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Running 8 Stores As A Team: An Inspirational Ecommerce Strategy Explained

by Olga L. | | 9 min read

What ecommerce strategies do you have in mind when you think of launching an online store? 

Today, we’re happy to have a chat with the mastermind behind one curious group of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Together, they’re running 8 stores at once!

How does it work? What does this teamwork look like on a daily basis? How did they get such an idea, in the first place? Let’s find it all out!

Hi, please introduce yourself!

I’m Veronica, 34, originally from New York and now living in Croatia. I move around a lot and I try to go day by day and do what it is that makes me happy.

Today I’m mainly working on a goal to achieve financial freedom for myself and everyone.

I think making large goals takes the same amount of effort as making small ones so they might as well be BIG. Right?

I don’t think there is a lack of money on this Earth or that people should be in competition for it. Rather, I believe that people should work together to help each other if they can and be happy to see others achieving success.

What a great entrepreneurial mindset! Can you tell us more?

I usually do well in any business I put time into and dedicate myself to, so I don’t have any doubts about this one. I do have some business experience in other fields, but not in the internet world or ecommerce strategies. I’ve never really failed at anything before, just got bored and needed new experiences so I made changes.

I think when you see a clear enough picture of something and believe it like it’s already happened, then the universe will in return give you that. It works opposite also, so everyone should be aware of their thoughts at all times.

So, how did your ecommerce journey start?

I knew about AliDropship for a while, but wanted to try Sellvia first because it seemed easier and had fast shipping and quality control. It was affordable to start my own store and seemed to have minimal risk, so I went with it and I’m glad I did.

The experience of working with Sellvia was good. A lot of friendly, qualified, and well-spoken people helped me along the way and guided me to do most necessary things. If someone didn’t answer, I always got someone else to help. And if there was a problem with something, there always was someone to fix it. I probably know everyone by now! 😁

We’re excited to learn more about the ecommerce strategies you’re trying out with your team!

There are now 8 custom stores we have from AliDropship along with the Sellvia Plugin – we absolutely love every one of them! Of course, my personal store manager, Anastasia, works really hard to fill any and all of my detailed requests. I know it’s not easy, but she takes it like a pro. <3

Feel free to take a look at our custom stores for ideas. 😁

My crazy scheme came about because I believed almost immediately that this kind of business had a good long-term potential, low cost, and could be fun and entertaining for all. So, I involved a bunch of good friends and family members I’ve had throughout my life to work as a team helping and feeding off each other for better reach and views. Our goal is to have profitable stores which help customers improve their daily life and experiences.


There will be more people also, but all of this with no stress or rush on any one person. It has to be an enjoyable thing for each member that they can fit in their schedule as they please. Besides that, my goals and plans are so large that I believe they require more than one person to handle. Someone wise once told me to make a lot of money you have to bring a lot of people up with you and share the abundance and that’s what I plan to do.

So, how are you carrying out the whole teamwork thing?

My original plan and team has grown and changed slightly from the beginning. We were all trying to work up one store on social media together with Sellvia products only and allowing other people to sell their handmade items on the shop as well.

We soon realized that each person deserved having their own niche-related store geared towards their career, professions, and top interests. And we wanted to hit a wider, world wide, market, not just the U.S. 

For example, a vet-tech and groomer has a pet supply shop, a massage therapist has a massage supplies shop, etc. This way, it’s already something they are interested in, devoted to, and knowledgeable about, maybe even already have potential customers for.

I think this is the best way to ensure the best results from product choices to relevant content that needs to be posted along with products. 

We only sell the products that we absolutely love. Things that make people and animals feel good, look good, and to have an easier and more enjoyable time in life. We plan to keep adding more products and collections by season to certain shops where we find it necessary and I love that it’s offered as an additional service.

With time, everyone’s personal businesses will also be linked to the shops and social media sites, so building up all businesses and clientele will happen at the same time as well as selling niche-related items sold by individuals who create original one of a kind masterpieces; including my own hats! 😀 The road to full-blown success is not blocked off today or ever, you just have to drive down it.


Which promotional ecommerce strategies do you have in mind for your business?

Our plan is no paid ads and minimal risk. The main goal is working up and getting views and sales on social media mainly by collaborating between ourselves and others on Pinterest.

For social media, we are still in the process of getting this all set up: FB, IG, TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and of course our favorite Pinterest! This will all take well-deserved and needed time to get set up correctly in order for it to all function correctly.


We all have our own roles, but this will change as needed and we will see what is working and what is not. It’s okay for plans and ecommerce strategies to change.

There are even some people who don’t have their own shop yet, but they will just be helping by posting in relevant FB groups, on TikTok, or writing blogs for all the stores knowing that when things are ready and they have the time there will be a place for them.

The main page, which is currently under construction, will be the heart of this entire project. I plan to have many stores, owned by myself and others, where we are all linked together. Follow us on the social media platform of your choice to stay updated with our journey and to show some love and support. 💜

And one of our main collaborators is Dr. Rena, a Sellvia Family Member, who I’ve connected with on a great level. She will be the inspiring health coach for our customers, stores, team, and collaborators. You can find her here or in collaboration on Pinterest with the Natural Originals Health Boards.

We must all work together to better ourselves financially, mentally, and physically to get the best out of life.

Did the decision to launch and run a business from home change your life somehow?

Oh yeah, definitely! It’s a blast so far. I’m loving every minute of it, really. It’s like a daily project. From picking themes, colors, pictures, and products, to collaborating on Pinterest Boards with my friends, family, and more along with meeting all kinds of new internet friends that are like-minded and on the same path as me and want to connect. It’s all fun!

I put as much time as I possibly can into doing something and anything that sparks my interest for the day or specific time of the day or night that I find to be valuable to the business, even if it’s reading something, watching a YouTube video, or picking at a professional’s brain. If something starts to bore me, I move to something else that doesn’t, so that keeps me motivated. I don’t want to do anything I don’t enjoy, not even for a minute. There are so many things I still have to do for this, but they all excite me and I’m looking forward to learning even if it takes me a long time. Life experiences should be beneficial and enjoyed at all times.

You’re an affiliate now, too – can you share some of the ecommerce strategies you’re using to make it work?

Well, it’s new to me, but I love the idea of it. I’ve also made this a group thing.

I’ve set up campaigns for each team member under one affiliate link, so we can track affiliate sales by person once we get them. Some of us also set up Facebook groups using the links and promo material explaining how it works, some blogs, and general posting around social media in groups or even personal pages whenever we see someone in our daily scrolling asking questions about starting a business or dropshipping, etc.

Getting affiliate sales always has to be done in a personal and honest way, in my opinion. 

I also explain to people that they can make money by being an affiliate the way I will make money if they buy the store from me. It seems like a really great way to make extra cash. We are only at the beginning of our journey, but I look at this the way I look at everything else, very positive. It’s good stuff.

Any final words of wisdom to our affiliate newcomers and new business owners?

Manifest and have gratitude. If it’s money you want, then manifest that. If you get it, be thankful. Same for anything else in your life. Everyone deserves the best in life and ecommerce. 💜


What can we say? This is not a typical way to start your online business, but that’s exactly what’s making it so precious! Combining knowledge, experience, and skills of multiple team members, you, indeed, can drive a business forward greatly. And if you don’t yet have a business partner to rely on (or ecommerce strategies to pick), you can always ask for an ecommerce consultation with our advisors – it’s free and it’s insightful!

by Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at Sellvia. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for ecommerce newcomers worldwide.
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