From 0 to $60K/Month In 8 Weeks With Sellvia [Ecommerce Case Study]

by Artyom Kopylov,

Do you want to start your own ecommerce business? Are you unsure where to begin? It’s time to check out first-hand ecommerce case study showing how to create a successful online store!

Today, we’re talking to Mary, an online entrepreneur who runs a highly successful ecommerce store. What’s her secret? How has fast shipping helped Mary achieve her business goals? Let’s learn more about this ecommerce case study and find out to create profitable online stores!

Hi Mary! Could you please tell us more about your impressive store?

“I created it with the same algorithm I used earlier for another store that’s now making $500K+/month.”

a photo of an entrepreneur that succeeded with Sellvia and its fast shipping


Okay, so this is a general store, without a narrow niche. It gives me lots of benefits: I can import and sell hype products from any categories I want, target it on a wider audience, and tweak my ad settings more flexibly.

I created it with the same algorithm I used earlier for another store that’s now making $500K+/month.

This means all the usual routine: building a WordPress website, choosing products to sell from AliExpress, polishing product pages, launching and testing Facebook ads… but there’s something more.

There’s a simple fact you need to understand before you start a new business. If you want to create a really successful store, your customers’ needs are the #1 priority. Help them solve the issues they’re sick of, and meet their requirements. This is the way to face the rush of customers. That’s it.

And how are you doing this, exactly?

“I had to find a US-based ecommerce supplier – and do it quickly.”

Ah, here’s the point.

You see, my plan was to target the US buyers with this store. There’s a huge target audience with high purchasing power, and the United States is just the perfect market for ecommerce.

So this is the way we’ve started. I found suppliers to deal with, products to sell, and launched ad campaigns.

But we’ve come away with nothing! There were only a handful of sales, and revenue was far from the expected one. We’ve got experience in running successful ad campaigns. However, something went wrong.

That’s why we had to look at our customers’ needs more closely, and guess what? The reason for a low number of orders was long delivery!

With my other businesses, I targeted several countries, not only the United States. This is why I missed this aspect when launching this store: the US citizens are used to fast shipping. They want to receive their packages within a week, or even in 3-4 days. With AliExpress, you can expect 4-6-week delivery at best.

The bottom line? I had to find a US-based ecommerce supplier – and do it quickly.

Where did you decide to look for products to target the US residents? How to find a supplier with fast shipping?

“What’s exceptionally important is: can you start selling this product right after import?”

So, as the fast shipping option matters, I’ve started to look for suppliers who have US-based warehouses. However, this is not quite easy. There’s a bunch of other factors to consider.

The first one, of course, is the product range. Not all the suppliers offer hype products.

The second one is the products’ quality and their, let’s say, suitability for ecommerce. Poor quality products lead to unsatisfied customers, refunds, and potential bans of your payment gateways and ad accounts. But that’s not all. What’s exceptionally important is: can you start selling this product right after import? Do you need to rewrite its description, edit the pictures, and all that? With the majority of suppliers, you have to – and that’s where you waste lots of time.

And the third factor is the actual fast shipping. To my surprise, not all the US-based suppliers are ready to offer fast shipping. Most of them have order processing time that is similar to the one on AliExpress.

That’s how I narrowed down my choice on Sellvia, a full-scale ecommerce ecosystem – and it was a game-changing decision, no less!

What’s so special about Sellvia?

“The items from the catalog are kept in a California-based warehouse and can reach any US customer in 1-3 days at most.”

a picture showing an ecommerce fulfillment center of Sellvia based in Irvine, California

Sellvia turned out to be a great thing for ecommerce business owners who want to solve several business issues at once.

Quality products? No problem – the catalog already contains thousands of hype thingies in lots of niches, for any taste and budget.

