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This Flying Spinner Went So Viral! $150K In 3 Month [TikTok Dropshipping Case]

by Roman P. | | 4 min read

Remember how popular fidget spinners were back in 2017? Well, this guy decided to bring them back and made a fortune on it!

Meet Mike, a regular college student who decided to try himself in ecommerce. In only three months in 2021 he managed to make $150K all by himself by dropshipping a plastic spinner toy. How did he achieve that? Well, let’s see what kinds of strategies he has to share.

The beginnings

In the year 2021, Mike stumbled upon a powerful strategy known as TikTok organic marketing. You might be familiar with this, but for those who are not, let’s delve into what it entails. It’s a process where you spot a product online, order it, and then create an online store focused solely on that product. After that, the next step is to start advertising this product on TikTok. And guess what the best part is? Advertising using this strategy doesn’t cost a dime!

But, how exactly did Mike come across this product in the first place? Well, he usedwhat’s called the “TikTok burner method.” In this approach, he programmed his TikTok account to only recommend him videos showcasing products. This clever tactic allowed him to do product research without any financial investment. Sooner or later, he stumbled upon a video featuring a flying spinner and immediately recognized its potential for profit. Why was this product a potential goldmine? It was visually appealing, suitable for various video types, intriguing to learn about, and, most importantly, it was affordable. He managed to purchase these inexpensive plastic toys in bulk and sell them for $25 each.

I was able to buy spinners for $6-8 from a private supplier… Since I was able to buy them so cheap, I had around 60-70% profit margins.

Mike’s first sales


So fun! Website linked in my bio to get your own! #spinner #toy #viral

♬ original sound – Flying Spinners

With his online store up and running and the website link in his TikTok bio, Mike started posting organic videos featuring his flying spinner, hoping to hit the viral jackpot. This strategy effectively eliminated the need for costly ads, enabling him to maximize his profit margins without the fear of financial loss. His first video, which he uploaded on May 20, 2021, quickly garnered 63K views and also resulted in his very first sale.


Reply to @bugatti_lover12 LINK IN BIO to get your own! #toy #viral

♬ original sound – Flying Spinners

Subsequent videos he posted also attracted a significant number of views. As he continued this routine, a clear pattern emerged: videos that addressed customer comments received the highest levels of views and engagement. He would take a question posed by a customer about the product and respond with a video demonstration. This approach allowed Mike to effortlessly showcase the product’s features while guiding potential customers to his website.


Reply to @scar_2tal 😂 website link in bio to get your own flying spinner!

♬ original sound – Flying Spinners

On October 21, in response to a negative comment, he released a video that proved the commenter wrong. The result? The following day, his sales skyrocketed from $74 to $2,364, marking an impressive 846% increase! Additionally, this particular video amassed over 5 million views!

Reaching the stars

This strategy became the cornerstone of his success, leading to his first $100K in profit. His daily routine involved finding comments, scripting responses, filming the videos, and creating voice overs. This consistent effort resulted in a steady flow of sales, with his daily revenue in November averaging at $700.

December was a month characterized by stable sales, despite the absence of any viral videos. Nevertheless, Mike maintained his consistent posting schedule, which continued to bring in a substantial income. His perseverance paid off handsomely when he received a special Christmas gift: $2,364.66 in sales on Christmas Day. As the year drew to a close, Mike celebrated surpassing the six-figure mark in total revenue, achieving $157,120. Moreover, with another viral video in his collection, he ended the year on a high note, experiencing several days when his earnings exceeded $4,000.

Hitting the wall

However, for reasons unknown, TikTok removed Mike’s videos from the For You feed, leading to a drastic decline in his sales. But Mike didn’t succumb to despair. Instead, this setback inspired him to seek out new products and explore additional avenues for making money.

Mike’s recovery

Mike’s journey from discovering a winning product to attaining extraordinary success in just three months serves as a powerful testament to his unwavering determination and strategic marketing prowess. By leveraging TikTok organic marketing, he was able to generate a substantial profit without investing a single cent in advertising. Now, armed with the knowledge and experience garnered from his journey, our dropshipper eagerly anticipates the new year, ready to conquer new challenges and assist others in achieving their dropshipping dreams.

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by Roman P.
As a copywriter at Sellvia, Roman helps aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world learn how to launch and grow their online businesses. He has a degree in economics, which gives him an edge in understanding the ecommerce industry. Roman creates engaging and informative content that empowers people to achieve their full potential.
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