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Is It Real To Move From $0 To $1K With $50 In 7 Days? [Ethan King’s Dropshipping Experiment]

by Artemis K. | | 6 min read

Dropshipping is seen as the entryway to online business ownership, with a low entry barrier and the chance for big earnings. Inspired by many theoretical success stories, Ethan King, a young blogger with no experience in dropshipping, decided to test this business model himself. Starting with only $50 and aiming to make $1,000 in sales within just a week, Ethan began what would be an enlightening adventure into dropshipping – a challenge of sorts. How did he do that? Today, we reveal Ethan’s journey from a modest budget to almost reaching his bold goal. Let’s dive in!

Is dropshipping a good start for complete beginners? [Explained]

start a high-ticket dropshipping business

Have you been searching for a profitable business model suitable for beginners? Certainly, dropshipping stands out as an ideal choice. Why so? It’s as clear as day!

Dropshipping is a startup coming from how accessible it is and its potential for growth. This is why it’s a tempting option for those new to the ecommerce scene.

Low starting costs

The minimal initial cost is one of dropshipping’s biggest draws. Unlike traditional stores, there’s no need to spend thousands on stock right away. This low entry point is perfect for those wanting to launch their business without a big investment.

Zero inventory issues

With dropshipping, you’re free from managing stock. There’s no stress over unsold items, storage fees, salaries, or shipping. This greatly cuts down the operational challenges and costs of running an online store.

Simple to begin

Setting up a dropshipping store is incredibly easy. There are plenty of platforms and tools that simplify the process, making it possible for people without technical skills to start quickly.

Work from anywhere

This model gives you the freedom to work from any location. All you need is the internet, and you can run your dropshipping business from anywhere, mixing entrepreneurship with the freedom to travel.

Easy to scale

Dropshipping allows for easy growth. You can start small and scale up, adding more products and breaking into new markets without a lot of extra costs.

Do you realise the prospects dropshipping ensures? In this rich environment, Ethan King began his business venture, showing that with some hard work and smart strategies, anyone can make their way to dropshipping achievement.

Who is Ethan King?

King's dropshipping challenge from 0 to $1,000 in 7 days

Ethan King, a dynamic YouTuber known for his captivating videos, bravely stepped into the dropshipping arena. With zero background in ecommerce, creating websites, or online marketing, Ethan took up the challenge to unveil the mysteries of launching a dropshipping business from the ground up, aiming to share tangible, effective steps.

Ethan King’s route to dropshipping triumph: a unique challenge

Let’s unpack each step in King’s dropshipping journey so you will be able to repeat his challenge and learn firsthand how profitable dropshipping can be even for newcomers!

Picking a top-selling product

Ethan dedicated a day to search for a product that was not only in high demand but also had a distinctive appeal.

His pick? A bone conduction bluetooth speaker that turns any surface it touches into a sound system.

He set the selling price at $50, with a cost of $21.45, targeting a substantial profit margin.

Creating a simple website

In just one day, Ethan developed a basic yet effective website showcasing a single product.

This streamlined approach helped him quickly progress to the next stage of his challenge, avoiding the pitfalls of intricate web design.

Devising an advertising plan

Ethan started advertising on TikTok, repurposing existing content to craft engaging ads.

With an initial daily ad budget of only $2, he gradually increased his investment to $150 from his own funds, seeking to broaden his reach and boost sales, adhering to the principle that time is indeed money.

Ethan’s experience stands as proof that dropshipping can be a fruitful endeavor, even for novices. His methodical tactic in selecting products, developing a website, and executing an ad campaign highlights the opportunity within dropshipping to turn modest beginnings into significant earnings.

He performed exceptionally well, showcasing the real potential of dropshipping. However, he barely scratched the surface of what this business model can offer. Indeed, there’s a more lucrative aspect to dropshipping that Ethan didn’t explore fully.

Ethan King’s dropshipping odyssey: stepping stone to high-ticket success

dropshipping challenge from 0 to $1,000 in 7 days

Ethan King’s venture into dropshipping with a mere $50 and the goal to reach $1,000 in sales lights the way for budding entrepreneurs. Although he came up just short, with sales over $850, the venture unveiled essential lessons on the scalability and profit possibilities of dropshipping.

The extra $150 Ethan put into advertising, while not part of the original plan, highlights the crucial role of marketing in generating sales. His experiment offers valuable insights into choosing products and strategically managing an advertising budget.

High-ticket dropshipping: the shortest way to success?

Ethan’s adventure into the world of dropshipping, especially with an innovative product like the bone conduction Bluetooth speaker, showcases the possibility of making a significant income through online sales.

Yet, his story also points towards a more profitable side of ecommerce that he didn’t dive into – high-ticket dropshipping.

This approach focuses on selling more expensive items which can lead to larger profits per sale due to better margins. High-ticket dropshipping isn’t about selling in large quantities but about the quality and exclusivity of the products, meaning you need fewer sales to make the same or even more money.

Is it harder to dropship high-ticket items compared to traditional dropshipping? No way – Sellvia has a turnkey solution for you to dive into high-ticket dropshipping and make a fortune!

Start high-ticket dropshipping in a couple of clicks [Solution]

start a high-ticket dropshipping buisness

Sellvia recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities in the dropshipping arena, offering a complete solution for entrepreneurs eager to sell high-value items.

This platform makes entering the high-ticket dropshipping scene straightforward and provides all the tools needed for triumph.

  • Turnkey store setup

Start with a top-tier online store built to sell high-priced items. This ready-made solution gets your business up and running immediately, with a sleek design that reflects the high quality of your inventory.

  • Best high-ticket inventory

Access a handpicked collection of 1,000 high-ticket items right away. Every product is selected for its appeal to upmarket buyers, ensuring you have the most desirable items for your audience.

  • Automated marketing tools

Take advantage of automated marketing with Sellvia’s built-in tools. From search engine optimization to social media marketing, let the system do the work so you can concentrate on expanding your business and connecting with customers.

High-ticket dropshipping: how to make your mind?

start a high-ticket dropshipping business

Ethan King’s progression from a beginner to almost achieving a $1,000 sales goal in just a short time with little upfront investment is truly inspiring. It proves that dropshipping is accessible to anyone, regardless of experience.

But stepping into high-ticket dropshipping unveils a new realm for ambitious dropshippers – a space with higher risks but substantially bigger rewards.

For those motivated by Ethan’s story and keen on entering the high-stakes world of high-ticket dropshipping, Sellvia is your springboard to victory. Focusing on premium items and automated systems to smooth out your operation, launching your high-ticket ecommerce venture is now more accessible and rewarding than ever.

Ready to step up like Ethan but with even greater financial goals in mind? Start a high-ticket dropshipping journey with Sellvia and discover your potential for extraordinary ecommerce success. Start your path to financial freedom and a successful online business today. The journey to the top starts now!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
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