Fast shipping? You’ve got it! The items are kept in a California-based warehouse. So they can reach any US customer in 1-3 days at most.

a picture showing a US-based warehouse for your ecommerce business

Selling right after import? Yup. The product pages look gorgeous, with all the customer reviews, high-res photos, and detailed descriptions. I can import any of them to my store and launch an ad campaign immediately, driving traffic to this item. It’s already perfect and it WILL start selling.

a picture showing an example of high-converting product page Sellvia provides

How did Sellvia affect your ecommerce business?

“With Sellvia, we’ve got revenues that are several times higher, and this is a fact.”

Finally! Let’s talk numbers.

Here’s how the store was performing with AliExpress products: almost a month-long delivery, low interest in the products, and only a $7K monthly revenue.

a picture showing how much a store made with AliExpress

Could be much better, right?

With Sellvia, we’ve got revenues that are several times higher, and this is a fact. Here’s how the monthly sales look now.

a picture showing how much a store made with Sellvia ecommerce solution for your business

And the all-time history of this store operation looks really promising, too – all thanks to Sellvia!

a picture showing the results of our ecommerce case study

Were there any other factors apart from shipping time that made this boost possible?

“Each product in the catalog goes with its own winning marketing campaigns.”

Of course!

As I said, I got the chance to start promoting the products right after import. It’s the classy product pages that made it possible in the first place, but there’s more.

Each product in the catalog goes with its own winning marketing campaigns. I can literally just use the ad texts and pictures that Sellvia provides for a product, and launch a campaign!

And I mean it: after I switched to Sellvia and started new ad campaigns, the store came to life. I began receiving orders, their number is now increasing steadily, and I believe there’s more to come.

Plus, as I’m using Sellvia, it’s no longer necessary to search for US-based suppliers with fast US shipping. I don’t need to bother with looking for really trending products, either: the catalog already has everything I need in multiple niches.

a picture showing where to source products for your ecommerce business targeting the United States

In a nutshell, Sellvia is perfect for running a business in the US due to the fast delivery. If you’re going to target the US market, l definitely recommend using Sellvia as your source of demanded products and profitable ad campaigns.

Mary gave Sellvia a try and got a successful store bringing $60K+/month. Would you like to repeat her success or even surpass it? If so, it’s time to build your own ecommerce business with no effort!

by Artyom Kopylov
Artyom is a copywriter at Sellvia. BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising let him start his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. For a number of years now, Artyom has been creating educational materials to help people worldwide start their profitable ecommerce ventures.

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kelly August 20, 2021 18:18:47

Hi! Sellvia only ships within the USA, can I still own a store if I live in Canada?

Olga Lavrinovich August 23, 2021 8:26:30

Hi, thank you for the interest!
Yes, you can easily run a store targeting the US market from any destination on the globe – for example, that’s exactly what Joann (https://sellvia.com/blog/ecommerce-business-startup-sellvia/) and Gagandeep (https://sellvia.com/blog/strategies-for-ecommerce-success/) are doing from Canada!

Peter August 25, 2021 13:09:14

I want to sell jewelry to the USA customers but there is not enough variety especially on earrings. Will the this be increased in the near future?

Artyom Kopylov August 31, 2021 10:20:55

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Our team is working hard on increasing the number of products in the catalog of Sellvia.

maya October 26, 2021 12:43:49

Hi, i’m interested in sellvia as i have a store that you have most of the products for in catalog, but fb already blocked my ads page before i came across you. do you have any service to help with running social media pages to run ads on?

Artyom Kopylov November 1, 2021 11:41:29

Hi, thank you for your interest!
We provide all our clients with ready-to-go & high-converting marketing materials for each product from our catalog. Yet, we don’t provide any ad services.

Mamoona October 26, 2021 16:24:24

Just Wow.
If you are telling the truth then i will definitely earn too.

Ron November 3, 2021 19:57:17

I’m thinking of niching pets, how extensive are your catalog when it comes to focusing on pets?

Artyom Kopylov November 4, 2021 10:12:37

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Go here to learn more about the range of Sellvia pet products – https://sellvia.com/catalog/pets/

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