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How To Become An Affiliate And Profit From Sellvia Affiliate Program?

by Artemis K. | | 8 min read

If you’re a person who is searching for a source of extra income, or you’re already an experienced affiliate marketer, we recommend you pay particular attention to the Sellvia affiliate program!

But what’s so special about the Sellvia affiliate program? Is it really a perfect option for both ecommerce newcomers and experienced marketers? Do we provide step-by-step instructions on how to make money with the Sellvia affiliate program?

Let us answer all of your questions in this article!

What is the Sellvia Affiliate Program?

First of all, if you have never dealt with affiliate marketing, you need to know well what it is, and how to become an affiliate marketer.

The Sellvia Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for every person that subscribes to Sellvia or order services with your help.

📣 Your goal is to create and distribute any pieces of promotional, educational, or entertaining content (blog articles, social media posts, emails, videos, etc.) at your choice and include your unique affiliate code in the content links.

✅  We track these unique links, and every time a person subscribes to Sellvia or orders services within 30 days after viewing or reading your content, you earn a commission. Simple and great, isn’t it?

a picture showing an affiliate marketing as an easy option to make money online

What is an affiliate link?

📌 In a nutshell, your affiliate link is a specific URL containing your ID or user name. This info lets managers identify that it was you who contributed to the purchase.

Your affiliate link includes 30 days tracking cookie. This means that if a user clicks on your link, then you will be credited with the referral, as long as the user visited Sellvia website within 30 days.

🔥 When your referred users make their first purchases, you will earn a commission.

Please note that as a Sellvia affiliate you have the opportunity to promote a variety of Sellvia products. It’s all about the Sellvia subscription, free dropshipping stores, high-ticket dropshipping stores, TikTok dropshipping products, high-ticket dropshipping products, Sellvia services. Your link will direct your users to the relevant Sellvia product and entitle you to the relevant commission.

Who can earn with us? Everyone!

As you can see, there’s nothing challenging about gaining profit from affiliate marketing with Sellvia. But how to become an affiliate marketer with Sellvia? Who can earn with us?

🔊 You are an ecommerce content creator

If you own a blog, run a successful YouTube channel, or social media communities, Sellvia Affiliate program is a great way to monetize your audience.

🔊 You are an online business tutor or financial coach

If you help people scale their business or provide financial training, then tell them about running an online business with Sellvia!

🔊 You are an ecommerce expert, developer, or store builder

If you are a freelancer who helps clients set up their stores, you are welcome to refer clients by showing them all the unique features of Sellvia, from fast shipping to ready high-converting product pages.

What are the benefits of the Sellvia Affiliate Program?

Sellvia affiliate program preview


There are dozens of affiliate programs available on the Internet. Why is the one by Sellvia so tempting?

Game-changing product

Sellvia is a groundbreaking solution with huge market potential. It’s created by a team of ecommerce marketers and IT developers who know firsthand how to build really profitable online stores and make them work on autopilot.

Large audience

Most notably, Sellvia suits both ecommerce beginners who search for a chance to easily start a profitable online business and experienced entrepreneurs with stores based on WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify who are willing to sell products on the US market and worldwide.

So it doesn’t matter what your audience is. Sellvia will look like an attractive solution for it anyway.

High commissions

Earn up to $897 per one sale with the Sellvia affiliate program!

Exclusive sales & discounts

We provide you with access to special Season Sales and deals selected exclusively for your followers. There’s special treatment for each client!

Dedicated account manager

You will have an account manager that will be assigned to assist your success. Here’s the support you’ve been dreaming of!

Affiliate newsletter and ad creatives

You’ll get free access to tips, content, and advice to get started and succeed from the outset.

By the way, while you are reading this article, some of our partners are already benefiting from the Sellvia affiliate program. For example, take a look at Olusola. He has been already succeeding with his Sellvia affiliate activities!

How to become an affiliate with Sellvia?

a picture showing how to become an affiliate with Sellvia

If you’re eager to join the Sellvia affiliate program and build your own financial empire, all you need to do is to fill out the application form. Actually, there’s nothing challenging to get your affiliate marketing journey started with Sellvia.

What does an application form look like? Well, in the application form, you are supposed to specify the way you’re going to promote Sellvia to your audience. You also need to include the link to your blog, YouTube channel, or social media account you’re going to use for this.

In fact, that’s it. It remains for you to wait for our response. We’ll contact you by email to inform you whether the application is approved or to clarify some details if it’s necessary.

Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

Are you wondering how much it will cost you to join the Sellvia affiliate program? Here is good news for you: it’s absolutely FREE to join. There are no monthly or membership fees. And you don’t have to be a Sellvia subscriber yourself to join our affiliate program.

How much can I earn with the Sellvia affiliate program?

The next reasonable question is how much will you earn as a Sellvia partner? In fact, the sky’s the limit.

