you could just make a deposit once in a while and the supplier would be able to process everything on autopilot instead of you until you run out of the deposit money. And the option itself should be free (yes! Some platforms take fees for every processed order, you don’t want that).

Picture of a human working together with ai

  1. Integration with marketplace sales channels

Connections to platforms like Amazon, #1 ecommerce platform of now and the near future, to expand your reach without much additional work.

  1. Advanced analytics

Insights into customer behavior, advanced reporting, and data analysis tools will be valuable.

  1. Scalability options

As you grow, you’ll need to ensure that the platform can handle increased traffic and sales volume without a hitch.

  1. Turnkey operations

The store should be able to run with minimal intervention.

As you can see, a pre-built dropshipping store should be equipped with the tools and capabilities to offer the owner a head start in the competitive ecommerce landscape. It must cater to the technical setup, design aesthetics, operational functionality, and initial marketing impetus.

At the same time, it should align with the buyer’s level of expertise and the amount of time they can commit to the venture. Whether a novice learning the ropes or a veteran scaling their operations, the store must be adaptable to the owner’s growth and learning curve in the dynamic world of online retail.

Sellvia – a comprehensive pre-built dropshipping store solution

a picture showing how to start with little money -- prebuilt dropshipping stores

Choosing the right platform for a pre-built dropshipping store can significantly shape the trajectory of your online business. But among tons of options available to entrepreneurs today, Sellvia emerges as a comprehensive solution. Features and benefits? All of the possible ones! When choosing Sellvia as your pre-built dropshipping store provider, you’ll quickly notice why other platforms stand in the back.

All-in-one convenience for newcomers or experienced business guys

Sellvia, honestly, is a holistic solution. We’re aiming to streamline the operational aspects of launching and running a dropshipping business. We’re offering you the ultimate suite of services and tools that are designed to work seamlessly together, providing aspiring entrepreneurs like you with everything you need in one package.

This integration solves a common problem faced by many store owners — the need to patch together services from different providers. Which can lead to increased costs and complexity.

Domain and design expertise? We’ve got that!

A cool online presence starts with a strong domain name and a compelling website design. Sellvia acknowledges this by including premium .com domain names and professional, conversion-optimized designs in their pre-built stores. These designs are crafted based on a decade of ecommerce experience. So that’s why they reflect an understanding of what drives user engagement and sales.

Product catalog and importation

Sellvia offers access to an IMMENSE catalog of more than 30,000 top-selling products, a significant advantage for any dropshipping store. This extensive selection is backed by an easy 1-click product import feature, simplifying the process of building and updating inventory.

Notably, the best-selling items are pre-uploaded to the store, allowing entrepreneurs to hit the market with proven products.

Unprecedented marketing and education resources

A standout feature of Sellvia is its inclusion of marketing guides and access to free Academy lessons. These resources are invaluable, especially for those who are new to ecommerce.

They provide a foundation for understanding customer acquisition, retention strategies, and maximizing the potential of digital marketing tools.

Free trial to help you start with 0 stress

Understanding the hesitation that can come with committing to a new business platform, Sellvia provides a 14-day free trial! This period allows all new-to-ecommerce users to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand without any initial investment. It reduces the barriers to entry for potential store owners. Got 0 experience? This feature is just what you need then!

Minimum investment, maximum functionality

Sellvia is designed to be a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality. Yes, that’s how we do that in America! For entrepreneurs comparing platform options, price is a pivotal factor. With Sellvia, you can keep your savings to yourself.

User-centric approach

Every element of Sellvia’s pre-built dropshipping store is crafted with your potential customers’ needs in mind. From the selection of products to the design and the educational resources, the goal is to facilitate a smooth and successful entry into the ecommerce world for entrepreneurs of all levels.

You see, while there are multiple avenues to enter the dropshipping market, Sellvia sets itself apart by offering a full-fledged, ready-to-go business model that caters to both the inexperienced and the adept ecommerce entrepreneur.

By combining domain acquisition, design, product sourcing, marketing, and education into one package, Sellvia stands out as a leader in providing turnkey dropshipping solutions.

Seeking the perfect pre-built dropshipping store that comes with a comprehensive, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform? Seek no more, it’s right here.

by Diana M.
Diana's passion for multitasking lead her to combining various positions at Sellvia: she enjoys being Customer Experience Manager, writing the most detailed ecommerce guides and making educational (yet fun) video content to help both new and experienced business owners on their way to dropshipping success.
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