  • 🔥 Sellvia PRO includes a turnkey ecommerce business, which is handled within just 24 hours. Price: $399/year after a 14-day trial. You will get a 50% commission for a yearly subscription plan and a 50% commission for two months of the client’s paid subscription. If you lead 10 new Sellvia PRO subscribers for $399, you get $1,995 as your commission even without any service upgrades. In the case if your client gets upsell (except domains), you’ll get a 30% commission. An average upgrade per our customers is $315 and your commission is 30% of that amount which equals $94.5 per each referral. If you bring just 10 = $945, 100 = $9,450, 1,000 = $94,000.
  • 🔥 Sellvia with a monthly subscription can be used to upgrade or create new Business Partners’ online stores (up to 10 domains). Price: $39/month after a 14-day trial. You will get 50% of Sellvia’s paid monthly subscription plan for 2 months of the client’s active subscription.
  • 🔥 Sellvia High-Ticket Stores — Stores with high profit margins are shortest way for your clients to succeed. Get a 30% commission for each high-ticket store ($490-5,990) your clients buy from you.
  • 🔥 Sellvia TikTok Packages — Millions of people look for ways to start selling on TikTok, while others use Sellvia’s TikTok packages — get a 30% commission for a Sellvia TikTok products package ($99-199).
  • 🔥 Sellvia Best-Sellers — There’s no need now to browse the Internet and look for best-selling products to sell for profit — we’ve done that for you! Get a 30% (of $202.40) commission for each package your clients buy from you.
  • 🔥 Sellvia Services – you’ll get a 30% commission for each Sellvia Service order directly via your affiliate link. Offer your client your personal discount coupon to boost the store performance with Sellvia marketing services. How to get the highest commission? It’s set for the Brand Awareness service by Sellvia up to $897 from a single purchase.

What I’ll get as an affiliate?

First of all – it’s an amazing opportunity to add to your passive income.

Secondly, we have an extensive range of banners and texts to ease your promotion. On top of that, we also provide email swipes, offers and service reviews, and FAQs inside the guides.

We’re committed to your success and ready to support you whenever needed. Want to try before spreading the word about Sellvia? Easy as ever before — we can provide you with a Sellvia extended trial upon request.

Does Sellvia provide marketing materials for affiliates?

We’re happy to provide affiliates with the top-performing marketing tools, help them stand out, and drive subscribers to Sellvia.

📌 In the affiliate dashboard and email newsletters, our affiliates will find the most relevant creative elements from our large selection of banners, texts, review templates, affiliate tips, and tricks, and more.

Final thoughts on the Sellvia affiliate program and how to become an affiliate

As you can see, there’s absolutely nothing challenging to join the Sellvia affiliate program and become a successful entrepreneur. All you need to do is to have a blog, YouTube channel, or other ways of promotion through which you’re going to spread the word about Sellvia.

Beyond this, Sellvia suggests you promote only groundbreaking products with numerous benefits while ensuring high commissions for your assistance. And it’s always a great pleasure to promote high-quality, demanded products and services.

It doesn’t take you any sum of money to become a Sellvia partner. You don’t even have to become a Sellvia subscriber to start benefiting from affiliate marketing with Sellvia.

Are you running a blog, website, or do you have social media accounts with lots of followers? Would you like to monetize your followers with no extra effort, but you don’t know how to become an affiliate? Even if you’re an ecommerce newcomer, join the Sellvia affiliate program and start your own trip to success! We will teach you everything to make a fortune!

by Artemis K.
Artemis isn't just a senior copywriter at Sellvia, he's an ecommerce storyteller. With his BA in International Communication and MA in Advertising, he journeyed from the petrochemical industry to a purpose-driven role at Sellvia. Today, he crafts content that doesn’t just guide people to start successful ventures but helps them amplify their dreams, tap into their full potential, and see that success is much closer than it appears.
charles Nwabueze November 9, 2021 11:44:48

Hello Team Sellvia, Concerning the Affiliate program, what is the difference between the two months of 50% commissions and 30% if a store sale is made?

Does one get a monthly commission as far as a client remains subscribed?

Best Regards,

Artyom Kopylov December 1, 2021 8:00:02

Hi, thank you for your interest!
We’re happy to provide you with a 50% commission for the first two months or for an annual subscription to Sellvia if a store sale is made.

Harold November 9, 2021 13:45:31

I have two web sites, a godaddy site and a WordPress site. Can I use one or both to be an affiliate? If I join, how soon can I become profitable? I am a member of Sellvia now.

Olga Lavrinovich November 10, 2021 9:03:01

Hi, thank you for your interest! You can use any website or platform or even social media account to become an affiliate. Your affiliate profits depend on your promo efforts only: the more you spread the word about the Sellvia offering, the sooner someone is likely to buy through your link.

Andrew Muriungi Kirimi November 9, 2021 19:31:35

Very educational

Alfred pierce March 31, 2022 16:07:17

I already have one of your e-commerce stores what do I have to do to become a affiliate.

Artyom K. April 21, 2022 15:02:25

Hi, thank you for your interest!
Please go to this page —

YAHYA EL-ALEYVİ September 7, 2022 18:54:00

How can I promote your products from my website? I joined the affiliate program?

Artyom K. September 9, 2022 14:18:08

Hi, thank you for your interest!
To join the Sellvia affiliate program, feel free to move here —

Bobby Mucheson October 12, 2023 23:08:37

I am a member I would like to sell the program as well

Artemis K. October 13, 2023 9:37:10

Hi, feel free to book a call from our business advisors at any time convenient to you —

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